Car Feng Shui

Eastern teachings of Feng Shui - one of the most popular in our time.Number of feng shui souvenir shops growing like mushrooms after rain, and more and more people choose to live according to the principles of this philosophy.All probably know about the feng shui apartments, harmonious arrangement of furniture and other interior items.However, Chinese scholars and useful to motorists.What is he, a car Feng Shui?


Feng Shui advises to abandon the use of comic stickers on the rear window of the car ( "Try, catch up!" Or "King of the road").According feng shui, the rear part of the car has a protective role, so as frivolous use of its unacceptable.But various warning stickers ( "In the car, the child", "Keep your distance") will be very helpful, they will strengthen the protective function of the rear of the car.

Do not use the car extra mascots, especially large size, as well as inappropriate for this situation (driving) Feng Shui ornaments.All sorts of bells, mobiles and flute made of
bamboo are designed more for home use.In the car, they only distract attention, making it difficult to concentrate on driving.Also do not use a car mascots, symbolizing death, designed to relax.

choosing decoration for car, give preference to small-sized amulets - you can hang them in front of the windshield.The most common mascots Feng Shui for car decoration are Ganesha (especially protects motorists-businessmen), Fu Dogs (symbol of safety and protection), turtle (brings good luck in business, is a symbol of success and reliability), Kuang Kung (drives away evil is powerfulprotective properties), deer (symbol of longevity), pyramid (symbol career and spiritual growth).

car color

According to feng shui, the main elements of the universe are Water, Fire, Metal, Wood and Earth.Each of these elements correspond to certain colors.The most favorable are the colors of the elements of Metal and Water: white, black, gray, silver.The most favorable for the color of the car energy Fire - shades of red and yellow.

In addition, choose an individual color of the car will help to Feng Shui experts who make up for this birthday card and energetic person card.Also, the color of the car must be compatible with the character and temperament of its owner.

License Plate

If you want to choose a license plate that will be happy for you to refer to specialists in numerology.After processing your data (date of birth), they will provide you with the most suitable option.If guided in this matter by the general principles of feng shui, it is necessary to avoid the number 4, and give preference to the number 8.

Car Cleaning

According to feng shui to attract energy in the room success (the car) is necessary to free enough space.Particular attention should be paid to old and unnecessary things - because it is in them accumulates negative energy.Regularly clean ashtray in the car (preferably, of course, do not smoke in it), any one time in the cabin, the car wash as it is dirt, clean the rugs and chairs.


Name Giving the car a name, to perceive it as a living being, to talk to him - it is not a sign of insanity, but quite reasonable, in terms of Feng Shui approach.After all, a car is a kind of continuation of the human person, therefore, the more the owner cares about him, the more he will give positive energy.

Car aromatherapy

First of all, the air in the car should be clean, not stuffy and muggy.To do this, you need to regularly ventilate the car interior.For fragrance in the car, use a variety of essential oils.Orange will cheer up, will provide an opportunity to focus mint, rosemary provide clarity, lemon can help relieve fatigue - and what else is needed in the way?

perceive these tips seriously or not - a purely personal matter.We have to admit one thing - many of them are not devoid of rational grain, and to the detriment of motorists just do not go.