Secrets on how to behave during the interview when applying for a job

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How tothemselves on a job interview

Firstly, you can not be late for an interview.Thus you will show that you are non-punctual person.If you go ahead you can get used to the surroundings.Second, learn to listen and never interrupt the employee.When she finished the question - answer, but do not need a long time to talk about yourself, answer the question clearly and to the point.
Never Showcase your nervousness and uncertainty, you have to answer questions confidently.We can not say the phrase: perhaps, maybe, I do not know, like, and so on.These phrases are used, only those people who are uncertain until the end of his words.It is advisable to act with confidence, answer questions clearly.If you ask about the desired salary - say openly, it is unnecessary to understate wages, otherwise they will realize that you do not value
yourself.It is also worth remembering that it demonstrates our internal state, and if a person speaks softly and slowly - it means that he in some doubt, or is afraid of something.
At the interview you will hear the questions, which are not heard even in the movies.Employees specifically provoke you to custom actions, outrage, backlash, and so on.You may ask why you divorced his wife or why you left your last job.Of course, this is a private matter, but the personnel department still will ask you similar questions.Due to the fact that they also read forums and know how people prepare for job interviews, the question can be rephrased.Employees own the techniques of hypnosis, so you can confuse and ask, what time you have worked on the last job if it was not negative people in the team, and paid three times as much?Reply to this question is difficult because you agree that you will pay a little, and you did not like the staff.

you can not ask about the career and lifestyle.For example, ask what you do on the weekend, and what kind of food preference.Do not immediately tell of his fascinating hobby, they just need to understand that you are an adequate person, and spend time as all normal people.
can not be too much to extol its positive qualities, to better highlight their side.For example, say that all thought I was too hard-working in the office, saying that I quickly perform the work plan and, therefore, do more than others.But in any case, it is unnecessary to talk about himself in the first person, especially to mention the achievements in other areas other than work.Say what you will easily learn new information and enjoy reading a book, so you let them know that quickly get used to the new workplace.
Also, you will be asked about the disadvantages.Do not say anything truthful, for example, about the fact that you love to lie on the couch on the weekends, and you are too lazy to go to the store.Or about the fact that you like to flirt with the girls at work and therefore often perform work plan later conceived.Just say that you forget about the time, when working actively, and it bothers you.Tell us about fanaticism everything new and interesting, you quickly gain an interest and want to achieve more.Talk about the cons as if that's a plus.

Very often employees are asked about the children.It may be asked how much the children interfere with the work.Tell me what you have brought up children, and separate them with you in a very good relationship.When they ask you all the questions about you and your family, they will allow you to ask a few questions.Ask the following questions:

  • What is the main problem of the work?

  • How well do the job former employee?

  • Can I talk to the boss?

  • What will be the working schedule?

And so on, asking about the salary should be neat.They understand that you have come to earn money rather than sit in the office 5 days a week.If the employer knows that you are an excellent specialist, he will offer you a salary.If he calls a very small number need to ask whether enhancing the possibility for the post.When an employer asks you how much you want to earn money, you do not need a long time to talk - is the sum and silent.No need to be nervous, and say that you are willing to "give everything" for the sake of higher pay to sit in the office 12 o'clock instead of 8, working 6 days a week and so on.The salary you will improve, but you're really going to work 6 days a week for 12 hours.At the end of the interview will tell you that will call for a certain time.It is better to ask in advance when to expect a call, otherwise you will have to worry for a week, and the employer did not call.

What is asked during the interview and how to answer such questions

  • Do you have any weaknesses?

Disadvantages are at all, but the employer wants to find out your openness.Never tell all the shortcomings, or will generate too negative impression.It is better to say that the head goes to work and forget how long.It can be said in another way, for example, that you, like all people have flaws, but they do not affect the quality of work.

  • Tell me about yourself?

People are starting to talk about what they care about most.Basic life values, the problems in different fields of life and so forth.First of all employer wants to hear about your professional skills.Talk a little about school, hobbies, educated and successful friends (it is about them).You can ask a counter-question: to tell you about the interests of the whole or interests related to career growth and development?In any case, you should try not to talk about their hobby, suddenly you are in boxing and a candidate for master of sports?

  • What you did not accept the former workplace?

course, any employer to wonder why after a certain period of time the employee quit his job.Frivolous people begin to insult the boss, staff, working conditions and so on.But a clever man should be restrained and mannered, better tell about the fact that you do not increase.Say it is inconvenient to get to work was awkward and heavy schedule, that the work was too monotonous, and there were challenges.But if you know that, too, there are problems with the schedule of work in the company or career growth - do not try to talk about it.About earning money on a trip to Spain or France is not better say, I must say that you are a family man, and strive for stability, want to upgrade the car and do home repairs.It is worth remembering that a good specialist first and foremost passionate about the work, not counting the money earned.

