How to choose a car seat ?Forms and methods of attachment

«The car is not a luxury but a means movement" - a phrase known to all of the novel "The Golden Calf."Most of the inhabitants of the planet simply can not imagine their lives without this kind of transport.Every year, car manufacturers increasingly will improve passenger safety system.But what is suitable for adults, kids do not always help.It can often be seen as the parents of the child seated on the knees and it is absolutely certain that it will be able to keep in the event of an accident.

But no one thinks that in a collision at a speed of 50 kilometers / hour, its weight will increase by about 20 times.Others strapped himself and one child seat belt, then the baby can simply be crushed by its own weight.How all the same to protect the child when traveling by car?To date, the best security tool for babies in the car is a car seat.

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  • Select Group car seats
  • method of fastening

  • Definition comfort

Select Group car seats

chair should fit the child.This is the firs
t thing you should pay attention.In the world of distinguished five groups of child seats:

  1. Group 0 - chair of this group are designed for children from birth to 6 months.They are designed to weigh less than 10 kg.Placed sideways to the direction of travel.But it is not so much the chair and cot, which can also be combined with a stroller.They have a soft straps around the head and has a special protection, since at that age kids are not able to keep their own head.Generally, they do not provide high safety and are recommended for use only in the case of medical recommendations.In other cases, the preference is to give the group 0+ car seat.
  2. group 0+ - worth buying kiddies from birth to one year.At the same time the child's weight should be less than 13 kg.They are placed rearward.Since the first months of life the child is very soft bones and weak muscles, any sharp movements have a huge strain on him.It is the placement of chairs, impact or sudden braking to ensure maximum stability and protection of the child from overload.These car seats are equipped with handles that make them portable and convenient to carry outside the vehicle.Models of this group can be combined with strollers.
  3. Group 1 - the best option for children weighing between 9 and 18 kilograms.But age can vary from 9 months to 4 years.This group of chairs set in the course of driving.A child can be fixed in two ways:

    • Internal built-belts. most commonly used five-point fixation method - this is when there are two fixing points in the region of the shoulders, two at the waist and one point between the legs.If you choose this method of fixing is necessary to pay attention to the softening pillows for all the length of the straps - they should be soft, and the width of the strap, it should not be narrow: otherwise the baby may be left bruises.A buckle between the legs in any case should not bring discomfort.
    • security table. It allows to keep the upper part of the child-free body that does not restrict it in motion.In a sudden stop or collision table works as an air bag, using the depreciation impact abdominal muscles and sturdy frame of the chest.Despite the high mobility, do not worry about what a child will be able to undo the lock, as it is located in a remote place.

    adjusts the angle of the seat is also present.Indeed, sometimes the path will not close and the baby clearly wants to relax and tipped the chair can simulate the bed.
  4. Group 2 - This group is designed for children weighing 15 to 25 kilograms, at the age of 3 to 7 years.The chair is also attached in the course of driving.With this internal weight belt can not provide a high level of security.Therefore, in chairs of this type, the child seat is fixed with the car's safety belts.It is worth paying attention to the location of the belt.It should be placed so that the upper part fell on the shoulder of the child and at the same time does not touch the neck and the lower part of the thigh encircled.Chairs of this category shall be fitted with a headrest rising, since this age children are particularly actively growing.
  5. Group 3 - this chair - boosters, which are devoid of the backrest.They are designed for a child between the ages of 6 and 12 years and weighing 22 to 36 kilograms.Chairs are placed ahead of the vehicle.There may also be placed in the front seat, but it must be absent in the car airbag, as in the case of disclosure could cause serious damage to the child.The downside is the lack of seat side protection, for example, in the collision side.

There are seats that correspond to several groups, they are called universal or comprehensive.


First of all, the child car seat must be securely attached.It can be mounted with the help of regular seat belts or with the help of «ISOfix» system.Modern cars are equipped with the standard mount for «ISOfix» system.This system is considered more reliable because it eliminates errors that can be tolerated when mounting using seat belts.Of course, with such a system chairs are much more expensive, but do not forget that we are talking about the safety of your child.After selecting the mounting and installation is required to ensure that the seat is properly installed.After all, as it did not fit perfectly seat your child, if set incorrectly, it can lead to undesirable consequences.Also pay attention to the gap between the seat and the back seat, it should not exceed 5-6 cm.If the seat has the function of adjusting the position of the angle, it is necessary to check if anything does not prevent his transfer to the "reclining".


comfort kid should feel comfortable in the chair.After all, if the passenger is a little inconvenient, it will be constantly spinning, spin, which in turn will distract the driver and make it difficult to drive a car.And if the child will try to get out of an uncomfortable chair at a certain moment the chair is unlikely to fulfill all of its functions at 100%.Therefore, before you buy, it is best to let the baby try his future place to travel.

Arriving at the store you probably will show a variety of models in different colors and shapes.You can choose any additions to the car seat (for example, mosquito nets or color music, and so on).But definitely worth checking out, whether there is a chair ECE R44 / 03 icon.His presence means that the seat meets the latest European safety standard, and passed a full cycle of testing the strength that can guarantee to save the life of a child in any road accident.

Finally be sure to check the video showing crash tests of child car seats:

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the best security tool for a small occupant is your attentiveness and accuracy on the roads.