Like eye color influences the character ?Traits are endowed with the eye color

Oh man can tell a lot about not only his actions and words, but also non-verbal manifestations, namely, gestures, posture, gait, movement, posture, hairstyle, clothing preferences.But apart from these, there are manifestations and physical data, which is engaged directly in physiognomy.It is worth noting that even the shape of the forehead, nose, and various structures of the body, the nature of facial wrinkles and reflect the quality or other person.But that relates directly to the eye, they are the most informative source of information about a person, not for nothing that they say that the eyes - a mirror of the soul.Next, consider how a particular eye color affects a person's character.

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  • Introduction to the basics of
  • color value and eye shades

    Introduction to the basics of

    With these knowledge you will be able to not only better understand themselves, but to understand other people.In contrast, by any other signs, the eye is always visible.To learn to understand the cha
    racter of a person by the color of his eyes, the main thing right to define their colors.

    The ancient treatises on physiognomy recommend starting the study the person directly from the eyes.It is worth noting that this is not a coincidence, since most of the information, due to which a person develops, it is perceived through the eyes.Ever since ancient times, people have tried to protect his eyes from the bad influence, that is, from the malevolent gaze of man.

    Nowadays, psychics recommend vulnerable and sensitive people to wear sunglasses to protect yourself from negative energy.Beliefs astrologers suggest that human eyes reflect the whole color palette of the horoscope of birth of the planets, which are directly indicative of the various inclinations and passions of man.Modern scientific research has confirmed that the eyes tell a lot about a person's character, it is also worth noting that every single human eye is unique and unique in color.

    There are simple rules that are worth to pay attention, namely, the people who have more intense and richer body pigmentation and eye color, respectively, much more expressed traits such as activity, passion, power, rage, energy.For people with a lighter color, characteristic of Romanticism and vulnerability.The more colors in the iris, the more creative and interesting person.If eye shade is warm, then the person is more gentle.And, accordingly, on the contrary, people with a cold eye color character colder.Let us consider in more detail each eye color.

    color value and eye shades

    Dark brown or black eyes

    This eye color indicates that the person is passionate, energetic, active, impulsive, venturesome, enterprising and adventurous,he can not sit in one place.They are characterized by all the time to go ahead and reach some peaks.By its nature - it is the power the people, the leaders.At the same time they are sensitive and sexy, have a hot temper.People with eye color are able to please others, radiate warmth and charm.They like to be in the spotlight, many of them believe it is in order.They strive to be first in everything, but at the same time, they need constant approval, because they do not see the point in the quest for something, if it is not recognized by anyone.These people have a great vitality and a sense restless character.Amorous.This eye color also says that a person full of love.Hardly something they can stop on the way to the adored object.To some extent, they are hot-tempered and conflict.Insults forget pretty quickly.Fearless, decisive, confident.It's easy to agree with other people.Treat people fairly selectively lucky to someone they love, but who hate the fact not to be envied.The darker the color of the eyes, the more these qualities are expressed.

    Dark brown,

    hazel eyes seemed to be dark brown and light brown eyes do not differ much, just some lighter and others much darker, but the character of the people with this eye color is absolutely the opposite.People with light brown eyes, a shy, dreamy and inclined to solitude.And the brighter the iris eye, the more manifest in the person of shyness, indecision, isolation.They can be safely regarded as pragmatic, but it is likely that this is what makes them so diligent and hardworking.They will never let you down, so they can always rely on.

    Special trait of people with light brown eyes can be considered a desire to do everything on their own, their individualism, usually such people achieve great success in the targets set.They do not like pressure from the side.These people often indulge in dreams and dreams, preferring their action.To some extent, they are prone to passivity and laziness.Modest and accommodating.Externally, it can be said that they are soft, pliable and shy, but at heart they can be quite stubborn and strive to do all in their own way.In that case, if they rely only on yourself, are able to achieve in life great success.They should learn confidence and determination in dark-eyed, then they all will be well.

    Astrologers added that holders of a light-brown eyes (a mixture of energy of the sun and Venus) are quite impressionable, amorous, tender, and can be very hard about causing them offense, even when for others it will be imperceptible.

