What is a rainbow and why it appears.

Rainbow - one of the most beautiful natural phenomena.The man from time immemorial thought about its nature and linked to the emergence of multi-colored arc sky with a lot of beliefs and legends.People compared it with the heavenly rainbow bridge, from which the gods descended to earth or angels, the road between heaven and earth, from the gate to another world beyond.

What is a rainbow

Rainbow - is atmospheric optical phenomenon that occurs when light Sun sets water droplets during rain or fog, or after rain.As a result of the refraction of sunlight in drops of water in the rain colorful arc appears in the sky.

Rainbow also arises in the reflected rays of the sun on the water surface of sea bays, lakes, waterfalls and large rivers.Such a rainbow appears on the banks of reservoirs, and looks extremely beautiful.

Why rainbow colored

Dougie rainbow colored, but that they were, needed sunlight.Sunlight seems white, but actually consists of a spectrum of colors.We are used to distinguish in
a rainbow of seven colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, but as the spectrum is continuous, the color gradually into each other through a variety of shades.

Colorful arc occurs because the light beam is refracted in water droplets, and then, returning to the viewer at an angle of 42 degrees, split into its component parts from red to purple.

brightness and colors of the rainbow width depend on the size of raindrops.The larger droplets, the longer and brighter than the rainbow, so it has more red saturated color.If there is a drizzle, the rainbow turns wide, but with the washed-out orange and yellow edges.

What happens rainbow

We often see a rainbow in the form of an arc, but the arc - this is only part of the rainbow.Rainbow has a circular shape, but we are seeing only half the arc, because its center is aligned with our eyes and the sun.Total rainbow can be seen only at high altitude from the aircraft, or from a high mountain.

Double rainbow

We already know that the rainbow appears in the sky from the fact that the sun's rays penetrate through the raindrops, refracted and reflected on the other side of the sky multicolored arc.And sometimes a ray of sunshine in the sky can build just two, three, or even four rainbow.Double rainbow is produced when the light beam is reflected from the inner surface of raindrops twice.

first rainbow, interior, always brighter than a second, external, and the colors of the rainbow arcs on the second located in the mirror and less bright.Sky between the rainbows are always more dark than the other parts of the sky.sky area between the two rainbows is called Alexander's band.Seeing a double rainbow - a good sign-it's good luck to the fulfillment of desires.So if you happen to see a double rainbow, hurry to make a wish and it will surely come true.

Inverted rainbow

Inverted rainbow-a rare phenomenon.It appears under certain conditions, when at the height of 7-8 kilometers a thin veil of cirrus clouds are located, composed of ice crystals.Sunlight, falling at a certain angle to these crystals, decomposed into the spectrum and is reflected in the atmosphere.The color in the inverted rainbow is in the reverse order: the top is purple, and the bottom - red.

misty rainbow

misty rainbow or white light appears when sunlight weak fog consisting of very small water droplets.This rainbow is an arc, painted in very pale colors, but if the droplets are very small, the rainbow is painted white.Misty rainbow may appear at night in the fog, when the sky bright moon.Misty rainbow a rare atmospheric phenomenon.

Moon Rainbow

lunar rainbow or night rainbow appears at night and the moon is generated.Moon Rainbow observed in the rain that comes in front of the moon, especially well visible lunar rainbow during a full moon, when the bright moon is low in the dark sky.Just lunar rainbow can be seen in places where there are waterfalls.

Fire rainbow

Fire rainbow - it is a rare atmospheric optical phenomenon.Fire rainbow appears when sunlight passes through the cirrus clouds at an angle of 58 degrees above the horizon.Another necessary condition for the appearance of the fiery rainbow are hexagonal ice crystals shaped leaves and their faces should be parallel to the ground.The sun's rays passing through the vertical faces of the ice crystal and refracted light a fire rainbow or rounded - horizontal arc, as in science is called a fiery rainbow.

Winter rainbow

Winter rainbow - it is a very remarkable phenomenon.Such a rainbow can be seen only in the winter, during severe frost when the cold sun shines on a pale blue sky, and the air is filled with small ice crystals.The sun's rays are refracted by passing through these crystals, as if through the lens and are reflected in the cold sky multicolored arc.

whether rainbow happens without rain?

rainbow can be seen on a sunny clear day near waterfalls, fountains, garden flowers when watering with a hose by holding the hose opening fingers, creating a water mist and directing the hose in the direction of the sun.

How to remember the colors of the rainbow

If you can not remember how to settle the colors in the rainbow, you will known to everyone since childhood phrase: « By Each Member About hotnik F elaet W nat T de With idit F adhan. "