Types of car alarms .Should I set the alarm on the car ?

Many believe that it is a waste of money and nothing more.What they're right.If in the car will take a team of professional Theft Auto - it is likely that the car did get stolen.Anti-theft System, invented by one person can be rendered harmless to others.But do not be so quick to give up the protection of his car.After properly chosen and installed alarm system can increase the time to turn off the "tweeters-flashers", which in turn can stop the thief.

Article Contents:
  • When to install the alarm?
  • car alarm What to choose?

When to install the alarm?

If you have a new car and you want to insure it against theft, then, alas, no car alarms, no company that will not do.Of course, they will go to meet you and offer services to take advantage of their "proven" companies, that is not the cheapest pleasure.

It is believed that a car that is constantly in the garage or at a guarded parking lot, no one will be able to steal not.In fact, this view is mistaken: the machine can steal in broad daylig
ht and in front of your mind.There were times when the car drove straight at the traffic lights or in the supermarket parking lot.For example, the driver put all purchases in the trunk and the car is going to leave.To him comes "well-wisher" and says that out of the car, something dropped out (or he forgot to put something, the options can be a huge amount).And while the driver understands what happened, his car is sure to roll in the direction of the nearest traffic route, it is with the other driver.Shouting and waving his arms unlikely to stop the hijackers, but worked, after a while immobilizer can save your machine.

car alarm What to choose?

So, the choice of appropriate alarm should start with determining the location of the car park, its cost, and the "popularity" among Theft Auto.It makes no sense to install expensive anti-theft GPS-system on an old, beat-up, "a Muscovite," and a new sports car will not protect a simple "beeper."

There are two types of car alarms.Consider each separately.

Analogue car alarm used in the analog circuit relay.This is the easiest type of alarm, how to use, and for Theft Auto.The principle of operation is that there is flow of electrical signals from the control unit to the sensors located around the car perimeter.This type is the easiest to neutralize intruders.As for what would have to defuse it, you just need to disunite contact which connects the control unit with sensors.By this, it is recommended to place the alarm control unit in the engine compartment of the car, because it neutralize the interior much easier.There are two types of alarm connection: one-sided and two-sided.The first type is not communicating with the charm, that is, you can not know what is happening with your car at the moment.Second, it is equipped with a special pager, which in the case of alarms will alert you via the key fob.In general, this alarm will not give adequate protection against the mother Theft Auto, as it can be easily deactivated when the wrong location.Of the advantages it can be noted that it is not very expensive and can provide basic protection for the car in the parking lot.

Digital car alarm , use digital relay in turn.Unlike analog alarms, provide a higher level of protection, since the exchange of information between the sensors and the control unit by means of digital codes.There are two types of digital alarm: with AC and DC digital code.Alarms with variable code is the biggest headache for the attackers: you must choose the correct digital code for its disposal (which are constantly changing).As well as analog signal, digital are one-way and two-way communication.It is worth noting that two-way communication, a very limited range (up to 500 meters in an urban environment) and can be easily eliminated with the help of special "jamming."Also, such anti-theft systems support remote activation of engine to warm it in advance: before you sit down in the car.This type of alarm will provide good protection for your car, especially when it is paired with an immobilizer (it will tell later).

Anti-theft GSM-system. On television, we do not just watched as the machine easily tracked via satellite.In fact, this is not fiction, and such systems are not new, their long been used as a method of protecting a vehicle from theft.This is one of the most reliable and effective ways to prevent car theft.It works on a fairly simple principle (as navigator): satellite tracking vehicle movements and shows its location.Theft can not even suspect the existence of this system in the car.And even if it finds something to get rid of it is problematic.When installing sensors (which may be a large number of) good camouflage, and to determine exactly where they are very difficult.This system is the most expensive, its installation is made exclusively in the service centers of the manufacturer.

requires a monthly subscription fee.Of course, this system can be cleaned using the same "jamming", but it requires special equipment, which is usually "hooligans" do not possess.

mechanical protection. These include immobilizers and other blockers.

alarm - a device that allows you to stop the car in case of theft.The principle of operation is to break the electrical circuit between the main components of the engine and the battery.The adoption of a decision to enable (disable) the engine should make the car owner.Control over the actions of the immobilizer by means of a special key card.Immobilizer scans the space on its availability.Reminiscent of the process of passing through the turnstile underground: there is a card - the passage is open, there is no card - and no passage.The most reliable means, which counteracts the car hijacking, as if the attackers still managed to turn off the alarm, they leave far not come.This method would prevent theft in the aforementioned situation in the supermarket parking lot.

If the victim lying in the pocket card key, then after a while he would stop the car, which would have prevented the theft.The main condition for the stable operation of the immobilizer, is the impossibility of the wicked: he must be well hidden.Many modern vehicles are equipped with immobilizers staff.But, unfortunately, in the cars of the same brand they are installed, they are almost always in the same place.Experienced hijackers know its location and can easily neutralize.It is advisable to place himself immobilizer in the engine compartment, which can be protected from penetration by special locks.

presence of anti-theft system does not provide adequate protection if you do not adhere to certain safety rules when handling the alarm.Here are some of them:

  • Do not install the alarm yourself.Improper installation can lead to failure, which would entail negative consequences;
  • Do not dwell on where and what type of alarm has been set;
  • Do not leave the car unlocked unattended.

keeping with the cautious behavior of the machine, you greatly reduce the chances of thieves to steal it.Alarm, though not 100% protection, but do not disdain it - because the new car is much more expensive.