AirPod.The car of the future on compressed air .

Gasoline prices continue to remain at a high level.This encourages engineers to find solutions to create cost-effective and environmentally friendly transport.Cars-hybrids already it is no news, and they really help to save on fuel, but whether they are environmentally friendly, as they tell us?Even in the production of electricity is spent significant amount of natural resources.Some engineers and motor companies offer to use hydrogen as a fuel, but it is unlikely it will be quite economical.

Against this background, Guy Negre - former designer of F-1 engines and founder of MDI company proposed to use as fuel, compressed air.After a long period of research in this area in the light of a new transport - AirPod.The car, if you can call it that, looking at his appearance, driven by compressed air energy.

Outside the car, to put it mildly, unusual:

fuel tank - tank for compressed air can hold 200 liters of fue
l.This stock should be enough for 200 km and refueling takes about 2 minutes and will cost 1 euro.

AirPod'a weight is 220 kg.This lightness is achieved due to the fact that the flattering part of the car is made of plastic.It's hard to call this a plus, because the crash tests AirPod can not stand.However, on that carried out more work.

AirPod'om is controlled with a joystick.

Already in the near future serial production AirPod'a.Licenses to manufacture it acquired the Indian company Tata Motors and American Zero Pollution Motors.Last AirPod'ov going to produce 8,000 a year by 2011.It will be more powerful model than those which can speak now.

AirPod now available in two trim levels - cargo and passenger.Cargo AirPod includes space for the driver and the cargo weight 300kg.The passenger model will accommodate a driver and two passengers.

little upsetting speed that can develop AirPod - it's70 km / h.By the way, for French consumers will be releasing a special model with a maximum speed limit of 45 km / h.The management of such thin AirPod'mi will not require a driving license.

planned that the main buyers will not AirPod'ov ordinary citizens and organizations and social structures.For example, the airline AirFrance / KLM ready AirPod used to transport passengers between their arrival points.