How to fill the car.Professional advice on how to refuel the car

After buying the first car, when you already ride, many things seemed simple before, in fact, turn out to be complicated.One such dilemm- filling machine.In this procedure, there is nothing difficult, but the Cubs want to know how to do it in the smallest details.So, rely on us, and we'll tell you how to fill up at the gas station, offering detailed and step by step instructions.

Article will include the following questions:

  • When you need to fill a car?
  • frequency of refills
  • Choice refueling
  • Choice brand gasoline
  • How to call in to the gas station?
  • Choice dispenser
  • Parking
  • How to open the gas tank?
  • Refueling tanker
  • Where and how to pay for gasoline?
  • How to travel with a filling?

    1. When it is necessary to fill a car?

    Car needed to refuel when the tank level indicator shows that there is less than 10 liters.If the tank is still 5-6 liters of gasoline, the arrow will be in the red zone, and when the fuel level reaches a critical point - light up the respective lamp.
    Why do I need to refuel it in between the "red zone"?Modern cars are equipped with injectors (a rather complex mechanism), and if you run out of gasoline, it can be damaged.To avoid this, try not to allow the fuel tank completely empty.
    refuel if and when you are going on a trip, and gasoline in the tank is insufficient to cover the cost of the road.You can immediately fill up before the trip, or else directly on one of the gas stations on the way to your destination.

    2. The frequency of refills

    Beginners often wonder why I became increasingly refuel?Gasoline consumption is directly dependent on how frequently and intensively you ride.Note the fuel consumption in the city is much higher than when you are driving on the highway.fuel specifications you can find in the owner's manual.

    second reason for the increased fuel consumption may be a fault in the fuel system.As a result of this flow can be greatly increased.To fix the problem - visit the stations and make a diagnosis.

    advise you to constantly monitor the readings of the indicator of gasoline in the tank and periodically measure the fuel consumption.

    3. refueling Choice

    Refuelling should be selected by the reviews experienced drivers, and then from personal experience.If you do not have such friends, this question can be asked in the special automobile forums.How many drivers - so many opinions, but try to give preference to the opinion of the majority.

    Remember, no need to fill up at the gas station, where the cost of gasoline is much lower than that of competitors.Ask yourself the banal questions: "Who will operate at a loss?""Due to what this filling reduces the price of gasoline?".Most likely, at this gas station is simply diluted with gasoline as a means to reduce the cost.As a result of these gas stations you do not save a single drop, as a few thousand kilometers the car engine reacts on your savings, and you give a round sum, to improve engine and fuel system.

    Let gasoline will be a little more expensive, but the difference in consumption and driving dynamics of car - like the sky and the earth!

    4. Choosing the brand of gasoline

    This information can again learn from the operating instructions of your vehicle.If such "knizhentsii" No, you will help in this matter, "Wikipedia" or a forum on your car model.

    92y and 95y, and the premium may !?If the car manufacturer is allowed to choose the brand of gasoline for refueling, then you have a huge question, what exactly is poured petrol?On the forums, foaming at the mouth motorists argue day and night, on how to fill your car with petrol.Someone advises 92y because, in their opinion, he has fewer special components, the so-called additives that increase to the level of ordinary 92y 95go.There are supporters of the return, saying 95y petrol is better, since it, dynamics of dispersal and the car drive better, and consumption pleasantly pleased, which is less than 92m when refueling.In a marked premium gasoline - few adherents, but they are still there, it is often their car lovers, who do not spare money for his "swallow".

    right decisions - no.Each person must choose for himself what he pour gasoline.If you do not care - 92y if important good riding and unlimited money - 95y, if you like the car, you want to receive from her a good ride and the car for a long time served - premium.

    5. How to call in to the gas station?

    call in to the gas station must be on the right side.Perhaps there will be hanging signs that point to the right turn.Be careful, be guided by the road markings and timely Bear in the extreme right lane, in order to properly perform the maneuver without breaking the rules.

    6. Selecting dispenser

    On most modern gas stations all-purpose speaker, ie each column contains a complete list of available gasoline.Therefore, choose any free and liked the column that you like, but first still throw an eye on the labeling.

    7. Parking

    Before you call in to refuel, inspect the car, find out which side of the door is a petrol tank.This side and the need to drive up to the column.Try to stop so that the door is flush with the column.Stopped, be sure to shut off the engine and put the car on a manual brake.Sometimes large filling stations have a mini-market.To visit it, park the car in the designated areas.

    8. To open the fuel tank cap?

    Open the gas tank, you can use a button to the left under the driver's seat.It can be found on the corresponding drawings of a gas column.Pull the lever toward you and open the tank.Close the lid is very easy - just prihlopnuv it.
    machines earlier versions have a simple discovery.It is enough to pull the groove in the lid of the fuel tank - that's all.Inside the cover is that you just need to unscrew.There are models of cars, in which the opening of the hatch of the tank is made with the button on the key fob alarm.

    9. Refueling tanker

    Seeing refueling, open the fuel tank.Get out of the car, tell him marked gasoline.Further tanker do everything himself, you also will need to pay only.You can throw an eye on the scoreboard dispenser on which the following data are displayed:

    • Selected petrol labeling;
    • Ordered number of liters;
    • The amount by which the order is made.

    Note that once the tank level will not show how much petrol is filled, the arrow display or display the correct result after driving for a few minutes.

    10. Where and how to pay for gasoline?

    Once you have given orientation tanker, inspect your gas station look, in search of the little window with the "Cashier" inscription.If there is no, then most likely, cash is at a convenience store at the gas station.In order to once again not to wander, specify the location of the tanker at the box office.At the checkout operator to tell the selected brand of gasoline, and the number of liters.In any case, take the cash voucher.Also ask about discounts, and loyalty cards to save at the gas pump, petrol and gas station if you like.

    11. How to travel with a filling?

    When the tanker has given OK, you can safely pull off.Check-In is on the opposite side.Slowly merge.Stay before departure, including the necessary direction indicator, ensure the safety of its maneuver and merge.

    For those who perceive information better visually bring to your attention the video.The video explains how to refuel the car at a gas station without refueling.

    That's all, nothing complicated in the process of filling machines is not, but to be sure you need to make the first check at the gas station.