Why does soap wash ?

And what would we do without soap - fragrant, foaming, so easily sweep away with grease and dirt, and with clothes - Spot?And as before, people lived without soap!Man invented this indispensable in an economy means more than 2,000 years ago - and we still sincerely wonder why soap washes?

soap, and others like detergents, a stunning property - it reduces the surface tension of water and thus enhances its cleaning properties .Lather contains a great number of bubbles with a water jacket.It bubbles and are thus secret detergent soap - they seem to grab the particles of dust and dirt.And under the water spray foam, "enriched" by these particles, washed off without any problems.

If further delve into the essence of the issue, why wash soap, it can not do without some knowledge of chemistry.Namely - the knowledge of the composition of the soap molecule.Its peculiarity is that on contact with water the entire surface of the latter is covered with a kind of "palisade" soap molecules.This helps to reduce the
surface tension of water and, in turn, increase its wetting ability.This therefore causes a better wetting of the hand, cloth or any other contaminated surfaces.

What happens next?A particle of dust or dirt covered soap molecules easily separated from the surface of the hands or tissue and immersed in a solution or suspension of the newly formed emulsion.A cathartic properties of soap molecules prevents them adhering to the surface, but perfectly contribute to their rapid water wash.

So, if you simply and without immersion in science to explain why soap washes, we can say that lather tends to easily absorb dust, dirt and grease from the contaminated surface and just as easily be washed off with water , making the surface clean.Certainly

currently Cosmetic soap is not limited to only one washing function.Various additives are added to the soap, endow it with other properties: moisturizing, antibacterial, soothing.Soap has a different shape, color and smell.Yet the main feature is a wonderful soap bubbles - quickly and easily remove dirt and grease.