Why do we see dreams ?Analysis of Sleep and Dreams

Sleep is one of the most mysterious process that happens to our bodies.Fighting sleep is useless, one must have a good rest.Despite the fact, the condition of the person is sleeping or just resting it, his brain still can not stop working.In addition, we not only restore their strength, but also to see the dream.What is actually happening to us at a time when we sleep?Why do we dream?

material Contents:

  • What happens to us during sleep?
  • Why do we see dreams?
  • dreams Types

    What happens to us during sleep?

    Son is "slow" and "fast".REM sleep is characterized as a normal, healthy sleep well and fast - it is a dream in which we see the dream.

    First, it starts directly from REM sleep.This dream is in turn divided into four stages, each of which with a certain body changes.For example, in the first stage of sleep, there is a direct process of falling asleep: there is a sense of "Fly Out", which is sometimes accompanied by WinCE.Physiologically, it is manifested in a decrease in the activity of musc
    les and slow eye movement.As for the second stage, there already occurs a state of shallow sleep.

    It is this stage of sleep is characterized by more than half the time with respect to the total duration of sleep.At this stage, slowing the heart rate and a decrease in body temperature.Including this stage, the subsequent decrease in muscle activity.As for the third and fourth stages it comes to them a deep sleep: it is characterized as a basic physical rest of our body.If the stage of deep sleep is absent, the person wakes up tired and frustrated.At the physiological level in this period begin to occur processes such as increased production of growth hormone, increases blood flow to all the muscles.

    After all these steps are completed, there comes a stage of REM sleep.A person can see only the dream at this stage.As to what is the function of REM sleep, it is still not clear.Experts believe that it is necessary to streamline the information in memory.Thus, American scientists have found that nerve impulses that directly observed in humans at a time when he is awake and while he is asleep, brain reproduced seven times faster.

    Scientists maintain that such a direct reproduction of daily experience, it is necessary to form memories.The scientists who conducted the experiment in this regard, it is believed that the process, which was discovered by them, as it were, to some extent, debit information from short-term memory, long term memory directly.Speaking of fast sleep, it is worth noting that during this dream can be seen fairly rapid eye movement (dream-view), there is an immediate increase in blood pressure, the brain receives blood flow, and also there is an irregular heart rhythm and rate of breathing.

    Sleeps human characteristic change of the phase of fast and slow sleep.The pair, which is directly from the phase of slow and rapid eye movement, forms a complete sleep cycle (duration of approximately 90 minutes).Depending on what the total duration of sleep, normal sleep consists mainly of 4-6 cycles.The best thing people poured in when the awakening takes place at the end of the cycle.

    main task is to ensure that your vacation dream body.During sleep, there is accumulated information processing and also it plays a quite important role in the metabolic processes, including it helps to restore immunity.

    Why do we see dreams?

    There are many different theories for why people can see dreams.At the beginning of the twentieth century, scientists have argued that during the whole day in our brain to accumulate a variety of chemicals.For example, this carbon dioxide, cholesterol and lactic acid.They also claimed that these substances can be dissipated at a time until a person is in a dream.And due to this process, we can see the dream.To some extent, dreams were considered by some "cleaners" of the body processes.

    In one recent theory says that dreams can be used by the body as a process reboots our brain.Dreams in some way help the brain to get rid of unneeded information and contribute to its direct work.Without dreams, the brain would simply "explode."

    Another theory dreams appear in our brain as a result of the formation of chaotic electrical activity.Almost every 90 minutes, at a time when REM sleep occurs, sent random electrical impulses throughout the brain.Then the forebrain, which in turn is responsible for the analytical part of the brain is trying to understand these signals obscure it and give an answer, and as the only way to understand them - are just dreams.

    types of dreams

    All our dreams can be divided in turn into three types.As for the first kind of dreams, it is called "domestic".In these dreams, people mostly see their own problems, a situation of life and trying to solve them.

    The second type of dreams are "symbolic" dreams.For such dreams characterized by the appearance of characters in a variety of subjects, marks.In dreams of this type, people often see themselves and other people who commit such acts, which are not typical for them in everyday life.

    third type of dream - a prophetic dreams.People who have the ability to see this kind of dreams are rare.It is this kind of dreams can give a hint to man that can happen to him or someone else, how to avoid those or other situations not entirely pleasant.These dreams worth listening.During sleep, our brain tries to solve immediate problems and to give us a ready-made, processed result.Perhaps it is through such dreams, and he trying to tell us something to report.

    It should be noted that the modern theory of dreams, mainly focus on the fact that the dream - it is a kind of continuation of the waking state.

    study of dreams in the twentieth century has been to focus mainly on two aspects, which in turn: the physiological process of the appearance of dreams and their immediate content.

    should be noted that extreme behavioral manifestations, such as nightmares, night terrors, sleep walking, enuresis, according to the established facts, are out of touch with ordinary dreams.

    unpleasant feeling that a person experiences in his sleep, according to the subjects, often happen twice, in contrast to the pleasant.Most likely, this is because most of the content of dreams is closely linked with the concept of people and events that are directly familiar sleeping.More likely it is that sense of something unfamiliar in the dream, this is the result of drastic violations in time and space events taking place directly in the dream.

    To distinguish these forms of dreams, which in turn are observed during deep sleep pretty:
    1. dream-desire, a dream, this form is based on the direct pursuit of reproduction and self-preservation, which operate on a subconscious level;
    2. dream-past, for it is characteristic of play scenes and scenes from his childhood;
    3. sleep, fear, based directly on the fear of suffering, pain, etc., as well as a sense of fear for life itself or to the world (never completely disappears);
    4. sleep wearing a print of "collective";in this case, refers to such experiences, which in turn can not be grasped by the human mind waking, dreams of this kind, a sleeping person is attached to the mysteries of the experience of their ancestors, or humanity as a whole;
    5. sleep-mononier (from Greek monos - one and Oneiron - sleep) - in a dream appear absolutely incomprehensible and meaningless images that seemingly have nothing to do with sleeping; but at the same time they are thethe true subject of the interpretation of dreams;such dreams caused tremendous interest among the surrealists.

    In order to somehow learn to understand these dreams, people, for many decades of observations and their immediate interpretation, summarized their fundamental values.And today, these long-term observations are available to everyone.We can now easily purchase interpreter of dreams in a bookstore or use the internet.

    sleep studies the subject of many TV programs, one of them we want to present to your attention:

    Our dreams keep still many unsolved mysteries.The main thing for us - to remember that sleep is key to our well-being, therefore this issue should be given great importance.