What are the effects of music on people : analysis , structure and hypnosis

Music is an integral part of our lives.Music accompanies man from its very birth.Nowadays, it has become even more accessible, we can listen to it whenever we want and where we want.And what kind of music we listen to choose themselves, we can give preference to the lyrical music, but can listen to fun and fast, upbeat music.According to many scholars it is the music has a huge impact on the person and his body as a whole.

Next, we consider:

  • Music Analysis
  • music structure
  • Music and hypnosis

    music analysis

    Depending on what the music will sound, there may come a general relaxation of the body, or vice versa, accelerated energy processes.

    Music tend to generate in us feelings and emotions.This property is recognized by many researchers.As a result of many experiments physiologists have found that emotions, both humans and animals are generated by the central regions of the brain.In this process, an important role is played by the hypothalamus.If this area of ​​the brain missing or badly d
    amaged, it can lead to the complete disappearance of the emotional experience, this pattern is confirmed by many facts.People who have damaged hypothalamus lose their moral principles, aversion to food and become violent, including they tend not to get on something fun.Music is by affecting the hypothalamus, causing emotions.

    This process can occur in two ways: external and internal.Inner Path assumes that the person at the memory of any music, there are appropriate emotions.In particular, people heard familiar music can recall events from her life, which directly generate in it an emotional experience.

    extrinsic pathway suggests that man, when at some point in listening to music, it formed an emotional experience.As for the external effects of music, then it comes out of the cortex.The audio signal is directly received ear shells, after which it is converted into nerve impulses to the hypothalamus and passes along the nerve pathways.The hypothalamus has in turn transform this momentum into an emotional experience.

    cortex directly receives impulses from the hypothalamus, which in turn inform it of the occurrence of emotional states.From the occipital regions of the brain, it, in turn, receives information about the audio signal caught hearing.By cortex integrates this information in the association.

    hypothalamus is endowed with another fairly important function - to synchronize biological rhythms.This synchronization directly depends on how uniformly fine individual operating processes in the body on which information is supplied periodically in the hypothalamus through the autonomic nervous system.In the case where some authorities too loaded, while others, underloaded, then the synchronization tolerates failure.The ratio of the length of periods of shifts.The result is an abnormal heart rhythm, respiration, blood pressure and blood flow rate.The hypothalamus, in turn, receives the necessary information about these violations and restores the original rhythm.

    For example, when a person runs, his muscles contract more frequently than at the moment when the person goes.In this case, the rhythms of breathing and heart behind, the blood begins to flow to the muscles, but do not stand a frequency that was needed during the run.The hypothalamus, in turn, again received information about violation of synchronization of rhythms of the body and as a consequence increases the frequency of heart rate and breathing.Due to this, the formation rate of metabolism, which in turn is required for running.Blood flows evenly into the muscles, which in turn provides and their normal functioning.

    music structure

    What about the music, it, in turn, contains a fairly large number of different periodic structures.The pulses are received by the hypothalamus hearing are slight differences in comparison with the other, he receives the pulses.Consequently, it processes them through the same techniques.But he was not able to restore synchronization of musical rhythms.In this case, it can only create a person unpleasant condition.Thus, explains the unpleasant emotions that occur in many people under the influence of polytonal and poliritmichnoy music.

    regard to the functioning of the hypothalamus, it is different during sleep and while awake immediately.He is the "remote" control of all phases of sleep, and sleep.For example, in order to sleep, man requires certain enzymes hypothalamus in turn activates glands that secrete these enzymes directly.In the event that this does not happen, then the person will not be able to fall asleep or wake up.It is a "pleasure center" in the hypothalamus.According to many experiments, it was shown that the hypothalamus portion induces a state of pleasure.In animal organisms also present the same center.

    On the musical impulses of the hypothalamus responds in the same way as all the others that come to him.In this regard, he responds positively to the music in the case when it meets the following criteria:

    1. Music, in turn, should consist of a periodically repeating audio elements.As for the frequency of these periods, they must be different, that is, both the low and high frequency.Because of this musical periods are similar Biorhythmic, as there are many different frequencies of biorhythms in humans.Here it is worth noting that the frequency of some jet lag is measured in years, and others just thousandths of a second.The sound, which does not have any periodic structures is not perceived as the music.