    Yellow eyes (tiger)

    People with eye color are rare.This color indicates outstanding personality.These people are great originals.They are endowed with special talents are, as they say, to read the thoughts of others.For any business to be creative, artistic.Dealing with such people is only a pleasure, especially when you do not have anything bad in mind.Yellow warm eye pigment makes them radiate warmth and generosity.They are quite creative, flexible and resourceful.But at the same time can be insidious and unpredictable.Therefore, remove them from themselves is not necessary, as in this case, that person will not sweet.Relying on the feelings of their friends and relatives are ready to fight to the last.Intimidate them quite difficult.But if the person you chose it with the eye color, with you it will be good-natured and loyal, always ready to protect you.For people with yellow eyes is not typical to submit to anyone, they are difficult to control themselves under the power of emotions, quick-tempered.You could say they are their own mind.Cunning and shrewd.Very good feel false.

    Green eyes

    People with this eye color is very gentle people.Their love is always sincere, warm and loyal to their chosen.Such eyes often inherent in the present knights.Green-eyed people are hardy, energetic, stable and stubborn, principled and steadfast, purposeful.Persistently go to the goal, breaking everything in its path obstacles.They are quite good organizers, authoritative.But they are also, and other light-eyed people to some extent lacks vitality and energy.For they do not seek leadership, but prefer to be respected and the best professionals in the business.

    often they do it.Before you do anything, everything is carefully weighed, fair and realistic, able to find the right way out.Correct, accurate, rigorous, not wordy.There may be mysterious and enigmatic, today one, tomorrow very different.Cunning and resourceful enough good sense of other people, but at the same time, they can be tricky.Skillfully manipulating the people with regard to conflict, they are trying to avoid.There may be very mild, unlike others, can take advantage of someone else for their own purposes.People with green eyes are proud and do not forgive those who sit on their heads.Constant in his affections, even capable of fidelity.

    But they fall in love only when they find their ideal.But with this they all not just because both to themselves and to others they present relatively high demand, strive for excellence, and therefore currently looking for appropriate partners.Despite the fact that they are sustained, rigorous and independent in appearance, they are very affectionate, gentle and kind, very vulnerable in their feelings.To some extent their character like a cat's nature.Externally, they are very independent and inaccessible, but it is as long as there is no trust.People with green eyes are excellent companions and students.They are the most prosperous class, stable and have a good imagination.Good feel in leadership positions.

    gray-green eyes

    People who have blue-green eyes can be considered a hard-working people, fair, diligent, pragmatic and realistic.Even though all his cool head and hardness, in situations that directly require courageous decisions, they can be sensitive.These people mind combined with flexibility, intuitive feelings.They can pretty well understand people.Endowed with a strong will.Surely go towards the goals and tops.Often you may find intractable, but basically this is what helps to achieve this goal.They are caring and tend to support, sympathy.Often, people cry in their vest.They both combined and sensitivity, and tenderness, and will at the same time the rigidity.If someone will go their way, they can be stubborn and merciless in opposition to him.

    blue eyes

    Often in these eyes lies the deception.People with blue eyes dreamy and romantic.They often fantasize, make up one's mind feelings, dreaming about love.Women with the same color eyes prefer gallant beautiful courtship by the male.It is very sensitive and vulnerable.They are very easy to hurt, and remember that they will be long.I tend to take everything to heart.May fall into depression, worry over nothing.Moody, mood can change frequently.But, in spite of, all their sentimentality, great depth of feeling they can not be.

    color blue is a cold color, and hue than the icy, the less heat in the soul of a man.Blue-eyed people are cold and even to some extent tough.The mood has a big influence on them, so they can often be irritated.Quite a lot depends directly from their sympathies and antipathies.They love variety, so in their sympathies are impermanent.Demanding of themselves, often modest.Commitment and perseverance.Pretty well oriented in the atmosphere, generous and conscientious.Quite often, people with blue eyes are talented in art, inventions, creativity.Among them are many aesthetes.They have developed great imagination and fantasy.

