What are the chakras and how they affect our lives

All of us have heard such a word as the chakras, but not many people know what it really is and what does it have to do with our lives.So, chakras are in turn the human energy centers, through them, he takes part in various energy processes, both private and global.The chakras interact with the electromagnetic field of the earth and help us filling the vitality of the space, which in turn is called prana.Energy in turn, enters the through chakras nerve plexus, and then in body organs, in special channels called nadi.

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  • value chakras
  • Types chakras
  • Features chakras

    value chakras

    It should be noted that it is important that the chakras are always contained in the absolute right.The more they are open, the more energy will flow through them into the body, respectively, people will be much healthier and implemented.It should also be noted that each of the chakras is endowed with strictly reserved function, as well as the chakras are our window to a certain energy level, which
    in turn has on us, our lives, health, abilities, behaviors, relationships with others, our strengtha direct impact.

    Chakras basically determined in a number of Hindu treatises, many of the researchers believe that the doctrine of the chakras is quite old, and refers to the global knowledge of our ancestors related to space much larger and closer than modern humanity.The names of the chakras is quite common in the mystical and literature, as well as in books on psychology and medicine.Including often resorted to the concept of chakras, many authors esoteric works, and different theories about the origin of the world and humanity as a whole.

    Generally all there are seven centers, seven chakras, they are located directly in the astral body, but have a connection with the TV in the etheric body and exert their influence directly on the mental body.In addition to the main chakras, there is also a lot smaller.

    Types chakras

    First Chakra - Muladhara is (Kundalini)

    Muladhara is located at the base of the spine.This chakra is responsible for basic health and survival instincts, the basic life force, taking care of your physical existence: on the food, protection, shelter, procreation.Its management is the health and function of the feet, the genitals, the ability to reproduce offspring.

    Signs harmonious chakra is just good physical health, alertness, activity, courage and self-confidence.Symptoms of a blocked chakra is the feeling of being a victim of circumstances, fear, a sense of danger, withdrawal from physical reality, nervousness, selfishness, lack of confidence in their abilities, greed, arrogance, excessive tension in your body, lasciviousness, bruising, frequent injuries, foot problems, your feet andthe lower part of the spine.

    Chakras, mostly closed in all people.At that moment, when it is opened, it is immediately followed by literally burst of energy, which in turn enters the body.This occurs when a signal arrives mortal danger.In this case, chakra opens automatically and provides a fairly large amount of energy to the body.It is in this chakra is kept inviolate storehouse of energy that is directly designed to save our lives.

    Kundalini is connected directly to the next chakra and feeds her.The vibrations of this energy is quite low.Therefore, the less developed a person is, the less energy it is able to take and the more his mind is a manifestation of the survival instinct.And what is more developed person, much less in his mind all the instincts are manifested, including it concerns directly and survival instinct.

    second chakra - Svadhisthana or sacral chakra

    Svadhishthana located approximately five centimeters below the navel.This chakra is responsible for emotions, feelings of pleasure, sexuality, self-esteem and relationships with others, flexibility (physical and physical), attractiveness, physical sensations.This chakra interpersonal relationships and pleasures.It manages directly the health and functioning of the lower spine and intestines, ovaries.

    Signs harmonious chakra are as attractive, harmonious relations with people, vitality, sexuality, self-respect, a good self-esteem, developed taste, love for your body.Symptoms of blocked chakras are low self-esteem, sexual problems, family problems in relationships with other people, a sense of possessiveness, jealousy, frequent feelings of guilt, depression, irritability, resentment, lust, indulgence in bad habits, diseases of the reproductive organs.

    As this chakra is located not far from the Kundalini chakra, as a result of the sexual energy is the most powerful, as signed by the energy of the Kundalini.Sacral chakra, like the rest of the other chakras, can perceive and emit only low vibration.Energy consciousness that directly perceives and radiates this chakra manifests itself in turn as the instinct of procreation, it is immediately love for the child, the desire for sexual satisfaction, sexual attraction to another person of the opposite sex, low negative emotions and feelings that arise in the casewhen this instinct is not satisfied - anger, envy, etc.

