Forex Foreign Exchange Market ( Forex ) .Trading on Forex, a trader .

Forex (FOReign EXchange) - it is the most progressive in the world currency market.Any market that can and do occur bids, appears in a fantasy like a strange place, which brings together hundreds of traders, where there is a trade in full swing, all shouting something, compare quotes, etc.Forex - this is not a market that can be seen in the movies or imagined.The main feature of the international currency market Forex - trade via the Internet.This trade is an exchange of freely convertible currencies.With the help of modern technology, thousands of traders can sit at home in different parts of the world and free to contact by means of realization of currency transactions.

Trader (Treyder, English Trader.) - Exchange trader.

In the auction can participate as ordinary traders singles, and large financial authorities such as banks and the National Bank.Daily turnover of Forex can associate more than one month of trading New York Stock Exchange.Daily volume of trading in the Forex market is 1-3 tri
llion.To emphasize the importance of Forex I mention that the market for the securities of about $ 300 million. Forex clearly the biggest tool not only sharing, but also trade.

History Forex

early days of Forex can be considered as the time when one of US President publicly announced the cancellation of free convertibility of the dollar into gold.This historic event and laid the basis for the existence of the international Forex currency market, where there are trades currencies for a common understanding.

The official opening took place on the Forex January 8, 1976 in Kingston.On this day, the IMF member countries finally abandoned the gold standard.From that moment began a rapid development of new currency relations.

Features Forex:

• Trade does not stop 24 hours a day;
• To participate in the auction may be a large bank and a single trader;
• No limitation on the number of operations;
• You can trade currencies sitting at home.

These characteristics highlight the main advantages.It is worth noting that the need to have a great foundation for a profit.If you buy a pound sterling by 11 UAH per unit of currency, then the swing can be sold for 11.05 pounds UAH.Earnings per pound will be only 0.05 UAH., But if you operate with the sum of 100 thousand pounds, then your profit will be 5000 USD, which is quite not bad.

In general, shared by only a few basic types of trading: speculative , hedging , regulating .If the first kind of trade it is clear that the second and third causes certain questions.Hedging transactions are used for a variety of risks, while regulating the operations are performed in the main banking institutions.The basis of such transactions is currency intervention - a set of measures to influence the currency market and exchange rates.

As you can see, in modern times, and currency exchange trade is of great importance to support the economy of entire countries.Currency exchange can serve as a springboard for the "fusion" of inflationary banknotes abroad.This theory.Although the US could get rid of the inflationary banknotes.So, perhaps, Forex would be an effective way to address the issues of inflation.