10 ways how to save the family budget on food and other goods

family budget is the income of several people - a husband and wife, and sometimes it includes more salary children or parents, if they live together and also work.Despite the fact that few people are working, it is always a budget framework in which you need to enter and most importantly to be able to save money to afford to buy household appliances, a car or a new apartment.

However, as soon as it comes to the economy, there are always problems.Whatever amount was not in your hand, still it would always be enough, as with rising incomes, grow and family needs.For example, there are families who live on $ 100 a month, and there are those that are 100 000 dollars a month.And both of them, in any case not to be missed.How to solve this problem ?!To solve this problem, we take the average family income which is sufficient for food and other household needs.

10 tips how to save the family budget on food and other goods

  1. always constituted a shopping list before coming to the store. simple and banal to the disgrace, but this basic advice are not all our citizens.Not only did they forget something you need to buy, so even buy a whole trolley of unnecessary goods!Be serious!

  2. Have a limited amount of cash. best way to save in a super-market is not found!It's simple - take as much money as necessary to drawn up a list of products.No more, no less!If you accidentally typed too much, ask the cashier to remove from the check for payment.

  3. Go to the store only to "a full stomach." Too good rule of thumb, especially helpful during those times when you need to buy particular products.When you are hungry, you can dial any extra amount, additional products, without which it would be possible to do!

  4. Find discounted products, and not averse to try alternatives. Always pay attention to the prices!They can very well save not only concerned the products, but also clothes and household appliances.For example, in household appliances during the holidays always give a great discount, and products in season are always low prices.For example, for a pack of 4 water bottles, bottle 1 can be obtained for free.In general, be careful!With regard to alternatives, here we do not recommend to be categorical in food or other goods if the price is lower - does not mean that it is worse.Try to cheaper alternatives, and most likely you will find quite decent substitutes for expensive favorite products.

  5. Lead expenditure to realize what you have in the family leave the main money and how to save the family budget. not understand where all your money goes ?!Start a daily budget, noting where and what to spend the family money.If you know the cause, you can fix it!

  6. Buy products and goods in the season, when they have the lowest cost. Fruits and vegetables - it is better to buy in late spring, all summer and part of fall, try to continue to reduce their demands.When the price tag on a particular product the minimum - this is your time to buy.It is better to overeat of this product in the summer than in the winter to buy at exorbitant prices.Things contrary is better to buy in advance, so as always to get noticeable discounts!

  7. not disdain to travel to land or forest to collect berries or fruit. boarding and thicket, you can find a lot of food, which will be completely free for you - mushrooms, fruits, berries, that even hunting can bring you a free meat (but here you need to have permission)!It is not necessary to exclude these visits from their family and fun method to save.

  8. Take summer conservation. Again quite cheap summer fruits, berries and vegetables, and in the country and landing - all free.When they have already unbearable, then you need to close, making compotes, pickles and jams.

  9. Learn to cook! No offense, just understand that if for cooking delicious dishes you need expensive products in large quantities - this is not correct.These master chefs and culinary business, even from the cheap products in small quantities can cook a masterpiece.

  10. If you spend a lot of petrol - set of HBO (cylinder equipment). Petrol expensive, and the gas is almost half the price, so you can save a third of the household budget allocated to gasoline, if set to auto HBO.

That's all the tips from our online magazine Vse-Sekrety.ru.Using all of the above techniques, you can significantly save the family budget!If you have anything to add - write in the comments!And the best advice we will publish in the post!