    2. As for periodic sound structures, they will in turn have to be vzaimosinhronny.Since human biorhythms strictly synchronized.For example, one respiratory cycle (inhalation-exhalation) basically corresponds to four heartbeats.Minute cycle distribution of blood corresponds to sixteen cycles of breathing, four cycles of changes in blood pressure and sixty-four heartbeats.Strict simultaneity and multiplicity of the number two is obvious.Synchronization rhythms breaks throughout the day by many internal and external factors.A restored it directly during sleep.In the case of sleep during recovery does not occur, then the body will bring the next day even greater damage.By analogy with the biorhythms musical periods should be vzaimosinhronny.This synchronization will mimic the healthy condition of the body.Man feels himself great when all biorhythms strictly synchronous.Music also simulating a similar state of synchronicity of their periods, creates an illusion of such bliss.This explains the great attraction of people to the music.Biorhythmic human structures for the whole day may be disrupted, a person tired, but because of the music creates the illusion (or not only) the proper synchronicity biorhythms.
    3. Simultaneously with synchronous periods in music must be a variable element.During the day many people realize not periodical movements that directly tested against the background of synchronicity and periodicity of biorhythms of the body.This is a normal condition of man.According to the analogy on the background of a large number of musical periods should be constantly evolving sound.

    One of the prerequisites for the work of these three principles is a definite memory state of the hypothalamus.It has a small amount of its own local memory, which directly and stores the information he needs.Direct the contents of this memory largely determines human reaction to the music.From what kind of information it contains, will determine whether people will get pleasure from the music sound.It is also worth noting is the fact that through music you can succumb to human hypnosis.

    Music and hypnosis

    American medical scientist David Elkin proved that high-pitched sound of a high volume contributes to protein folding, that is, a raw egg, which was laid just before the loudspeaker on one of concerts, three hours' swara"boiled.Such music as "heavy metal" helps halt the growth of plants, and in some cases even contributed to their deaths.The fish that the experiment was as rock handling, while the flashing light, has died.

    People are also not an exception.As a result, many studies have found that teenagers, after a stay in a disco for half an hour, completely lose control of themselves and fall into a state that is close to hypnotizability.

    Back in the late 1950s, the first studies that were to determine the effect of music on customers were conducted in the United States.As a result, it became clear that favors relaxing soft music create a cozy atmosphere of the trading floor, thus encouraging buyers do not rush out and spend more time on the choice of purchase.As for the fast music, it in turn promotes the reverse process is used during peak hours in order to accelerate the movement of shoppers.This principle is also used by many fast-fudami.

    Today, the West is working a lot of companies that specialize not just in the selection of music for the store, but directly on the concept of musical design of commercial enterprises.

    In February 1980, the first Moscow Medical Institute named after Sechenov psychocorrection laboratory has been developed.It was headed by, in turn, Igor Smirnov.In 1993 he was invited to America, and then there were several of his meetings with representatives of the CIA, FBI and other US intelligence, which he immediately showed the Americans a special software, through which could be embedded in the human brain the thoughts of others.In the same year the company was established in the United States, which in turn is engaged in the development and in influencing mental processes.

    In Russia will soon be psycho-ecology Institute of Natural Sciences, driven by Smirnov.In 2000, Smirnov said that his colleagues and he himself was directly created psychotropic weapons "to fight human disease."According to him, during the research it was revealed four "universal key" to the human subconscious.It is into psycho became one of the keys - on the one hand quite ordinary music, mostly classical, but it contains a special unconscious beep.

    During listening to this signal activates the internal resources of the human body, to stabilize his autonomic functions, and improved sleep.According to scientists, suggestible people every year becomes more and more, according to the figure has already reached 85%, while ten years ago it was less than 50%.In a state of deep hypnosis can inspire a person a lot, up to the complete loss of memory.

    Naturally, the methodology impact on the psyche have adopted criminal structures.The essence of the "weapons" is that on the upbeat music superimposed hidden commands that are directly perceived by the subconscious as an indication of a specific action.As a result, people lose control of themselves and tend to perform any commands.

    Today, a lot of divorced different sects, business clubs, which are directly used in the training session to music with "stuffing".The music is handled with great care.Since the direction of the music, too, have a great impact on the person and his subconscious does not matter if there is some kind of encrypted instructions.Thus, classical music contributes to the growth of plants, beneficial effects on the fetus of a pregnant woman.Since it is a classic of the music selected for centuries, it is the best that there is in human culture.The same can be said about folk music.

    For some modern trends of music, they are quite a negative impact on the human psyche.For example, such direction as the Dark Wave, which arose recently offshoot of the Gothic style, awakens in man the primitive fears.There are some styles of music that evoke human aggression.

    Choose music that is not harmful to your subconscious.If you have kids, small children, do not include loud music, do not they put a rock, rap, and the music, which is not nice, which is sung only on drug addiction, murder, etc.Better in this case to give preference to classical music, which will positively affect you and your children.