The main characteristics of the engine .The principle of operation of the vehicle engine

Modern cars have very complex structure, to understand which is hard enough.Today we would like to briefly tell you about the characteristics of the internal combustion engine vehicle.

Article will include the following units:

  • That depends on the engine?
  • Engine size
  • The principle of operation of the motor mechanism
  • Work diesel engine
  • principle motor vehicle places

    That depends on the engine?

    From the engine depends on the entire movement of the car, because it is thanks to him that cars can go both forward and backward.From the engine power depends on how the machine will go, namely the dynamics of movement and the rate of acceleration.The more powerful the engine, the vehicle will accelerate more rapidly as a place, as well as directly on the mov
    e.But exactly how the engine is more powerful, so much more it will have fuel consumption.

    Engine size

    The principle of operation of the vehicle engine Engine capacity (working volume) - the most important parameter of the engine, which is measured in liters or cubic centimeters.Engine size is equal to the sum of all its working cylinders.In order to calculate the working volume of the cylinder, it is necessary to multiply the length of the piston stroke in the cross-sectional area of ​​the cylinder.

    Based on the calculation formula given above, distinguish these types of engines :

    • subcompact (1.1 liters);
    • Microcars (1.2 to 1.5 liters);
    • Srednelitrazhnye (from 1.6 to 3.5);
    • Krupnolitrazhnye (3,5 l).

    Besides volume distinguish the following characteristics of the engine :

    • revolutions per minute capacity - the number of complete revolutions of the motor shaft around its axis;
    • Torque rpm - the greater the torque, the faster the engine is gaining momentum;

    • Maximum speed - the maximum speed of the engine acceleration;
    • Acceleration to 100 km / h in seconds - for how many seconds the engine will accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h.

    The principle of operation of the motor mechanism

    Now that you understand the main purpose and the importance of the motor car, proceed to consider its working principle.Since this question is interesting mostly beginners, we will try to tell you about the engine as simple as possible and accessible language.

    gasoline engine principle of operation is that fuel (gasoline) is fed into the engine enters the cylinder, where it is compressed at the top.With the spark that served the automotive spark, fuel and ignited by the energy of the fuse piston is pushed down (this action takes place, and with the other engine pistons).Pistons abut against the edges of the cylinder, and provides a sliding lube resulting tight fit and creates a pressure at the top.Thus, the pistons create the circular motion of the shaft, which transfers its torque to the gearbox, and that in turn transmits the motion to the drive wheels of the vehicle.The shaft structure has a curve, so that during movement of the piston are at different positions, thereby creating a continuous repulsion for rotation.That, in a nutshell, what is the working principle of the gasoline engine car.

    Work diesel engine
    The fundamental difference between a gasoline engine of a diesel is that diesel engine pressurized fuel (diesel fuel) is not ignited by a spark and fuel injection occurs in the compressed hot air, which is located incylinder mixture ignited by this, which sets in motion all the pistons.More subtle differences in performance between petrol and diesel, for the novice, is unimportant, so we will not particularly focus on the technical nuances, and mentioned the most fundamental.

    principle places the motor vehicle

    Principle engine Once you turned the ignition key in the «ON» mode in machines with injector fuel pump begins to pump fuel from the tank.To start the engine it is necessary to turn the inside, so when you turn the key in position «START», it submits the battery power to the starter, it begins to turn the engine to start it.At this time, the top of the engine process we described above begins to occur.

    In older cars, such as the Volga, Zaporozhets, Moskvich and the role of the starter to carry out a special pen that scrolls the engine in order to enter it into operation (starter curve).

    Apart from the movement, thanks to the engine running such a wonderful and convenient function as a power steering.Also thanks to the energy generated by the engine is fully supplies electricity to the machine.

    To engine running quality - you need good fuel.By the way, how to fill up the car, we were told in our previous articles.