    With direct human development function of this chakra is reduced, as it stops the immediate replenishment of energy, the person no longer perceives low energy, which in turn correspond to the vibrations of the chakras.In this case, stop the manifestation of envy, jealousy, sexual intercourse.

    Third Chakra - Manipura or Chakra Vital

    Manipur is located in the solar plexus - under the breastbone, where the ribs are located.Manipur is responsible for the individual self, willpower, the impact on the world, power, perseverance and concentration to achieve the goals, significance, self-confidence and optimism.Its diocese - success, social status, charisma, career, financial sphere.Manages the health and proper functioning of the liver, the gastrointestinal tract, gall bladder, middle spine, adrenal gland.

    Signs harmonious chakra are self-esteem, optimism, self-confidence, a clear understanding of their goals, persevere in their immediate achievement, career success and financial well-being.Symptoms of blocked chakras can be considered the difficulties with money, conflicts with business partners, anxious and full of uncertainty in the financial area, increased aggression, abuse of power, workaholism, suppressing others, fastidiousness, criticality, most demanding, excessive control, timidity, indecisiveness, nausea, weaknessin the body, the violation of the gastrointestinal tract and other organs, vertigo.

    Near Minipuroy is the spleen, which in turn is the gateway to the etheric body directly through it and coming energy in the spleen and saturated through multiple channels physical body.Energy Consciousness, which is received through the channel and is emitted, is shown as the herd instinct, that is, the desire to be like everyone else.

    As for active perception of the energy of this chakra, it enhances the destructive tendencies of the individual, the pursuit of violence, a sense of his animal strength, it occurs when a person has not yet developed.Having a high level of spiritual development of a person, the consciousness of this chakra in turn manifests itself as a desire to appear in this world, the pursuit of activities, to be creative, to the organization of this life.

    Fourth Chakra - Anahata or heart chakra

    Anahata is located in the center of the chest, between the nipples is.This chakra is responsible for feelings of love, sympathy, empathy, compassion, joy, acceptance, a sense of harmony and grace, delight.It manages directly the health and direct the work of the heart, chest, upper spine, arms, shoulders, lungs.

    signs are harmonious chakra harmony in love, feeling good, joy, happiness, caring, empathy, benevolence both in relation to themselves and the people around them.Symptoms of blocked chakras: the feeling that life is gray and faded, lack of joy, problems in love, callousness, indifference to people, inability to empathize, or on the contrary, too much expression of compassion and sacrifice, the desire to please others, dislike of self, self-pity,frequent feeling of antipathy towards others, izhdivenstvo, moodiness, heart disease and other bodies, which are directly responsible Anahata.

    This chakra is able to both receive and emit a high vibrational energy.And the immediate disclosure of this chakra is the primary goal of all spiritual practices.At the time when this chakra opens and begins to perceive the higher vibrating energy, begins to "build" the perfect astral body.The man, in turn, becomes a loving, friendly, cordial.All these states occur at a time when high energy vibration is perceived heart chakra.

    In this case, the human body itself begins to vibrate and similarly very high.This vibration man carries a corresponding highly emotional state.

    Fifth Chakra - Vishuddha or throat chakra

    Vishudha located at the base of the throat.This chakra is responsible for speech, creativity, ability to form thoughts and feelings into words, the ability to persuade and induce authority (organizational, leadership skills), learning, self-expression, authority.It manages directly the health and functioning of the throat and neck.

    Signs harmonious chakra include: successful communication, the ability to harmoniously to present themselves to the world, constructive influence on other people, using words, speech, production of ideas, successful realization of their potential.Symptoms of a blocked chakra: communication difficulties, problems with self-realization, self-expression, an inability to clearly and convincingly to express their thoughts, inability to speak convincingly, uncertainty in his opinion, haughtiness, arrogance, snobbery, sluggishness of thought, dogmatic, insecurity, deceit, increased appetite, frequenttonsillitis.

    this chakra tend to perceive mental energy plans.It can still be called the chakra of creativity.The throat chakra sees higher energies of the mental and spiritual realms of the universe.the energy of this chakra consciousness allows to manifest in a person's ability to higher creation, as well as individual manifestations in the fields of art and science.The consciousness of this chakra in turn manifests itself as a genius.Disclosed acting, this chakra has a very few people.Expand it - means to reach the highest point of spiritual development.

    sixth chakra - the Ajna chakra, or "third eye»

    Ajna is located on the forehead at the point between the eyebrows.This chakra is responsible for the inner knowledge, intuition, memory, wisdom and understanding of the situation in general, manipulation of images, super-consciousness, a global vision, awareness life, clairvoyance, conscious perception.Controls Ajna health and functioning of the nose, eyes and ears.

