Why does it rain ?What are the showers .

Every day we listen to the weather forecast to know today will be rain, and whether to take an umbrella to hide from the rain and not get wet.Many of us like to walk in the rain, fall asleep to the sound of rain, while others, on the contrary, when the first drops of rain are trying to escape the house, do not tolerate wet and slush, which bring rains.

first spring rains awaken the nature, the earth is filled with life-giving water, dissolve the remnants of dirty snow.On hot summer days the rains freshen the air, wash off the dust from the leaves of trees.

Rain is precipitation that falls from the clouds, floating in our sky.Clouds can have very different shapes, they look like huge chunks of wool or giant waves that resemble feathers.Sometimes the sky is covered with a huge cloud of black or solid gray veil.

As clouds form

clouds formed in the sky and are composed of water droplets and ice crystals.How water droplets and ice crystals fall into the cloud?By heating the surface of the earth, the

sun's rays evaporate a lot of moisture, which is in the form of water vapor rises into the air.

As steam rises from the surface of bodies of water: rivers, seas, lakes.All the Earth's plants from the smallest blade of grass to a huge tree evaporate water, and animals and humans exhale water vapor.

The higher the temperature and humidity, the more water vapor is formed, which condense and turn into tiny droplets of water.That of the fine water droplets as well as of ice crystals when cold air cloud formed.

not from every cloud comes rain.To get from the rain clouds, water droplets should be larger.The cloud droplet sizes gradually increase - into small droplets in the air is deposited water vapor and droplets become larger, as a drop in the cloud move in all directions, collide with each other, merge and grow.

If the cloud is composed only of water droplets, the process of formation of rain clouds, is very slow.Mixed cloud top portion, which is composed of ice crystals, and the bottom of the water droplets will form rain clouds as getting into the lower atmosphere where the temperature is above zero, the ice crystals evaporate and turn into large water droplets.Mixed clouds spilled on the ground in the form of heavy rains and even showers.Cumulonimbus, Nimbostratus, stratocumulus, stratus and altostratus clouds are rain clouds.

What are rain

Rain is the water droplets that are quite shallow less than 0.5 mm and larger, reaching the size of 6-7 mm.Rains - is atmospheric precipitation in the period from spring to autumn.In rare cases, there can be rain and winter.Scientists are divided on three types of precipitation: it is drizzling, Widespread and heavy rains.

remaining people give rain a variety of definitions - warm and cold, the long-awaited and boring, short-term and protracted.

rains are often accompanied by hail, snow, and thunderstorms.Rain can be a blind or a mushroom, and even ice and more radioactive and acidic, exotic and even star.

drizzling rain, drizzle

When there is a drizzling rain to get wet under the rain so it is impossible, but the dampness, hanging in the air, felt.Drizzling rain - rain with small drops and frequent, it is almost invisible, tiny droplets hitting the surface of the puddles do not form circles.Drizzle impair visibility, make hazy day.

Drizzle is very small no more than a drop of 0.5 mm, which seemed to hang in the air, as they have a very small fall speed, drizzle falls as well as fog.When drizzle drops are not visible, and the air seems damp, wet.

Mostly rain, rain with thunderstorm and hail

Storm clouds are formed when cold air meets warm air masses, as the cause of heavy rains is very hot, moist soil is strongly warmed and moisture that evaporates from the earth's surface,It forms a heavy, overloaded with water clouds.These evaporation many of us watched the damp earth as it smokes.

Heavy rains begin suddenly, and as suddenly to an end.They usually do not last long, but can be very powerful.

Storm rains are always storm, they also occur suddenly, accompanied by strong wind, thunder and lightning, can fall on a certain section of the city, and do a lot of ills.

It is torn up by the roots and fallen trees, toppled billboards, dangling wires, demolished roofs, flooded streets and entrances of homes, and other areas of the city downpour bypassed, there did not fall one drop of rain.

Lightning accompanying thunderstorms, falling into residential buildings, are the causes of fires, breaking open trees, sometimes lightning strikes in animals and humans.

Tropical downpours last for hours, and poured on the ground is a huge mass of water.Often, heavy rains, become a cause of flooding, overflowing water of the river overflows, the water flows erode dikes and dams, flooded villages, destroying homes, roads, bridges, from the mountains of mudslides, landslides occur.Often people become the victims of floods.

rains and hail are only in the hot season, when the air is filled with plenty of moisture.Gradinka formed in cumulonimbus clouds, and when they reach large size and can not be kept in suspension, then descend to the ground as hail.Castle has a variety of sizes from small pea to the size of a hen's egg.

