How not to get into an accident ( accident on the road ) ?Tips to motorists

This publication describes how motorists can reduce the likelihood of falling into such an undesirable situation as an accident.Analyzing the statistics of possible causes contributing to the accident occurrence and adhering to certain rules - you can get away with in most cases.These can be ranked almost 97% of all cases, and only 3% - this is a situation when an accident occurs for reasons beyond the driver, subject them to the SDA.

As a result, the situation can be viewed from the perspective of the behavior of the motorist, in which you can prevent accidents and measures to avoid a collision if the driver is not on the fault was in the lead for a possible accident situation.

In general, you must always be prepared for a variety of situations on the road, so as not to get lost in a moment and react correctly.The reaction and the ability to think clearly in such situations - very useful qualities.Not very wise to rely on intelligence and good response of his possible "opponent" in this situation.A
t the same time the experience of the driver and self-control is not quite all that is needed.An important role is played by the technical condition of the car and the ability to adequately assess the capabilities of their machines.From state of the art it depends on the security of motorists and not only him, but also for other road users - is a truism.

How to protect the car and to avoid an accident?Technical highlights

first need to consider the most traditional and important technical problems, not the removal of which could lead to an accident on the road.You should start with the braking system, where all elements must work smoothly and flawlessly on the slightest request.It is recommended to periodically inspect the condition of the braking system as the brake hoses, power cylinders system.The tightness of the hydraulic drive, brake pads, wheels (drums) and tires - must be in working order.This list can be added the condition of suspension elements, the control system (power steering), and so on.All this in a complex called the elements of the active safety of the driver.

There are also elements of passive safety features, which include:

  • presence in the vehicle airbags;

  • reinforced body vehicle;

  • seatbelt;

  • special finish saloon cars.

All of this helps to reduce the risk of injuries in persons who are in the car during the accident.

special requirement of a car tire (wear and tear, defects) and their compliance with the weather conditions and the state of the road (seasonal).The brake system work under certain circumstances, much depends on the drivers braking method (presence of ABS and the state of the road surface).In the absence of ABS must be selected intermittent braking, for example, if the road is slippery.Very slow down is only valid if the ABS system, whose operating principle is technologically suggests.To reduce the speed on a slippery road use engine braking.

source of a road accident can serve as a zaglohnuvshaya road car! It's for other road unexpected incident which can not be foreseen.This leads to the fact that the car engine requires a serious relationship - for him to follow (periodic diagnostics).

Optics (glass, lights and mirrors) and chassis - also require periodic inspections for the purpose of fault prevention and careful maintenance.Serviceability headlights and the quality of their lighting (high and low beam) is very important, at night, the quality for safe movement.This improves the visibility of the movement elements and represents itself the car on the road (car is visible in the far distance).The situation when only one lamp is also very dangerous, because the car in the dark is easy to take on the distance of the motorcycle.The driver, noticed a "one-eyed" car, it is recommended to bypass it "with reserve" distance.

important is the color of the car! in the world spent a lot of statistical research and found out a fact that on visual perception of the other members of the movement affects the color of your car, which affects, of course, on your safety.The most noticeable on the road are considered to be red, yellow and white color (although in winter the contrary, if we are talking about the white color).Cars dark colors are less noticeable on the road at night.All this information is only given for your information and, of course, no one will offer to run in auto repair and repaint the body of your car, it's just necessary to know and take into account the possible consequences.

How to avoid accidents on the roads (councils drivers)?

From cars depends not a little, and from the driver even more.First of all the driver has to make full, sitting behind the wheel, aware of their responsibility to passengers, road users (pedestrians and other drivers), and of thinking about yourself.Driving requires care, satisfactory physical and mental condition as well as the adequacy decision and the response is very dependent on this.

proper comfortable fit in the driver's seat, not allowing undue restart muscles, affects the safety, especially on long trips.Driver seated correctly before the time gets tired, which is detrimental to his attentiveness and reaction.driver's body should be vertical strip of road, as it reduces the load on the vestibular system and allows the driver to see the great king of the road environment.You should never ignore the safety belt, and it concerns not only the driver, but all its passengers.

on the driver negatively affect the music in the car, because he can not hear the warning signals of other road users or noise riding beside the car.The machine is not desirable pungent smells, because it can cause an allergic reaction from the driver, or simply speed up the process of fatigue.

Tips motorists

  • It should take into account the importance of the rule of each driver - hands are always on the wheel, except perhaps that can be manipulated with the control levers.Thus it is possible to remove the time only one hand.Sharply twist the steering wheel when an emergency with one hand will not work.This rule helps to survive a situation where cars naedet front wheels on a rock or jump into the pit (the road we do not have a gift), or worse - an unexpected breakdown of the wheel.

  • During the movement, do not look at a single point, it is tired of the driver and deprives him of the ability to control the entire traffic situation.It is necessary to try to control all the space on the road, using mirrors and dashboard (often not necessary).The priority, of course, remains behind the windscreen.It is necessary to monitor the observance of a safe distance from the car in front of riding.

