The fastest car in the world .10 fastest cars in the world.

The question of what is the fastest car in the world at the moment, we have to care about the children's day.Not only boys.Many girls are also very partial to sports cars and do not mind to race with the guys in the race computer or use the toy radio-controlled cars.But one thing, toy cars, and the other - the real, super powerful sports cars, the sound of a motor which stops a passing man and makes his heart beat faster just by one glance at "predatory" body.Today our guest is ten fastest cars in the world.Celebrate!

first place

One of the most powerful and fastest cars in the world is the SSC Ultimate Aero 6.3 V8.The car is so fast that the acceleration time from zero to hundred kilometers per hour takes only 2.78 seconds!In this machine the following type of engine - gasoline turbocharged Chevrolet Supercharged V8.SSC can develop a speed of up to 436 kilometers per hour and it is therefore considered to be the fastest car in the world.

second place

On the second place ranking is the fas
test car Bugatti Veyron 16.4 8.0 W16.The car can reach speeds of up to 407 kilometers per hour.The acceleration time is 2.5 seconds.Engine Type turbocharged petrol also.The model was born a long time ago, in 2003.

third place

Third place goes to Koenigsegg CC 4.7 with a maximum speed of 395 kilometers per hour.Engine Type - turbocharged petrol with two superchargers tsentrefuzhnymi Rotrex V8.The car is able to accelerate from zero to hundred kilometers per hour in just 3.2 seconds.

fourth place

Car Saleen S7 7.0 V8 is on the fourth place ranking of the fastest machines in the world.Engine type is the same as that of the Bugatti Veyron, however, the maximum speed it will have a smaller - "only" 390 kilometers per hour.Acceleration of the car up to a hundred - about 2.8 seconds.Model 2002's.

fifth place

In fifth place - Koenigsegg CC8S 4.7 V8.Although the maximum speed of the car is similar to Saleen S7 rate, which is in fourth place, but the acceleration time from zero to hundred kilometers per hour takes 3.5 seconds.

sixth place

sixth place in the ranking of the fastest cars in the world takes Koenig C62 3.4.The car can reach speeds up to 378 kilometers per hour and accelerate to hundreds in 3.3 seconds.Engine Type Koenig C62 - gasoline turbocharged Twin Turbocharged L6.It was released in 1991.

seventh place

In seventh place - Le blanc Mirabeau, a maximum speed of 370 kilometers per hour.Engine type of vehicle - gasoline Supercharged V8.The car is small and weighs less than 900 kilograms.Le blanc Mirabeau - model 1999.

eighth place

Porsche Schuppan 3.0 is located on the eighth place in the rankings of the fastest cars in the world.Maximum speed - 370 kilometers per hour.The car is capable of accelerating to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds.Gasoline turbocharged engine type.1994 model year.

ninth place

Ninth place is occupied by the car Ferrari 333 4.0 in the top ten fastest cars in the world.Ferrari 333 - Model 1994, a maximum speed of 367 kilometers per hour.Acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers per hour takes 3.3 seconds.Engine type this car petrol V12.

tenth place

top ten fastest cars in the world closes Mc Laren F1 6.1.Its top speed reaches 392 kilometers per hour.Engine Type - petrol the V12, the same as that of the Ferrari 333. Acceleration from zero to hundred kilometers per hour - 2.9 seconds.Car Mc Laren F1 produced in 1996.

In this list of 10 fastest cars in the world comes to an end.Each year, the list is updated, produced some new model, modernized old.It is also very interesting and contests related to the definition of best.Often, the acceleration time of car, even compared with the time of acceleration of the aircraft.Tests no boundaries.It attracts the masses, because the question of what kind of machine is the fastest in the world, will remain open for a long time.

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