    They are not very sentimental, so they are unlikely to soften tears.All of the above is more consistent with people with dark-blue eye color.In that case, if the eyes have a slightly noticeable warm shade (for example, representatives of colors in autumn or spring), in such a case, the person has a permanent and flexible, easy character, but also capable of deep love people are often endowed with a calm nature, but that relates directly to the monotony, it is worth noting that it is simply depressing.For people with dark-blue eye color tend to be easy to their whims, sometimes reminiscent of the mood light fickle breeze.

    blue eyes

    People with blue eyes are very emotional, sensual, sentimental, romantic and charming.Can strongly to fall in love, capable of great passion, inspire their partner a passionate impulse.The course of their thoughts sometimes just unpredictable.They have a very well developed sense of justice, sometimes even willing to stand up for the truth to their own detriment.They are believed to be correct but their main drawback - it is haughtiness and arrogance.

    Blue is at the same time, the combination of cold and saturated hues, so emotional in such eyes is evident not only in passionate love, but in a violent antipathy, if it someone does not like it, then to make war with the person they are long andpersistently.These are the people that move the emotions, fearless and quite often on the rampage.Do this even if it is not practical and harms them.Mainly guided by feelings.Rancor and conflict.Strong and decisive.They love to argue.

    Somewhat adventurers.They can act as leaders, but basically it is the shadow of nature.They should learn to control his actions, to think and not to be influenced by emotion and succumb to impulsive actions.They should think about in order to become more loyal, empathetic and generous towards others.They may also be subjective.In the seek justice.

    gray eyes

    gray-eyed people are quite determined and smart.They do not hide from problems, they try to deal with them immediately.But rarely, helpless in situations when the mind is powerless.These people are workers.They are thoughtful and judicious.Realistic and practical, reliable and patient, conscientious and thorough, resolute and stand confidently stand on their feet.Among the gray-eyed people there are many intellectuals and thinkers.In conversation, they are calm and ambitious, in the home unpretentious.

    self-sufficient, independent and unhurried.We can say that this is a peaceful and friendly people.They can always be relied upon.Sometimes they lack sensitivity and flexibility in dealing with people.They are kept and somewhat dry.Achromatic and cold eye pigment is not conducive to tenderness and depth of feeling.But it is worth noting that such people differ loyalty and constancy.They are always at a height where you can demonstrate your intelligence.But as just intuition and emotions, then with this they may have difficulties, physical strength of nature can not be much.

    will all appreciate a gambler partner, who was his inspiration.So they themselves sometimes lack the inspiration and passion.Dark gray eyes tell about a person, they were very strong, brave and strong-willed, stubborn.Such people power, the jealous, the owners by nature, very strong-willed people.Very loyal to her lover, and it is unlikely that they will go to the left.So all the people interested.They were lucky to be called, it carries almost everything, and in love and career.

    gray-brown-green eyes

    People with eyes that color them different characteristic indecision.They are a lot of things are mixed, so it is sometimes difficult to make a choice in a given situation.On the one hand - it indicates insufficient strength of the character, since none of the colors can not be expressed fully, which in turn indicates a character that shows the color, there is not a large extent, on the other hand - isIt gives greater flexibility.

    So often people with this eye color is not self-confident and shy.Expressed a preference for a strong-willed and strong partner, for which they would be able to go without a doubt.Accordingly, finding a partner, he will thank his care, affection, devotion and sensitivity.People with such eyes are reliable, patient and responsible.But at the same time, they are inconsistent, timid, wary and disorganized.

    gray-blue eyes

    eyes that color have combined two icy shade at the same time, respectively, and in the nature of such a person will combine the quality of gray-eyed and blue-eyed people.People with eye color decisive, ambitious, purposeful, fair, firm.Quite rarely get angry, honest and calm.Among people with the color of the gas it is often possible to meet a very wise people, because they have the mind combined with the flexibility of thinking, intuition and ingenuity.

    may be brought in the love, but a great sentimentality no different.Pretty much exactly it depends on which of the predominant shades - gray or blue.For such people, it is characterized by a lack of emotional warmth and emotion.But they are also true, spiritual, always able to find a way out of a difficult situation, give good advice, help.These people are quite self-sufficient, but they need approval and to close were truly dedicated people.

    For people with a cold eye color, namely blue, gray and blue will be interested in the following information.