How to choose a car?Tips for beginners

In our time, the car was no longer a luxury, but a necessity.Every day in the country bought a huge number of cars.Thanks cars class «A» and «B» the car can afford, perhaps, every second family.Still, the amount of 7000 dollars large, but very real for the average family.

In view of the fact that buying a car, the procedure is very serious, because of its specificity, then this must be approached with great care and vigilance.Be aware that the seller is always necessary to sell their goods, so all the stories seller taken at face value is not necessary.
Before buying the first car you have, of course, there are a lot of questions.Next, we will give full instructions on choosing and buying a car.

The material the following questions will be addressed:

  • Analysis
  • new or used car?
  • Selecting the first machine
  • Choice brand machines
  • Buying cars
  • machine woman
  • machines
  • Color Should I remain in service warranty?
  • Car Loans

    1. Analysis

    Choosing a car is necessary on the basis
    of the amount by which you expect from it, and you'll make a start with the selection of the class of car, the brand, capacity and configuration.

    Note that after the acquisition, you will need to put the car on the account, so at least somewhere in the $ 400 you have to postpone further on this procedure.More would like to note that if there is an option to buy another car, but a little more expensive, better to save up a little or perezanyat than sorry, because the amount is not small, and need to buy a car, purchase of which will not regret in the future.

    Pay attention to the power and volume of the engine.From this fuel consumption and vehicle acceleration dynamics will depend.Weight of car, fully loaded, must comply with the motor.Otherwise, a full cabin of passengers you will call in to the mountain is very hard, and acceleration will be painful, if you still have air conditioning, the car will be "snail".

    With regard to the conversion machines in gas, you should first think about how much and how often you drive.HBO should be installed in the case, if you go every day, very much.Otherwise, this setting will return more than three years.

    2. New or used car?

    How do you set the final amount for the purchase of cars, you need to decide what kind of car to buy: New or Pre-Owned (b / y).Consider the advantages and disadvantages to both options.

    new car - there is a new one.If you approach to his choice of meticulously, the next 3 years, except for the oil change, refueling and inflating the wheels - you do not need anything.This is the main advantage of the new car.Among other benefits may be noted that the ride in the new car is comfortable, does not rattle anything without knocking, flying machine, in her pleasant smell of novelty.Deficiencies in new cars do not have, well, just that the running period can make a couple of nuances, but that should not even focus on.

    Used Cars has only one advantage - it's low price.That is, you can buy a car of the same brand as the new, only have to pay 10% less, depending on the mileage.Or, for an amount equivalent to a new car, you can buy a better car, but b / y.
    correct answer is a priori can not be, because both options have the correct logic, and here you need to be guided by their own preferences.We note only that the new cars you will have fewer problems both at purchase and during operation.

    3. Selection of the first machine

    Many advise to buy the first car a low-cost, citing the fact that it was not a pity if somewhere it "knocks", referring to the small driving experience.This is partly true, but a good machine will make you ride carefully and protect it from the beginning, and bought a cheap old car, learn to drive it will be easier.

    choosing a new car, guided by an amount and on personal preferences in the make and model of car.If you want to second-hand cars, then, of course, be guided by the desired brand, but as practice shows, in this case, you must choose from what is on the automotive market.

    4. Choice brand machines

    Mark machine should be selected on the basis of:

    • personal preference;
    • reviews about it;
    • configuration;
    • the cost and availability of spare parts;
    • fuel consumption;
    • value for money;
    • the number of seats.Visit the forums

    car owners liked model cars.You can read the reviews about the car in the general section, but the most interesting and necessary is the technical section, which are the topic of repairs and problems with the car, that's just it, and be sure to check to get the so-called "health" card.Ask around, and also reviews the real owners of cars of the brand, you want to buy.

    you may want to decide to buy one brand and model of the car, and came to the salon or on the market, buy a completely different, so by eating the machine, you need not be categorically minded, consider all possible options.

    Buying a new car in the cabin, wait action to save on the purchase or receive any bonus.Buy a car in the spring is very favorable, as car dealers make allowances for the lineup, released last year.

    5. Buying cars

    To begin with touch on the general criteria for the selection and purchase, and then look in more detail especially the purchase of new and used cars.

    When you drive the car, you must have for yourself prioritize its complete set.We recommend that your car is included:

    • Power steering - to the steering wheel turned easily, without any effort;
    • ABS - this system provides a step by pressing the brake pedal;
    • Air - to regulate the temperature in the cabin of the car;
    • Power - to implement the raising and lowering of glass doors with keys, no twisting knobs;
    • Locking - when you close on the lock via door knobs cars;
    • Heated seats - (an amateur), this option carries seat heating in the cold season.

    This is a list of the most significant functions of the first cars.You can even a few words to mention the automatic transmission, which greatly simplify the management of the car, but this is optional, and a car with automatic transmission is much more expensive than analog with manual transmission.

    Choosing a new car

    buying a new car, check its appearance and check for scratches and irregularities.The paint on the body, the doors, hood and trunk - should be the same.Check the labeling of glass, it should be the same everywhere.Clearances body should also be identical.It is necessary to examine the external quality of assembly and check for repairs, since the machine during transport could be damaged, which may subsequently hid.

