How to care for a car ?Proper care of the car

vehicle condition largely depends on the proper care of him.After all, the body and interior of the vehicle is regularly exposed to the adverse effects of dust, dirt, rust and mechanical damage.If the car care does not pay attention, it will soon lose its attractive appearance and become like an old wreck.And so many problems when trying to sell a car in the future!How to make the vehicle life and keep his youth?

Body Wash

Many motorists do not take seriously the dirt on the body.But she has the ability to penetrate even into the coating, causing him harm thereby.This is almost impossible to remove the dirt, it destroys the top layers of coating paint.

Therefore, care of the car includes primarily a procedure such as regular washing (at least once a month, and in the rain, sleet, slush - the extent of pollution, up to daily washing), which should be carried out according to certain rules.If frequent visits to the car wash you can not afford it, please read the rules of car wash:

1. The body of the car wash with warm water, to which is added car shampoo.
2. To use a car wash with a soft brush Voros.But from the usual rags or foam sponge should be abandoned - they hold a grain of sand, leaving traces on the surface and can damage it.
3. Dirty body moistened with water from a hose attached to the faucet.
4. The cleaning solution (water + car shampoo) is applied with a brush, starting with the roof.Brush as wash water pollution.
5. Carefully wash off traces of detergent to the remains of car shampoo does not hurt the paint after drying.
6. Wipe wipe the car with a cloth made of suede, so that the water drops do not leave white residue after drying.
7. The car is not recommended to wash in the sun or immediately after stopping to avoid a temperature drop.
8. The car wash after every contamination (with car shampoo can be used no more than once in 2 months, use plain water in the other cases).


After washing the car needs conservation, protecting the paint from the negative influence of external factors conducive to longer preservation of the original color.Preservation performed using preservatives or waxy detergent water repellent layer.

Washing windows

can be used ammonia, dissolved in warm water for washing car windows and windshield wiper (tie).Wipe clean the glass windows dry with a clean cloth.

Care upholstery

Care saloon car - not less important stage.Seat covers, seat upholstery, ceiling, doors also need to be cleaned.Damp cloth to remove dirt stains from leather and plastic surfaces inside the vehicle, velor upholstery Vacuum and wipe the stain with acetone-soaked cloth.

deeper dirt can be removed using special tools automotive cosmetics.They are not only clean processed surface and the structure is reduced, creating a protective layer.

Corrosion events

corrosion body - one of the main fears of all motorists.Avoid it completely is virtually impossible to reduce to a minimum - is quite real.Car care in this matter lies in the fact that the body constantly need to inspect for the presence of the first signs of corrosion regularly cleaned and polished.

If you bought a used car, anticorrosive action in this case will be more global.To do this you will need a metal brush, emery cloth, a wooden scraper, brush, mineral spirits, anti-corrosion agent, rust converter, rags.

First of all, you need to properly prepare the surface by cleaning it from dirt and grease.To this end, the coating should be cleaned with a strong water jet.If it is found to peel, get help from a metal brush and a wooden scraper.Then you need to clean the surface of sandpaper and degrease with white spirit.

If rust is found on the surface, will rust converter.This means in a matter of minutes converts the rust, allowing easily be applied to the treated surface anti-corrosion products (paste, mastic).Recent applied by brush or spatula.Chrome parts are processed "Avtoochistitelem chrome" (the use of this tool, car care is limited to 4-6 times per year).

There are also modern methods of corrosion control - the use of liquids «Rust - Stop», able to pass through the layers of rust, wax and bitumen coating directly to the "pure" metal.Using this tool gives you full guarantee of car care products that corrosion of your car is not threatened.However, as always in such cases, the tool has one significant disadvantage - the high price.

Car Storage

Proper car care and provides, subject to certain conditions of its storage.The vehicle must be stored in a dark, dry, well-ventilated room at t 5 ° C and a humidity level of 50-70%.If the vehicle is stored in a cold room in the winter, it is necessary to remove the battery and the radio, which must be stored elsewhere.If the room where the car is kept to penetrate the sun's rays, it is necessary to cover the body and tires special water-permeable cover (that on the surface of the body is not condensed moisture).Before storing the vehicle must be exposed to the washing procedure, touch-up of damaged surfaces (if any) and conservation.

Car service

Bimonthly need to do the following:

1. Remove the spark plug, turn 4th gear, the front wheel twist 3-4 turns, twist candle.
2. twist the steering wheel 1.5 turns in each direction.Actuate (5 times) the brake pedal, brake.
3. Fully depress the clutch pedal - 3 times.

Proper car care will prolong the life of your four-wheeled friend, will allow even years later is proud to look at the car, rightly arguing that he "absolutely as good as new."