Ferrari - the history of the legend

Perhaps every man who hears the word "racing" or "speed" in the unconscious in his car is brand - Ferrari and never will concern to slow vehicles.This brand has always been and will be an integral part of the race.The competition, which will take place without a car Scuderia Ferrari quite simply impossible to imagine.Yes, and "King of the race," Michael Schumacher has received great achievements by the fact that most of the racing car is used Ferrari.

Article Contents:
  • Where it all began
  • Base Ferrari
  • Tragedy
  • And that was in addition to the races?

Where it all began

story of Ferrari began in the distant past, and more precisely in 1900, when a small boy of ten, named Enzo Ferrari, led (father's brother) on one of the competition racing.This race immediately captured the heart of a child.Three years later, Enzo first sat behind the wheel of a car.His father taught his son quite fast driving art.But after the outbreak of the First World War, all the dreams of Man, about a part in a car
race - had a chance to leave.The young boy had to constantly work at the factory in order to earn a living.It certainly was not easy, but it was money.It is worth noting that the whole family Enzo never beg.

After the war, finding a job was not real.The country's economy had a very bad situation, the soldiers returning from the front and could not get a job.However, Enzo 1918 lucky, and he won a seat to be tested in a pretty big at the time a car company Costruzioni Meccaniche Nazionali.A year later took Ferrari car racing debut at the Parma-Berceto.Special achievements in these racing Ferrari did not show, but on the track looked decent.After spending two years in the CMN, the young Enzo made the first step that few people understand.He moved in a little-known and young team of Alfa-Romeo.Ferrari immediately realized that the machine, which produces Alfa-Romeo is much improved compared to those in which he acted Costruzioni Meccaniche Nazionali.In addition, the firm Alfa-Romeo understand its priority in the auto business, because sporting events are the best advertisement for the company.

Italian Government in the 20s is well supported financially local racing.The reason for this is the desire to open a national car industry in Italy, and because the government generously invested in the company Fiat.Automakers, in turn, invested in the work of a great work, so that you can produce a high-quality cars.And with victories in motor racing to get a good advertising company.

Victory, of course, were, but not as often as expected.Enzo Ferrari was not a good driver.Typically, the average driver who got the victory on luck and sometimes not in the lead in the championship.Yes, and the Ferrari is not particularly sought Stavan famous racer.He was more interested in creating a personal racing team.Good success grasped the young Enzo when he met with Barakki family, after one of the victories.Barakki family at that time was celebrated all over the country.Their fame got to them through pilot Francesco.Fearless hero shot down during the war, a lot of enemy aircraft, and bravely died during one of the battles.The key point was that the plane Francesco Barakki portrayed black stallion.After this meeting, Enzo Ferrari will create a well-known today, Scuderia Ferrari logo - a black stallion on a yellow background color.

to Italy in the late 20's goals came in the same crisis.Especially felt his auto industry.The company Alfa-Romeo decided to give up even for a moment from the race.Enzo's career is about to collapse.We had to do something, to create a team that would have worked with the Alfa-Romeo company as a partner, with Scuderia Ferrari name.As a result, in 1929 the Scuderia Ferrari team discloses personal door in the Italian town of Modena.

order to create a team, Enzo needed money.He lent them his friends, which were themselves lovers of racing and was happy to give him loans.To all this, the company also helped Ferrari Alfa-Romeo, because Ā«Scuderia FerrariĀ» at that time was like a venture company.(Alfa-Romeo supplied for Scuderia Ferrari its chassis and some other details).

on the offensive in 1993, the company Alfa-Romeo makes a statement to the world that the Scuderia Ferrari team is now the official representative of her race.By this time the Ferrari team has had good success in the race (in the first season they won 8 races of the possible 22).The team joined with great pleasure the best masters of the Italian race.Why?Because young racer Enzo Ferrari offered them a new and improved system of payment.In earlier times when all the speakers in the race the riders received a fixed salary, regardless of their place occupied in the race.It turned out, the driver, who came last - receive as much as the first.The Ferrari team is dependent on the entire salary of employees of prizes.This was significantly more than the salary of the other teams, and that's what attracted a team of professional pilots.It is worth noting the fact that the machines themselves Ferrari team, made more perfect than those of competitors.Thanks to the work of Enzo, which spent at work for 16 hours a day.

