How to save money ?How to learn to save money ?" All the secrets .Interesting articles , useful tips and advice.

crisis has forced many people to think seriously about the revision of the family budget.I had to "tighten their belts", something refusing to itself, to postpone the planned purchase for an indefinite period, to look for additional ways to save money.Unfortunately, not everyone is able to intelligently relate to money, spending it only on the most necessary things.How to learn to save money?
Method 1. Record all purchases.[/ B] Starting from the smallest to large acquisitions.Many wasted three days a month's salary, shrug: where did all the money?In order not to ask this question and to find an additional way to save money, and make a habit of standing at the end of each day, write down carefully what the money was spent.From this list, you need to delete unnecessary purchases or those purchases, without which it would be possible to do (ie, non-essential).It is advisable to keep these entries a month or two - and then calculate how much money is spent on unnecessary things, and in the future to av

oid such purchases.

Method 2: Plan your expenses [/ b] Make a list of necessary purchases and payments:. Payment of the loan, on waste products, clothing, household goods, utilities.Compare the planned expenditures with its revenues, determine to what can be saved (to reduce or eliminate certain costs, particularly for minor items the family budget).So you'll know where the money goes, to regulate their flow, aiming at a more appropriate and less excluding necessary expenses.

[b] Method 3: If you want to know how to save money, never take them in debt.[/ B] Make it your principle.A person living in debt, is not able to relate their income and expenditure, he has always lived with an eye on what is needed to return the debt amount.Neither of which family budget planning in this case, and can be no question.If you still have money in the debt - pay off as soon as possible.

way, [b] to lend money is also not recommended [/ b].The shirt-guy, ready to give the last penny, to help out a friend (friend, colleague) - is, unfortunately, not the man who knows how to manage money.
method 4. After receiving the salary, go home immediately [/ b], without going down the road to the shops or on the market.Wallet full of money - a source of great temptation to spend them immediately.Arriving home, consider what you spend the money (see. The method number 2).The next day, the euphoria of "the rich" will take place, and you can spend the money wisely, and the remaining amount to properly distribute the entire month.This same rule can be concluded that [b] to carry large sums of money is not worth [/ b] - in order to save the same last.

[b] Method 5: Move wisely in buying goods too cheap [/ b], the goods according to special offer and wholesale prices, things to sell.Such proposals have two sides of the coin.On the one hand, in various sales and within the store to buy the shares can be really good - even last season or invisible marriage - things.But there are cases when cheapness lie more unpleasant things: the overdue item (generally, it refers to food - that's really on what ekonomitne costs) or goods of poor quality, if not you do not need a thing in a hurry bought only because of thethat it gave you "almost nothing."

[b] Method 6: Get a piggy bank.[/ B] Yes, the most usual piggy bank.Fold it in full detail in the last month - and you will be surprised what a decent amount may gain as a result.Get Rich on it we do not promise - but the amount of a monthly travel the subway to "find" in the bank after 30 days is realistic.And this is too much, especially in times of crisis!
Method 7. Keep the money in the bank card.[/ B] it is much greater the temptation to spend cash than money held on the card (as long as you reach to the ATM to withdraw them, we can change his mind and make a particular purchase).

Get a bank account and set aside some money for a deposit.If the salary is already charged to you on the card - it will further facilitate your task, in this case, you need to simply remove a certain part of the money, leaving them to "rainy day" or hoarding on a major purchase.How much money is "store" - a private matter, experts recommend starting with 10% of salary, gradually (perfected how to save money) by increasing that amount.

[b] Method 8: Save on bad habits.[/ B] If you are puzzled by the question of how to save money, you can begin to deal with their addictions.Quit smoking and drinking often, stop eating "eatery" - prepare yourself, if possible, replace car ride biking - so you can not only save money, but also significantly improve their health.

[b] Method 9. Use discount cards [/ b] - my and friends.Discount cards more relevant than ever in times of crisis.In this regard, well "cooperate" with friends and acquaintances.For example, you have a significant discount in the shop of home appliances, your cousin - in a clothing store, and have a friend - a furniture store.Use the map to each other - and saving money will become palpable.
Method 10: Install the counter [/ b] on the gas, water and other utilities.It is proved that the payment over the counter, rather than at the average price, can reduce up to 30% of payment for municipal services.Also do not forget [b] to save energy and water [/ b]: do not abuse the technology waiting mode (TV, DVD-player), turn on the lights only in the room, which are themselves, use energy-saving lamps good quality;including water, open the valve to the end and do not let the water run for a reason, "without cause."

unequivocal answer to the question of how to save money, can not be - everyone uses those methods that are optimally suited to him.But do not be superfluous to choose for themselves at least a couple of ways to save money, learn how to save money - and the result will not take long.