Large hailstones can break through the roofs of the houses, break the glass, and even kill animals and humans.Yes, and small hail brings great damage to agriculture, horticulture and destroys crops in fields, damaging gardens.

Blind or mushroom rain

Blind rain or fungus occurs in the summer, when this rain the sun shines in the sky, and this rain is also called the sun, be sure there is a rainbow after the rain the sun.

get under a rain, and even saw a rainbow, it is considered a good sign.As for national signs after the rain start to grow mushrooms - hence the name - the mushroom rain.It is warm and short rain.

Widespread and prolonged rains

Lingering rain in duration can go from a few hours to several days.During heavy rains the whole sky is covered with clouds, the sun peeps through the clouds do not, the day becomes dark, gloomy.Prolonged rains, especially in the fall followed by a decrease in temperature.This cold rain, boring, annoying convert all of the world to paint faded, gray color.

Freezing rain

Freezing rain occurs in cases where the air near the ground has a lower temperature - (from 0- degrees to - minus 10 degrees) than in the upper atmosphere.Raindrops falling into the cold air, covered with a crust of ice, inside the brown water remains in a liquid state.

Falling to the ground, these ice balls are broken and the water, flowing, instantly freezes.Getting on the branches of trees, on the wire, the surrounding objects, freezing rain gives subjects and unusual trees fabulous views, each branch is covered with ice, and the sidewalks and roads turn into an ice rink.

This natural phenomenon looks beautiful, but dangerous, because under the weight of ice break off the wire, broken branches, injured pedestrians.

acidic and radioactive rain

Acid rain - it rains, which contain acid and toxic substances into the atmosphere from harmful industrial and automobile emissions.Industrial production pollutes the air with noxious gases, which rise up and fall into the cloud, connecting with water droplets - form acid.And the land falls acid rain, bringing all life on Earth only harm.Acid rain destroys crops, destroying the fish in the ponds.

Radioactive rain carry an even greater danger - rising background radiation, which leads to genetic mutations and diseases of internal organs, to defeat cancer and skin.The cause of the radioactive rain are in the nuclear accident at the enterprises that use radioactive substances in the production and testing of nuclear weapons.

Exotic rain

Exotic rains - it rains unusual, wonderful, mysterious.The rains, which together with the water cave in the earth's surface a variety of items: coins, grains, fruits, and even spiders, fish, jellyfish and frogs.

Sometimes raindrops are painted in different colors - blue, red.Why are such rain?Often in the hot summer days on the earth's surface can be observed dust devils.Spinning, the air column, draws in various debris - paper, wood chips, plastic bags, plastic bottles and even raises it all over the ground.

more powerful tornadoes can lift into the air large, heavy objects, and if a tornado passes over the surface of bodies of water, then with water sucks and lifts into the air animals aquatic.Wind blowing in the upper atmosphere, brings tornadoes and whirlwinds over long distances, and when the force of the wind weakens, the ground along with the rain, and sometimes with no rain falling, "the gifts of heaven."

Why are colored rain?Wind raises high in the sky pollen, and the pigment contained in the pollen, rain stains in different colors - blue, green, yellow.Just vortex can suck water out of the swamp, which in large quantities are tiny organisms that give the water a brown, red, or passing over wilderness lift into the air a lot of multi-colored dust.

Star and meteor showers

Star rain is a meteor shower, but rather it meteoroids that fly in the atmosphere of our earth and develop a speed of up to tens of kilometers per second, the friction of the air, they heat up and begin to glow, and then destroyed.This phenomenon can be observed in a certain time, at night, it seems that the stars are falling.People often make a wish at the sight of falling stars.

Meteor rain or rain is a stone, which is composed of many meteorites.With the destruction of a large meteorite falling to earth, both large and small fragments.Large meteorites striking the Earth's surface - will explode and form impact craters.It is believed that on this planet every day falls approximately one thousand small meteorites.

Why do bubbles form when it rains

Rain drops falling into a puddle, hit the water splashes out the top of the water surface and the air trapped under the water film that forms bubbles.Larger and more visible bubbles are formed when there is a heavy rain with large drops or rain.

There is a national sign, if puddles are formed large bubbles, mean rain will soon be over.Bright sun shines and the sky will be blue sinim-.