Base Ferrari

And so cooperating for several years, Enzo Ferrari was beginning to realize that the team needed independence.And in the late 30-ies begins discord between Enzo and the company Alfa-Romeo.As a result, the team managed to get independence, but the production car has not established due to the onset of World War II.During the war, the factory Ferrari moved from Modena to Maranello, where he has to make military orders.Production lasted until the moment when the Allied army had not blown up the plant.

At the end of the war finally begins Ferrari its history.The Company is no longer the protector Alfa-Romeo, and has a terrific commandant (director).This nickname was Enzo Ferrari from his team.In many ways, because a lot of time spent at work, rarely laughed and had a good restraint.

In 1946, from the company comes first Ferrari car, designed by Enzo.In addition, he founded a second company and more Auto Avia Construzione Ferrari, which was to make sports cars for the sales market.And already in 1947, the company produced the first car with a black stallion.Sales were stunning for two reasons: the first reason is a good reliable quality, and second, people knew nothing of the brand to participate in the races.

From that moment, the Ferrari plants started to produce sports cars, which impressed everyone with his power and gathered by hand.The company to date has preserved the tradition and produces cars priced from 100 to 500 thousand dollars.

Ferrari In the twentieth century the company is gaining more popularity participating in the "Formula 1" among the class of car.It is in this form of racing decided to focus Enzo Ferrari.In 1952-1953, the famous driver Alberto Ascari brings the team Scuderia Ferrari two champion titles in Formula 1 racing.Due to the fact that Ferrari are a full-fledged race track - Maranello became the capital for motorsport enthusiasts.This did not make more than one team.At the same time Ferrari brand has become one of well-known brands and this dignity of Italy.


But the history of Ferrari appearance is not so simple as it seems at first glance.Success came with the tragedy.The pilot brought the team Scuderia Ferrari two league titles, Alberto Ascari in 1955, is divided on the test in Monza.For this death was followed by his son and the death of a single Enzo e Dino Ferrari.This tragedy has significantly influenced the founder of Scuderia Ferrari.Working with the public, he began increasingly to appear in black glasses.Dino, held the post of the designer team, and almost finished my new project car Ferrari-246.This model will come off the assembly line in 1958, and pilot Michael Hawthorne, experience it, will win the World Cup.The victory he dedicated to Dino Ferrari.Following the championship overtaken by new tragedies.Riders Phil Collins and Luigi Musso will break it on the Ferrari 246-automobiles.

In the mid 50's Ferrari ready for one year produces 200 conventional vehicles for sale to the public and 250 racing.It should be noted that the company had a good reputation not only in Europe.Special orders were delivered in the United States.The machines were GT class.

company into a joint stock company took place in 1960.By Enzo he added that Ferrari is now the people's company and buy the shares can be anyone.A good event for the company was in 1969, when Gianni Agnelli of Fiat company bought 50% shares of the Ferrari.

Ferrari is a constant favorite of the season Frmuly-1 races.The fight took place with their famous brands of cars, then McLaren, then with Williams, then with Benetton.But the first place always took Ferrari.One of the most famous and titled teams.In the 70 years the team enters the famous racer Gilles Villeneuve, he immediately begins to elderly Enzo his son.Enzo has made all possible forces in order to Villeneuve won the title.It would be possible, and would have won if not used crashed in 1982.

In the 60 years to Ferrari added new problems.On racing tracks began to appear worthy competitors, which could deprive the company a substantial part of the market.Among them were: Lotus, Lamborgini, Mazeratti and was slightly cheaper Porsche.However, not one of them did not achieve great success in the race, and the word "speed" is still left for Ferrari car.

And that was in addition to the races?

Regarding personal life of Enzo Ferrari.He was married only one woman (who bore him Dino), but that does not stop him from constantly have a mistress Lina.After his wife died, he legitimized the relationship with her.This Lina even have time to give birth to a son Entsu - Piero, which could not be the heir and lead the company, because he could not endure the heavy labor.

At the age of 90 years, died in 1998 Enzo Ferrari.Bequest Enzo, left 50% stake in the Ferrari, which belonged to him at that time, the Fiat company.

Ignoring that Italians still believe Ferrari company personal property.Founder buried modestly, without any demonstrations.

After the death of Enzo Ferrari, the company would be in a small crisis.Due to the fact that Formula 1 racing will start to lead the Benetton team (after McLaren and Williams).After some time, the problem will appear in the Fiat, with the result that it will go bankrupt (and then the situation is normalized).Not paying attention to the amount of sales of cars in the race, the company will return its leading position thanks to a professional rider in history - Michael Schumacher.A sale of Ferrari cars has always been and remains a luxury today.