How to attract money?Secrets of attracting money

Having material wealth, to be rich, to earn a lot of money - this is the dream of many.But not many in the success achieved.Someone blames fate, someone - a global crisis, someone just flowing with the flow, without thinking about the fact that the money comes only to those who really want it. How to attract money and become rich?

Proper installation .Tune in to what you just have to get all the material things you want.Mentally (and not only) Praise yourself, "I deserve to earn a lot of money, because I have a good education / invaluable experience / desire to be successful."Do not let appear the idea that "I like everything," "I'm not lucky", "Where am I and where is the money," "I am a loser" - a direct route to that wealthy you will never become.Positive attitude and self-confidence - that erase the boundaries between you and money and helps to attract money into your life.

purposes.Decide what amount you want to achieve and what to spend it: on a trip around the world, two-stor
ey country house or a car.Money likes to dispose of them properly spent and hate when they just collected (so greedy miser and rarely get richer and the money does not bring them true satisfaction - because they do not know how to use them).

Think about
money.About money necessarily need to think - and to think correctly.If the list of your thoughts of money is the last - the hope that they will soon become much, not worth it.Of course, money should not be a fixed idea, the meaning of life and the object dennyh and night thoughts.But pay attention to thinking about the money you need.

Select specific purpose and think about the specific amount of money necessary for its implementation.Constantly, day-to-day meditate on this.Consider how much money you have and how much you need to achieve the desired amount.Do not start with the vast amounts, the share of realism is not hurt - but not much is modest.

Of course, if to think about how to attract money, and while lying on the couch - the money is unlikely to fall down on your head.It is necessary to intensify and undertake any work that could bring you closer to your goal. Look for ways to make money everywhere - show them you love them and crave.

Do not think negatively about money
.If you are constantly thinking about how to take the money nowhere, that money will never be - that they really never appear in your wallet.After all, you yourself wanted it!It is better to think about how happy you spend the amount received.Positive attitude in this regard will lead to the fact that you are sure to earn / win / shall borrow the necessary amount.

Do not try to earn more money than you need to feel comfortable (each person has his own level of material well-being and a sense of satisfaction from it).If you start to make more of this - the money will no longer bring satisfaction, turn from good to evil, will irritate you.Comfort discomfort in turn, despite the fact that there will be more money.

Thinking about how to attract money, not ashamed to think and talk about money , do not hide the desire to become rich and successful.Often social stereotypes such as "Money is not happiness", "the main thing - the soul", "ashamed to be rich" keep us in it.Make some positive statements to yourself and repeat them several times a day ( "I will be successful and rich", "Money loves me and will come easily," "I do not depend on anyone or anything").

Be certain extent cynical and selfish - is unlikely to succeed in the business will be able to man the general kindness of the soul, shirt, guy or lady, constantly stumbling on the moral foundations of society and prohibitions.Healthy selfishness in this case - the best helper.If you love yourself, you will never allow yourself to work on unloved work for low wages, live on the brink of survival, and considered a penny to pay.

Good also be moderately prudent, thrifty, to be able to save money and do not give out money left and right (in debt for charity, just poor relatives, because "it is necessary to help").At the same time, a mad miser have also not worth it - this is for the psyche unprofitable, and overall satisfaction will bring, and the money will soon become an object not of love and hatred ( "Because of them, cursed, all my problems!")

Think for yourself some cash ritual , promising in the near future to obtain significant amounts.For example, thought that if the street will hail - you are waiting for a lot of money (to think well in the spring), and if the snow - a lot of money (winter sign).

In an effort to become rich and to find an answer to the question of how to attract money into your life, the most important thing is not to overdo it and do not displace thoughts of all other desires and goals of head money. thoughts about money and the love of money as well as money itself, must become a harmonious part of your life values ​​ - and then you will be able to experience real happiness, receiving and spending them.