Where and what to keep their money - financial expert advice

The famous actor from the famous film recommended citizens to keep money in savings bank, if they are available.But if at the time of release of the film people had money, which lacked not only the running costs but also the fact that they put in a savings bank, it is now more difficult to save money, and even harder to decide where and how best to keep the savings.On this question we try to answer with the help of expert financial advice.

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What store

savings you have gained or decided to save moneyVehicles and think what is the best to store the accumulated?- This is a very interesting question, because it depends on him not only the preservation of savings, but also the possibility to increase it.If you have "extra" money, it is better to them in something to invest or spend on necessary goods, as the accumulation of money is always a small, but the risk.

First you need to determine how much money you expect to accumulate, the frequency and size of completions, as well as the purpose of storage.If you save up for the long term and do not plan to soon remove accumulated, the experts recommend to keep their money in gold.Gold - a "currency", which is not afraid of differences of course, but also, it deposited funds in gold will help you not only lose the accumulated, but also some of his multiply.But this is all assuming that the money you are planning to postpone the long term.If the data on the savings you have a goal of any purchase, and you will not save a few years, the gold is not your option.

If you live in abundance, you have a sum of money on a "black day" and to any emergency unplanned expenses, then your savings are best to invest in something, so that they will notsimply accumulate, but also profitable.It can be like opening a deposit account in a bank or investing in anything: an investment in your own business or someone else's, the purchase of shares or securities, etc.Another option - is to buy a property, which can then be sold or the lease and receive a monthly income.

And, of course, the most common way to store their savings - it's money.The advantage of keeping savings in money - you can spend them at any time, without the need for cashing.

In what currency to keep their money

In what currency is best to keep the money?Specifically, what is to keep money - very difficult, because the political and financial situation in the world is not so stable, that calling one currency today, tomorrow she could be in trouble.Of course, to choose the currency in which to store money, you need a world or national.

Before you decide what currency to keep their money, you need to see: the dynamics of a currency exchange rate, world news, and news of the country to which the currency belongs.If everything in the country is stable, fluctuations are insignificant and even a speaker increasing value of the currency, then select it.

rubles, dollars, euros?

Most often, the Russians are choosing to store their savings one of the following currencies: rubles, dollars or euros.Let's look at each of these currencies and look even more profitable options.


as volute storage savings rubles a pretty good option, especially if you receive income in rubles, as you will not be waste in the form of interest for foreign currency exchange.The situation in the country is stable, and oil and gas reserves will suffice for a long time ...


America - a superpower, and its currency is the dollar is the currency in which the global economy rests.Despite the economic problems in the US and a huge public debt, the dollar did does not hand over their positions, although it is a "soap bubble".Keep their savings in dollars, the best short-lived, and already more guided by the situation.Provisions for long-term investing in dollars more dangerous, but still possible.


Euro - the currency of the European Union, the most unreliable currency to store their savings.The first currency is the unreliability of the poor economic situation of some EU member states.Surely you have heard of the difficult economic situation in Greece, which has long been in a state of bankruptcy.There has been a large number of assumptions and even European politicians has been suggested to exclude Greece from the euro zone, but it does not let go and kept by credit.If Greece still leaves the EU area (or omitted independently felts by its exceptions), it can cause a chain reaction that threatens the existence of the entire eurozone.Not so far from Greece, Italy and Spain have gone.The second reason why it is not necessary to keep their savings in euros - are conflicts within the EU, between Member States.For this reason, we do not recommend to keep their savings in euros.

Yuan Yuan - is China's currency, which is now concentrated all world production.China is really a grand country in which production is carried out of the absolute majority of goods shipped to almost all countries of the world, and it is in China's de facto tied the world economy.A large number of companies have invested and will invest in assembly plants in China.In addition, the United States themselves have debts to China.On this basis, the yuan is a very good currency to hold their savings.

In what currency is better to keep the money

Experts advise to keep their savings in several currencies, such as in rubles and dollars, or in the ruble and the yuan.Due to the fact that the savings will not be concentrated in a single currency, then you will not be afraid of exchange rate fluctuations.

Many think much about keeping money in the digital currency or not.For our part, we do not recommend doing this, because if you do not have direct revenues in the digital currency, you will lose a large percentage of savings on their input and output.

Where better to keep money

Once you have decided what to keep their savings, you must decide where it is profitable to keep their money.To date, most of the money is used for storage of three options: an apartment, a bank and a bank cell.

apartment - the easiest way to keep your money, because you know that the money you have on hand, and so much so calm.But it is the most unsafe way because if your apartment is imbued with the attackers, there is a great probability that they will be able to find and steal the savings if you do not have special facilities for safe storage.

The bank your cash savings will be safe, and at the same time you will be able to increase their savings, but still has a small share of probability that something could happen to the bank where you keep the savings.

deposit box - something between a savings of storage in the apartment and a bank.You pay for the rent bank cell and keep it their money.The disadvantage is the only payment for the lease of the cell, the probability that something will happen to the bank vault - is very low.

Where and how to keep money at home

Options keeping money: under the mattress, the pattern in the cupboard, in a box, etc.- The wrong option.Keep the money at home is best in a very secret place or in the safe, which is impossible to budge and open.safe fee is not too high, but you will protect their savings, and in addition, in the safe you can store valuables and documents.Pay special attention to the installation location of the safe and its castles.

Where to keep money on Feng Shui

And here, for example, Feng Shui recommends to save money for a reason, and on the specific and concrete goals: the purchase of household appliances, furniture, repair, apartment, car, vacation, and so on.P.Feng Shui also advises not to keep money under the mattress, not in the closet, and in other people's favorite places and in special red envelopes.In general, long recommended to keep money in the red box, but due to their inconvenience more practical option is the red envelopes.

These envelopes contain your character, which will help in matters of money accumulation.For example, if you save up money for the payment of debt (loan or mortgage), then it is best to use an envelope with the character denoting "justice."If you save up money for a certain purpose, then this envelope is best to put the symbol "wealth".We decided to save money on certain expenses, such as a trip to the sea, then this suitable envelope with a symbol of "prosperity."

Also, Feng Shui recommends that you keep the money in a particular sector - in the south-east or east.As for storage space, the philosophy of Feng Shui recommends that to choose either safe or drawer or a cabinet that is lockable.