    Look inside the car.Lack of cellophane on the seats and other places should alert you.Perhaps this car bought, but returned, or she took a test drive.Speedometer reading should be no more than 10 km.If the figure is more, car or distilled on their own, or if it is already someone riding.

    Determine whether the car on the street was a long period of time, the engine will help the bottom and wheel discs, if they has any rust, then the answer is obvious.

    Start the engine, it should be got from the first time.The motor should run smoothly and evenly, without jerks, jerks and howls.Then move on to the gearbox.Transfers must be switched easily, effortlessly.

    rolling cars.Warm up the engine and drive on the court.Check the operation of the braking system: hand and foot brakes.When driving be sure to notice the gear changes.Highly dispersed when it is not necessary.During operation of the motor and drive, the cabin nothing should rattle, especially plastic.

    These are the main aspects for those who are not particularly versed in cars.Of course, bring along an experienced driver with experience, and best friend mechanic who test the machine, not only outside but also inside.Such a person is especially necessary when purchasing a used / have a car.

    selection of used cars

    Deciding to buy a used car, try to buy it from the person who take care of the car and took care of the car.

    Buying a used / have a car, spend it external inspection, check for: scratches, dents, straightening and body filler.You can take a magnet and wrap it in a soft cloth.If in certain places the magnet is not a magnet, it is likely that there is plaster.
    further stipulate the price and slide the motor, listen to his work.At this time the owner to find out the history of the car, which had problems with it, that was replaced if it gets into an accident.Tell me that it is better to tell things as they are, because if you like the car, you check it on the SRT.

    Then Pass on the car.If it has not caused any complaints, go to the service station to complete its diagnostic (you pay).If the machine is not fraught with secrets, then the seller to agree to travel to the service station, because he has nothing to hide.If the seller says that the car is in perfect condition, and refuses to go to the service station - say goodbye.

    Why go to the service station?On HUNDRED you hold a full car diagnostics, and tell what it does have faults, which are worn and require replacement, and then call approximate amount of repair.As a rule, any car is not new needs cash invested.This amount you can bargain the seller.But most importantly, the service station will air the so-called body geometry, which immediately show whether the car fell into a serious accident, on which side fell blow, and that it has been damaged.

    After all this, if the car did not fall into an accident, to reach consensus in the amount and drive to make out your transaction.

    few words want to say for finding cars on websites and newspaper ads.During the Ad Review look for phone numbers, since a large number of dealers in the lives of these two resources to purchase the cars from owners and sell them at an inflated price.

    6. Machine for women

    most ideal option for girls - a subcompact and subcompact cars in which:

    • You can comfortably fit a child;
    • Consumes little gasoline;
    • Has a big trunk;
    • No need to invest a lot of money in repairs.

    Perhaps someone from our readers frowned, they say, why they put in "a small chamber's".You can buy any more cars a class above, but rather the point?Subcompact car has very little gas mileage, thus you will be able to ride longer on it.This car park is very convenient and it is easy to manage.

    encourage girls to buy a car with power steering, and preferably with an automatic transmission.See: Kia Picanto, Peugeot 107, Chery QQ and the Daewoo Matiz.

    7. Color Machine

    Color cars should be determined at the point of purchase, you will not see it in the picture, and with my own eyes.How often, in many case, go for one color, and buy another.Try not to buy the car of bright color to make it stand out slightly from the stream and not thrown into the eyes of the inspectors.Keep in mind that the darker the color of the car, the more it will be visible in the dirt and dust.Fans of purity is not highly recommend the car of dark color as the dust on the machine lives constantly and you have to wash any part of it, or else very angry.In general, the main thing - that you liked the color, the rest is detail.

    9. Should I remain in service warranty?

    Each car center offers its maintenance services for the new car, the so-called guarantee.If to a certain mileage or time interval (which is factory set) in the car there is any damage, not your fault, the repair will be done free of charge.In this case you should be serviced only in special networks of the center.If, however, be established that the car was made to repair or replace items out of network centers, the warranty will be denied you.

    The disadvantage is that you will not be able to set their own this or that detail.All this must be done in garantiyschika, the service station auto-focus, which is not always cheap, as the prices for their services is much higher than that of conventional SRT.

    The advantage is that you free repair the car in case of breakage, especially well during the break-in cars.We recommend nevertheless to put the car on the guarantee and stay on it at least a year or 10 thousand kilometers.Normally, during this period of running-machine passes and her manifest failure, but it happens very rarely.

    Another advantage of branded service stations may be noted that they always have in the presence of parts on your vehicle, which will not have to wait long.Also, the wizard specialize on your car and have a great experience with it.

    10. Car loan

    If you are confident in the stability of their work and salary, you have the next 5 years are not planned serious waste, you can take credit for the car, but it is not highly desirable.At leisure, you can visit the site of any of the popular bank and use their calculator to calculate the credit for cars.You should be interested in the figure overpayment.It will be around 40% of the value of the car.Why is it and what does it mean?The Bank will not operate at a loss - on altruism, so takes for her work rewarded, and this means that buying a car loan, you pay for it as the one and a half car, and sometimes two.With his hand, we recommend you not to take a car loan.