Should I take out a mortgage on an apartment a young family ?

desire to acquire their own housing has almost everyone, but very few have the opportunity to buy a home for cash.In this case, you and come to the aid of the mortgage, which will buy an apartment virtually any type and in any city.

Mortgage, speaking the language as simple as possible, it is a loan of money for the purchase of an apartment or house.The key in this case is to buy real estate property that the lender has the right to take to sell in the event of non-compliance with terms of the conditions are different, often term payments may reach 20 or even 30 years.However, the need and the first payment, which can also reach the level of 50%.

Today article we will talk about whether the mortgage is so beneficial is really what it has advantages and disadvantages.The post will be interesting for those who want to purchase a house with minimal cost and maximum comfort.

Should I take out a mortgage to a young family?

Most often thinks about the mortgage is a young family: the c
ouple who recently married, and perhaps even have time to have a baby.Speaking briefly, then yes, young family is to take a mortgage on an apartment !The fact that living with parents or relatives - it is very difficult, no matter how good they may be.Sooner or later, any quarrels, misunderstanding each other's differences and other disorders that can destroy any warm relations that existed before.On this basis can develop not only a problem with parents or other relatives, but also with the second half.After all, there are cases of divorce associated with such situations.

addition of the family, a mortgage and can significantly save the family budget, get rid of someone else's apartment monthly rent payment.Yes, on the one hand to pay a small sum is not as difficult every month, how to collect the first installment at a time.However, this is only a deception of consciousness.It is better to pay monthly for your own apartment, which would become yours, than the one that will remain a stranger.

get a mortgage at a young age well by the fact that you have time to pay her old age, if you plan to pay 10-20 years.And as a young man to earn large scrip much easier.In adulthood, work for 2 or 3 jobs already may even seem impossible.And the better to secure a normal life.

Having bought an apartment in the mortgage, you can easily make repairs, because it will definitely be your in it.Purchasing the furniture that suits the apartment, not the one that is easy to transport to any other dwelling.Young families are often available all sorts of discounts and more successful deal with the bank, which is also tempted to get a mortgage now, not after a while.

However, there are moments in which the taking of an apartment in the mortgage is not the best option - when the family budget is barely comes to a minimum.It is better to eat well and pay their bills in time than the main part of the wages attributed to the bank.Therefore, a strong demand for mortgage arises in large cities, where wages are higher, thus there is a possibility to purchase a house (albeit not a luxury), but one that will afford.

with unstable wages, without formal employment, as the mortgage may not be the ideal solution, otherwise you can lose a lot of money when you are in an emergency will not be able to pay the loan.
In general, the cases are different, and sometimes necessary to take a mortgage, sometimes not.You need to weigh their own weight "For" and "Against", so the decision is correct.

Should I take out a mortgage in dollars, if not, then in what currency?
predict which currency is better to take a loan is very difficult, we might even say that it is not possible.The situation can change very quickly, both in a negative and in a positive for you side.In addition, consider the terms of the bank, there, too, not just set different interest rates, they will not work at a loss.For this there are special audits, make projections, thereby calculating for themselves the most lucrative deal.

If you consider that this article will be read by more than one year, the information may be outdated.Therefore, we can not suggest anything concrete.In our opinion not worth the extra bother of currency, the ideal option is not found.

National currency is more convenient option that will eventually occur inflation, thus the money will be cheaper.However, the interest rate will be higher.You can certainly take a dollar, but as the practice in 2009, he can just jump in 2 times, that will be a big blow to the budget.

you should not only think about currency, how much over interest rates, look for the most profitable.But do not forget about the quality of the bank, if he had any bad reviews and additional conditions that emerge after taking a mortgage.

Should I take out a mortgage now?

If you have decided to take out a mortgage now, we certainly can not leave you.If you are wondering - "Is it worth it ?!".We can not answer for you, try to take into account all their own strengths and weaknesses in their case.Different cities - different interest rates, different wages - different possibilities, different first contributions - different monthly fees and different term of the mortgage.Everything is all different.There is no perfect formula and solutions.Proceed according to your situation.

Generally speaking, today, of course, advantageous to buy flats and houses as well as the cost per square meter will go up anyway, so it does not take you a mortgage now, in a few years there will be a lot more expensive.

Consider whether you will be able to collect the first installment now!Consider bank commissions, insurance, etc.It is also eyeing that move quickly you could not due to prolonged design process, as well as repairs, which are likely to have to do (especially if you're going to take a mortgage on the new building).

Analyze your income, whether they will be as high as it is now.What will happen if you lose your position, as it will become to solve your problem?How to quickly find a new job with a similar salary?Can you someone help pay the mortgage?If you have all of these and similar questions are answered positively, having considered all the possible nuances and unexpected problems, then of course you should take an apartment in the mortgage right now!

Internet magazine suggests that you may have a non-standard situation in which the question of the mortgage can have a much more complex junction.In these cases, we ask ask questions in the comments to this article, we will try to understand it as fully as possible and to answer your questions!

In addition, we welcome your feedback on the mortgage, it will be interesting to find out the personal experience of taking mortgages.