How to remove scratches on the car?The most effective methods and tips

To hide scratches from car body is necessary to define their character, to select the method of concealment.As a way to apply the following methods: rubbing the polish or wax polishing of the body, as well as waxing or restoration of a pencil.


Removing scratches from body polish

Types scratches

from scratch can not escape ...

Earlyor later on the body of any car gets scratched, it is quite normal and natural phenomenon.To gain a scratch can be absolutely everywhere, teranuvshis: on a branch or fence, another car, etc.It also happens that the scratches on the car body is applied intentionally, alas, but there are some people that's dirty.

So you have on the body formed a lot of small scratches that it is time to hide, or there was one big, that eyesore - remove them.

Degree of difficulty scratches

Scratches can be divided into 2 groups: deep and shallow.

If the damage did not reach the ground - is considered to be a shallow
scratch, if the damage came to the ground - a deep scratch.

As you can imagine, shallow scratches to hide just enough for this surface should be just good handle special wax or polish.Also effective way to polish the body with the help of a polishing machine.For sufficiently deep scratches need to make base processing, and then apply a layer of paint with a special pencil restoration.For more information about this talk further, step by step description of each of the methods.

If all works, please read the instruction means and strictly follow their recommendations to their actions do not harm and do the job efficiently.

Scratch no more

Preparing to work

Before carrying out any work on the removal of scratches, it must be well washed.

Before you get started, be sure to wash your car, it is advisable to wash, to water under pressure thoroughly knocked down all the dirt from the body, as it will need to carefully rub the polish or wax, and the presence of dust will provoke the emergence of new scratches.Then, it is desirable to dry the machine (grate or pass through the air cooling) to her left streaks and smudges.To learn how to correctly wash the car, you can read on our website.

polish and wax

Having one or more shallow scratches can remove them by hand, using polish or wax.Today, the auto shop, you can find a wide range of funds, with a without color, and under the color of the car.When selecting funds with a color cast, you need to pay special attention to the selection of color, so it is most suitable for the color of your body.We think we should particularly focus on what this means to save on undesirable because of the price of the quality and duration of the effect depends.

Also, you will need to pad applicator - with the help of its very convenient means to apply and rub it, and even flannel cloth - it is good for the final stage.For convenience, it is best to equip a very bright light, by the light of which will be perfectly all small scratches are visible.

When the machine is cleaned and dried, it is recommended to drive it into the garage, boxing or other indoor space, otherwise the quality of future work could be ruined because of the weather conditions: rain and wind.Prepare all the necessary tools.

Process Description:

  1. Turn lights and send it to the body portion, where to begin polishing.

  2. Apply a small amount onto pad applicator, and then rub it in a circular motion to scratch.In the field of large scratches strokes of the pump means, first in the direction of scratches, and then against its direction.Thoroughly rub a means to complete his rubbing.Treat small areas of the body and gradually.

  3. Then arm yourself with a flannel cloth and rub it treated areas of the body.

  4. Leave your car for some time in the indoor place, after which it can be operated on.

That's actually the whole process of self-removing scratches.As you can see for yourself, there is nothing complicated there.This method can also handle the entire machine, thereby hiding significant not only scratches, but also all the small scratches, as well as giving shade shine machine.

Professional polishing

Another way to remove scratches - professional polishing.The distinguishing feature of this type of prior polishing is that the polishing occurs with the help of a polishing machine which is a polish surface quality.

Polish the car in this way, you can at the car wash, or on their own, acquiring this unit.Given the fact that the car polish once a year, the feasibility of buying there, it is more advantageous to entrust the qualified professionals who do their work quality (most importantly, to find a good master).If you want to do this business by yourself, it is worth polishing machine 2 000 and above.

process of polishing machine is identical to that described above: the machine to wash, dry, put in a garage or a box, and there produce polishing.For more information about the process of polishing learn from the video posted below.

Hide scratches on the car it is necessary, and the deep - is necessary.If you do not hide the scratches, then the body portion is very prone to corrosion, which will grow rapidly.


If you have a deep scratch, and the polishing does not help or clearly polished to scratch this not handle, then the recovery will pencil that Sketch scratch.

If you scratch a little in width, and comes to soil, you need to do the following: the body area should be clean and dry, then scratched area treated with white spirit.After that, in the course of a scratch in a circular motion to apply a wax pencil, which is then carefully rubbed with a cloth made of microfiber.

Restoration pencil

If you scratch a large (wide and deep), then the problem should be solved not by polishing, and painting with the help of a restoration of a pencil.Restoration pencil includes acrylic.This tool will help to restore the damaged area of ​​the paint corrosion, and is necessary in aesthetic terms.

first need to pick up a pencil color from a large number of shades.When the car is washed and dried, with the help of the skins surface to be cleaned of rust or traces of material that made a scratch.Next you need to degrease the surface with white spirit.If the scratch has reached the metal, its surface must be primed with a special tool, which is sold in auto shop.Apply to the damaged area with a brush the ground, and when his coat is dry - proceed with the shading scratch.Shake well the contents of a pencil and brush gently apply paint to the surface of the body.To protect the paint of the site is recommended to apply a colorless protective varnish.Allow the paint to a few hours to dry.

conducted after work is recommended not to wash the car about 5 days.