  • How much you want and do not want to make?

Add the 30% of the last salary and the amount of the employer name.The minimum wage should be higher than the previous 10%.It is not necessary to underestimate yourself and call a small amount.

  • How much you will be working in our company?

course, you can say that you will work all my life.But this is not true, you will not even come to work, and only say such things.Say what you want to work a month and find out what you have to do, and what kind of people will work together with you.Often, people are laid off due to problems in the team.

  • What accomplishments are you most proud?

Do not try to please the employer, talk about the achievements of the cold.Just tell me what you were able to meet the challenge to work and you have raised.Or that you wrote a diploma on an interesting subject, and defended it to the top five.Can you tell us that you are the soul of the company and the people next to you quietly and that you love and appreciate it in others.Do not tell your friends, of course, you can say that you have helped his friend the director of a large company in a certain area, but you shift the responsibility to another person.

  • How do you feel about the processing of?

you can ask if you are ready to work on the "wear and tear".Ask how many hours lasts processing, and whether the yields paid on Saturday and Sunday.Answer confident that we are ready to process.Of course, if it does not interfere with your personal life.

  • What do you know about our company?

Before the interview you need to study the activities of the company, at least - to view the site and learn the basics of industrial activity.To study the activity of all the companies is not possible, since the day you can visit once in two or three interviews.Explore the minimal information in order not to get into a stupor on this issue.

  • Why did you choose us?

where the employer wants to know that you are attracted to a new workplace.You may have heard that they have a high salary or ideal social package.Tell us what you have confidence in the company, there is the opportunity for career growth, you can quickly get to the workplace.Talk about salary and social package should be a last resort.

How to dress for an interview

It is best to dress in business attire, but do not buy a suit that does not fit your social status.Wear shoes for 30 thousand and a gold watch for 60 thousand is clearly not worth it.Buy beautiful shoes and a business suit, preferably black or dark blue.The same applies to women, it is advisable to wear a skirt to the middle of the knee with the shirt.You can not wear open shoes, wear closed shoes at an average heel.Do not dress provocatively and sexy, it will cause suspicion of the employer.
not flaunt tattoos, this is highly undesirable, especially if you want to become a middle manager.Do not forget that an excessive amount of accessories only alienates people, it is better not to wear a watch at all, than to put on the best luxury watch in gold and diamonds to make an impression.

You can not dress up in a nice business suit and dress in ordinary but well-matched clothes.For example, a man can wear a light jeans and a light sweater with suede boots, but the most important thing - to pick up clothes in size, so it does not hang out.The same applies to women, not necessarily to buy a business suit, you can simply dress in attractive clothing.Of course, unacceptable shiny belts, sandals, transparent blouses and so on.You must show that came to negotiate, and not to the party.
not forget that clothing is about your inner world and behavior.If a man wears dirty shoes and wrinkled pants - the impression that it relates so not only to themselves but also to others.Employers point out that it is better to see the officer in ironing and clean clothes than dirty and crumpled.The fact that you're wearing an expensive suit, nothing says if he ironed bad and ugly looks.In no case can not be put on a dress with a plunging neckline, jeans with holes in the knees, a T-shirt with strange inscriptions.You also can not show to show your manicure, for example, with bright pictures.In the need to know when to stop, and also accuracy.Do not use perfume too pungent odor, especially in large numbers.This will cause the rejection of the employer, from a sharp and pronounced odor, even perfume - no one would be nice.
In the important match, for example, if a man says he wants to become a loan officer and comes to a job interview in shorts and a red T-shirt - it will cause a lack of understanding of the employer.Much depends on the position, the best specialists in free style dress: jeans with a shirt and jumper.Middle managers need to dress in business style: suit, polished shoes, bag diplomat.It's wise to get acquainted with the clothes in which employees go or that department.Not always the designer to dress in business attire, as well as a photograph or a screenwriter.Do not try to attract attention and stand out much from the staff, you have to be like other people, it immediately will cause the trust of others.

Every employer with confidence can tell that from the clothes of the applicant depends very much.According to statistics, we can see that employers are better are applicants in the business, free and democratic style.There is another group of employers believe that the applicant should be informed about news and fashion surprise surrounding appearance.Of course, this is very rare.
Do not forget that in the interview you need to focus not only on appearance but also the fact that you speak.Before answering employer questions you need to understand exactly what you need and for what purpose you get a job.Decide on your own goals, and you will significantly improve your chances of getting the position of interest.Be sure to work out in a pair with a friend before the interview, you may see a question that will put you in a stupor.