  • in snowy or rainy weather on the road need to be careful as ever.Brakes and tires on slippery roads did not solve everything, unfortunately.The driver is obliged to observe at intersections, turns ups and downs distance, and adhere to adequate given time intervals side with other members of the movement, as well as to control their speed limits.At the time of braking and start movement on slippery surfaces can occur drifts, it is also necessary to take into account and be prepared.The situation is this can happen to your or someone else's car, and the danger of the total.

  • high speed on a slippery road - fatal stupidity, do not forget about it, the same goes for the overtaking.

  • necessary to anticipate every situation on the road and learning from others (in this case it could not be true) error.

Experience, of course, reduces the likelihood of the driver to get into an accident, both the hard statistics, but not too seldom experienced driver often ignores caution since fancies himself an ace on the road, resulting in a total of worthy ass.This suggests that the experience without the vigilance and the desire to improve their driving skill - inferiority.In addition - you should never abuse the speed, as if you did not want to, because it increases Ryskov getting into an accident.

Spring and Autumn - a time when, in the course of road drivers' movements lurks many dangers on the road, which can cause accidents.Motorists have to be ready for them, and the car - a fully technically adapted (corresponding to rubber).It is best at such times, the car was resting in a garage, if possible, or at least use it less often.

Strongly recommended in the ice, moving around the track with two-way traffic, it is located in the left lane.It is likely that over the counter strips can emerge car (with drift) and then pass a frontal collision will be very difficult, even for a good response.All this we lead to the fact that in the left lane unless absolutely necessary, it is better not to climb.To tell the truth, and the extreme right lane carries certain risks associated with the sudden appearance of pedestrians on the road.In such a situation optimally selected for their movement mean ranks.

From all this we can come to a logical conclusion that the most dangerous in terms of road accidents is a two-lane one lane in each direction.Here the most dangerous overtaking, because you need to travel in the course of the maneuver into the opposite lane, which is considered one of the most dangerous types of overtaking.

Before you begin overtaking, should estimate the distance to the first oncoming car (because of its proximity to carry out a maneuver and speed your time).We must ensure beforehand that there are no such plans, and the band is free.Since the maneuver can be a little behind the vehicle being overtaken, that will give you an advantage on its security acceleration lane and a better overview of the road.When overtaking your speed exceeds the speed you should overtaken vehicle to 20-35 km / hour.Fraught with unpleasant deceleration in the process of overtaking, because your recent "place" may already be occupied by you or someone else rushed to overtake "locomotive."In the case where there is no way (even with your acceleration) to complete the overtaking maneuver and has already started, it is best to include a left turn and go to the sidelines and not have to wait that it will make oncoming vehicle.This is because the blame for provoking such a situation, only you, as it does not calculate the safety of his maneuver.

not associated with the departure of cars into the oncoming overtaking poses a danger, if someone is at the same time you will venture maneuver move to another row.In the process of rebuilding, you can not to miss (the wine rests on the one who left, even though there is no longer important).

It should be very careful in crossing points unresolved intersections and hope to provide you a legitimate advantage in traffic.Do not try to slip in front changes color (flashing green) traffic light.Stop at the intersection must be smooth, including a stop signal as to get under way (in due time), when the proper signal.

In the case of realization of the inevitability of an accident the driver, it is recommended to apply certain direction to reduce the scale of the accident emergency actions.The most dangerous encounter - it head-on, and therefore it is better to choose the lesser evil, as they say.The speed in such a situation it is necessary to reduce as much as possible before the collision.When equipped cars with ABS all perform in practice much easier.We'll have to work harder otherwise the brake pedal and steering wheel.In this situation, you can use the hand brake to adjust the vehicle that can temporarily block the wheels to turn you require.At the time of collision can be better as a tightly pressed to the seat, the left foot should rest on the floor.Hands should tightly squeeze the wheel and slightly bent at the elbows.

With regard to safety of the driver during a collision, serious domestic cars are inferior to foreign analogues.Classic model domestic cars rarely have even qualitative elements of passive safety, and equipment related to the elements of active safety is very poor.Body in the course of a serious blow easily deformed and grips the vehicle the occupants of people.

In general, the strength, weight and height of the finding of the body of the pavement depends a great deal when it comes to safety of the driver and passengers.In the event of a collision more heavy and light TC, suffering more easy.In the case of more and more low-slung second TC - damage will be even more significant.On the other hand, a high planting reduces vehicle stability during driving (in the collision process is particularly evident).

Since the collision happened, it is recommended not to panic and keep the sobriety of mind.It is necessary to objectively assess the situation, to be ready to provide first aid to victims to help.It is necessary to report the incident to the appropriate services, look for witnesses and did not lose my temper.

Have only nice, safe and prosperous your road trips!