How can you earn money in the summer of adolescents and adults

Summer - time for vacations, relaxing stay and a beautiful tan.At this time, most of us are trying to rest to the maximum, not regretting it no money, no time.Such intentions and principles open for enterprising people a lot of opportunities, because the campers can be very good money, especially if they are resting in the resort.It is unlikely they will check how realistic the price of a product, and even more savings on their children or wives.

So, our today's article will be devoted entirely to earnings in the summer.For the most part, giving advice, we will focus on young people, but these tips may well come up and adults who want to earn the most money.

4 ways how to make money in the summer

say at once, the ideal place for a living will resort town, where there are a lot of attractions, or (even better) access to the sea, lake or other body of water.Since it is in these areas will be concentrated tourists with money.

  • sell ice cream. One of the best selling products on any beach is i
    ce cream!The heat always want something cold, but most people are unlikely to have the ice to taste, but delicious ice cream - completely.It becomes very simple: buy a special package, which is able to keep the temperature and add up and bought ice cream in it.You take this bag to the beach and start walking along the beach, offering vacationers to buy ice cream.Try not to take with a large range and large number.For example: Take 5 pieces of ice-cream in cups, ice lollies and fruit.Such amount will be enough to sell and find out the preferences of tourists.If ice cream is finished, you can always run back to the store and continue selling.The price of ice cream, you can safely raise 2 times the market.For example, instead of $ 1, to ask for a piece - 2. After selling 100 units per day ice cream, you will earn $ 100 per month and $ 3 000.The reality, of course, can greatly differ, but they are entirely dependent on you!

  • sell drinks. Drinks are another item in the heat, which is sold "Hurrah!".They can also earn quite well.Here you will also need a special thermo-pack, but in addition, be prepared for a major load, as worn by 10-20 bottles in the heat - physically very difficult, especially teenagers.Although earnings thirst can be a great motivation.The price tag can also inflate in 2 times, especially if you are walking by the beach, where shops and kiosks will be located at a great distance from the Lounges.Buy drinks in principle, as well as ice-cream, the best on a wholesale basis or in supermarkets, where there is a large margin, and in coastal shops sold goods so should have to go with a big margin, so if you have to raise it, the drinks certainly not buy.And, in addition, do not forget about the competitors, which is likely to be a lot in the "fish place."

  • sell cigarettes, alcohol and Taranco. This combination of things is unlikely to please a teenager on summer earnings, but the complex is very like adults and older people who want to not only aesthetically pleasing, but also taste.Cigarette smokers in general are an indispensable item when they come to an end.

  • Distribution of flyers, leaflets and other advertising. attract people into your restaurant is quite difficult, especially tourists who are not very well oriented in the city and do not know where to go better.Distribution of promotional leaflets - greatly increases the number of visitors or sales establishments (restaurants, bars, water parks, etc.).So here you have two choices - either find an ad that requires people to hand out flyers, either alone walk on the institutions and offer their services, which will include: a set of advertising text, printing on paper and handing out leaflets travelers.Make flyers is quite simple - the main thing to know what to put in advertising and how to make it.Print example leaflets available in any computer lab, there is print and multiply.After that, you only have to cut out the leaflets on each leaf, and give them a rest.

These methods make a million during the summer you have, of course, will not work, however, you may well be able to provide for themselves a new laptop, phone or clothes for the autumn.In addition to material benefits, should be considered, and emotional.After all, if you go on a sea beach to earn money, not only to make good money, but good rest, and most importantly you type the experience that will help you in the future value of money correctly.

wish this summer to earn money for all of your desires!