How to choose a summer tires ?Tips for choosing summer tires

Here came the long-awaited spring, when the cold and the mud is replaced by warm weather and dry asphalt.In view of the fact that we are already half a year ago, we told you about, how to choose winter tires for the car, this time we touch the nuances of selection of summer tires.In fact, the purchase of summer tires are also fraught with a number of questions, the answers to which we give below.

Below, we consider the following questions:

  • summer !?Or maybe all season?
  • rubber Settings
  • Forms summer tires
  • Manufacturers
  • Place of purchase
  • Date of manufacture
  • quality checking

    summer !?Or maybe all season?

    Well, that is our nature to on something to save money, especially if the iron horse, and so requires sufficient funds for repairs, and "podshamanit" something you need money certainly will not be superfluous.Most interestingly, when the owners of expensive cars think about the "demi-season" tires, spent hundreds of thousands on a car and save more of rubber - a paradox!

    From my personal experience I would say that the all-season tires - a "nedorezina" and buy it is not necessary!Why?The thing most rubber: raw materials and technology of its production.Winter tires are designed to operate at high temperatures, and in the summer we heat in Africa, in addition to this there is a red-hot asphalt.How will behave season tires in such conditions?They do not provide adequate traction and can begin to break down due to the unsuitability of such conditions.That is why it is best to forget about the "vsesezonku".

    rubber Settings

    Before leaving for new tires, look marking their old tires, so they come to your wheels and cars.First - we look at the radius of the disk, which is designated by the letter «R» (R14, R16, etc.).Then look at the width and height, it is indicated 185/65 or 195/55, etc.

    sometimes drivers want to buy tires with a height below the recommended by the manufacturer.Here there are both advantages and disadvantages.To begin, consider the advantages of low profile tires:

    • Appearance .The main advantage of buying a low-profile rubber is a more stylish look and more comfortable cars driving on good roads.We would like to draw your attention that is only comfortable ride on smooth roads.

    • Manageability .Also, low-profile tires has more improved handling: best machine "rulitsya" (becomes more maneuverable), it is better to enter the turns.

    • Braking .Car Brakes on low-profile tires is more efficient, even on wet asphalt.

    Despite a bunch of good things, then there are also negative aspects.In particular:

    • Increased consumption .Low-profile tires increases fuel consumption and it is necessary to consider, especially now that fuel is constantly becoming more expensive.With a rubber fill the car have more often.

    • Problems with uneven floors. As mentioned at the beginning, low-profile tires for the track, that is, for completely smooth road.Regarding our reality, that for the most part we drive by car to the city, where the roads are not very smooth, and actually many of our roads is also not the German autobahns.The roughness of the road will be immediately felt in the cabin, the comfort of the ride will not be on the rough road the car will significantly shake.

    • Problems with wells. Regardless of the height profile of the tire, pit - a very negative phenomenon, but there is one big caveat.The higher the rubber profile, the greater the blow of the pit it undertakes.In other words, if you are on a low-profile rubber flies into a decent pit, there is a high probability of disc warping and hit go on the suspension when the standard profile tires are more will take the brunt of (maintaining drive and suspension).

    • put the machine. lower rubber profile is lowered below the vehicle.Maybe someone does seem nice, but from a practical point of view, a positive in that there is nothing so like a stone on the road, bumps or curbs - will be an unpleasant surprise.

    As you can see for yourself, the negative moments in a low-profile tires is greater than the benefits.Besides, these drawbacks of significant advantages.In general, if you have a completely smooth road, then it makes sense to buy a low-profile tires, in other cases, choose the bus, the parameters of which are recommended automaker.Rubber, whose profile is greater than recommended, as it is better not to take, as this will negatively affect the controllability of the car, besides these tires may simply not fit into the wheel arches, or else when you turn the wheel will rub on the wheel arches, making gnashing.

    Forms summer tires

    Knowing the parameters of the tire that you need, you will need to determine the type of tread.Summer tires have three types of protectors, below we will list them and briefly describe:

    • Directed .This type has a directional tread pattern, which in turn stimulates the removal of water from the wheels in opposite directions.These tires are designed for driving on wet pavement, providing high-quality grip.As for the dry roads, the tire there are several tread with directional lose.

    • Symmetrical .The symmetric tread pattern is considered a classic, such tire models belong to the low-end segment and are used by most motorists.They are, at low speeds, more or less well disperse water and confidently keep on the track and in the city.The more focused on dry asphalt.

    • Asymmetric .The most optimal type of tread pattern of the tire.Thanks to his "difference" a protector diverts water (resistance to aquaplaning) and splendidly on dry pavement.In addition, it is excellent in turns and enters a quiet unlike similar types.

    As you can see, are the best tires with asymmetrical tread, but the only disadvantage is the high price.The best option - tire with symmetrical tread, it is not expensive and has averaged characteristics.With regard to the tire with a directional tread is not much point to take them there, as wet our roads are quite rare, and the dry tires this is not very effective.

    As you probably know, most motorists do not use tires with cameras.All new cars are equipped with tubeless tires only.


    Another nuance choice of summer tires - is its manufacturer.The most popular and high quality are the tire manufacturing brands such as:

    • Michelin

    • Nokian

    • Goodyear

    recommend see "Car" program video, which are considered the most popular models of tires for summer, 2014.

    place of purchase

    Buying tires is best done in specialized shops as of today is very likely to get a fake.Most of all, of course, fake tires well-known brands, but also the cost of the brand also not been neglected "underground".In short, if the point of sale of tires is not very reliable, for example, in the market or in some basement, then the probability to buy a fake at times increases.In addition, you should alert the relatively understated price.

    recommend buying produce in large tire sales points, which are specialized on the disks and the tires.Very often, many motorists are buying tires through online retailers - it's very convenient, but such a store should be well-known and have a good reputation.

    Date of manufacture

    Note the date of manufacture of tires, it must be applied on the rim.Over time, tires lose their qualities, even those that are in stock and are not exploited.Therefore, we recommend to buy tires not older than one year, the best option - six-month bus.

    quality checking

    Before paying tires check their quality: they have no money had dents and imperfections.If any - ask your dealer to replace the tire.If the seller will say that this is normal, supposedly the new tire and stored in a warehouse, then remember that improper storage also affects their quality.Dent is very difficult to align, it is practically impossible, and this in turn may affect the sealing wheels and running smoothness.Katni bus, look at her, making flatness.

    In conclusion want to note that replacement tires from winter to summer is necessary when outside established warm weather (average temperature for several days kept in the mark of + 10 ° C).Also check out the weather forecast, as the spring days can suddenly be replaced overnight snowfall.

    When bortirovanii new tire with a directional tread - must be guided by the direction of the arrow, as otherwise the protector will not withdraw water, besides there will be a rapid deterioration of her.Some nuances in the installation and are asymmetrical tires Tyre every professional knows about them.

    Good luck in the choice of tires and a good journey!