    Signs harmonious chakra are as good intuition, wisdom, subtle feelings of other people and their feelings, intelligence, advanced mental abilities.Symptoms of blocked chakras: the lack of a complete picture of life, a sense that your life has no meaning, fears, feeling like a failure, misunderstanding of goals, anxiety, blurred consciousness, illusion, confusion in the head, authoritarianism, arrogance, shyness, insomnia, shyness, headachespain.

    This chakra perceives the energy of the spiritual worlds, it is the energy of intuition plan.In that case, when this chakra is opened, it begins to perceive the higher worlds energy.Just then, a man gets an opportunity and the ability to perceive information that comes from the higher worlds of the higher sub-planes of the mental world and intuition plan.The consciousness of this chakra is such manifestations in man as a prophecy and clairvoyance.It expands it directly to the person who has reached a very high level of development, but not everyone who says that has the ability of clairvoyance.Genuine clairvoyance is the result of a fairly high level of human development.

    Seventh Chakra - Sahasrara or chakra Brahma (Lotus)

    Sahasrara is in the area of ​​the crown.This chakra is responsible for the disclosure of spiritual potential, spirituality, openness and trust the world as a whole, understanding the essence of things, insight, communication with the divine, with the energies of the cosmos, with the destiny and life purpose.Controls Sahasrara directly the health and functioning of the pituitary gland, the brain and the skull.

    Signs harmonious chakra is the sense of his relationship with God, unity with the world, with other people, understanding their uniqueness and place in this world.Symptoms of blocked chakras can be considered: a feeling of helplessness, depression, abandonment, loneliness in the crowd, isolation, unwillingness to interact with others, loss of zest for life, fear of death.

    This chakra takes the highest energy cosmic spheres.The consciousness of this chakra makes a person God-like creature.

    Features chakras

    Each chakra is peculiar perception of a specific vibration frequency.In the event that is open only to the vital or predominantly sacral chakra, the person perceives only the energy of the appropriate frequency and is manifested it in accordance with the consciousness characteristic energies of these chakras.

    It is worth noting the fact that we perceive predominantly energy of ten planets, ie the energy of small space, which affects most of all life on earth.They are directly perceived by human chakras affect the vibration of his astral and mental bodies, thereby causing certain feelings and thoughts based on what chakra is the most open.It is very important that the chakras are not only centers of concentrating energy, as well as centers of consciousness.When the chakra begins to perceive energy, it accumulates a certain energy, which in turn means that the consciousness begins to form a corresponding vibration according subplane of the astral body.

    Many of us used to think that consciousness is in the head, but this is a misconception.The brain - it is only an instrument of the physical body, which in turn, has the ability to automatically adjust the function of all physical bodies.The brain gives orders only.This is to some extent a computer that has a screen display on which the activity of the mental body is reflected in the design of words and actions.Since our astral body is directly related to the mental, our feelings, emotions and state, we comprehend, characterize words, our thinking is colored in some sense typical.

    worth noting that not all of what we perceive in the world around us, we denounce in words much we just do not realize.In the case where the vital chakra receives energy of Mars, for example, there is a feeling of irritation.We can not always understand the reason why suddenly become angry.If the energy of Mars accepted the sacral chakra (this energy is more vibration free), then in that case there is a strong sexual desire.We, in turn, merely react to external influences.

    We pretty much what we feel, react to very much, very much perceive manifested in unison with many influences, but we can not grasp and understand.Therefore, we can not control consciously manage these processes, then we are simply blind pawns, devices that have the ability to turn on and off without our knowledge, against our will.

    average person uses two Chakras - the vital and sacred.Chakra Kundalini closed heart chakra Anahata is also not disclosed.These two chakras in turn horizontally directed and trapped thereby largely vibration environment.