How to choose a monitor for your computer .Professional advice

In choosing a monitor is nothing complicated, important to understand what are the main characteristics and which are secondary.Then everything will fall into place and you can easily choose the ideal model at an affordable price, and do not overpay for features that you do not need.

A good monitor will save your eyesight, will fully enjoy its features even after many years of use, because the monitor - it is a thing that does not wear out, and if it becomes obsolete, it is only in a moral sense, because we stillthen, we can be found in some offices or government offices old large monitors with a convex screen, and they work after all ... But let's get to the point, how do you choose a monitor for your computer.

Important characteristics of the monitor when selected

screen size. One of the most important points in the selection of the monitor should be a choice of screen diagonal, which is calculated in inches.The most popular are the diagonal: 19, 20, 22 and 24. From the screen size depends v
ery much: resolution, size, price, etc.Naturally, the bigger the screen, the more comfortable working for them, play or learn.If we talk about work or training, then on the big screen (optimal size will be monitors from 20 to 22 inches) can fit a large portion of the document, or even a few of these, which is very convenient.For those who have a computer serves more place for entertainment, large screen will also be in demand, because on it the game will look even more realistic and interesting.For games and movies better to take the monitor with 24 or more inches.But then consider the fact that not every video card will be able to properly display graphics on a diagonal.

monitor format.To understand widescreen monitor or not, you must know its aspect ratio (width and height).If the monitor is widescreen, the ratio of its sides is 16: 9 or 16:10 (more relevant today).These monitors are the perfect choice for buyers who want to but to work on the computer, more and play it, watch movies, which, by the way, and leave mostly in widescreen format.Monitor with aspect ratio 4: 3 (in appearance as square) - do not advise you to choose!

Screen resolution. Reflecting on what the monitor resolution to choose, you need to understand that there will be more than the resolution, the clearer the picture on the screen, as well as more information displayed on it.Typically, buyers do not pay attention to this option becausebasically manufacturer himself set the proper authorization to monitor, makes it depending on the matrix LCD monitor, as well as the diagonal of the screen.We recommend that you select monitors with a resolution of 1360x768 or 1920x1080 (for large diagonals).If you need a big screen as much as possible, then pay attention to the monitors with a resolution of 2560x1600.

LED-backlight. Usually, the monitor before using fluorescent lamps with cold cathode (abbr .: CCFL), now mainly monitors use LED backlight (abbr .: LED).Monitors with LED-backlit transmit a brighter color.Furthermore, the same monitors thinner and consume less power.The only drawback is a little inflated price LED-screens.

Type of LCD matrix. This matrix depends on the quality of the image on the screen.There are three main types of matrices.
  • * TFT IPS. Monitors with this matrix are the perfect choice for buyers who want to get the most beautiful picture on the screen.This matrix allows you to send beautiful color, and gives a wide viewing angle.Of the major drawbacks can be called only by its high cost.Also, this matrix has the following varieties: TFT S-IPS, TFT H-IPS, TFT UH-IPS, TFT E-IPS and TFT P-IPS.
  • * TFT MVA / TFT PVA / TFT S-PVA. Matrix, which as well as the IPS allow for perfect color pictures, but in addition they improve their contrast.The disadvantage is the same - a very high price.
  • * TFT TN. This is the most popular matrix.To date, 70% of computer stores monitors have TN matrix.They have only one advantage - low price, the rest - some drawbacks: the details can often fail, small angle of view (ie seen from the side, it is already hard to see the picture), terrible color reproduction (compared with IPS matrix).

Stereo. Very often buyers pay at this point special attention, giving it a great value, but in fact it is a big mistake.From speakers that are built into the monitor, no special meaning and can not be.The sound quality is terrible in them, so use them as the main source of the sound on your computer, we highly recommend that not even the cheapest speaker for your computer will be able to provide much better sound than they are.

HDMI, DVI or VGA. Equally important is the way to connect the monitor.First, we should pay attention to what connection there is in your video card, as well as how soon you want to replace it.The fact that the right to choose a monitor with an HDMI interface, since a couple of years, it will become almost the main method of connecting all equipment.However, if you do not know exactly your type of connection, or want to take the monitor with a universal output, we recommend to pay attention to models with HDMI inputs, DVI and VGA.

support 3D. Strive to select the most modern monitor?Then give preference to the monitor with support for 3D.This technology allows you to create three-dimensional image on the screen.3D-graphics will allow to receive from watching the movie much more vivid emotions and fully feel the modern possibilities of technology, which is able to carry you into the virtual world.Such a monitor will need more special glasses, which, as a rule, are included or you can purchase them separately in the same store.
course for display of 3D-graphics you will need a special film (in the correct format) or a special computer game.

models of monitors for different purposes

Very often, users want to get more specific information, namely the list of monitor models, to be brought to his attention.We decided to meet this desire of our readers.So, look.

monitor for gaming - Philips 273E3LHSB (S)

Key Features:
  • * Large 27-inch monitor;
  • * View matrix TFT TN;
  • * Widescreen LCD monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080;
  • * Availability of LED-backlight;
  • * connection types: VGA, DVI, HDMI.

Monitor with Full HD - LG Flatron M2250D

Key Features:
  • * Monitor has a diagonal of 21.5 inches;
  • * Matrix TFT TN;
  • * Widescreen Monitor with 1920x1080 resolution screen;
  • * Monitor with LED-backlit display;
  • * Two inputs: VGA, HDMI;
  • * Decent brightness of the monitor.

Monitor with LED-backlit - DELL U2312HM

Key Features:
  • * Diagonal 23 inches;
  • * LCD matrix TFT IPS;
  • * Resolution 1920x1080;
  • * LED backlight (ABRD .: LED);
  • * Three inputs: VGA, DVI, DisplayPort;
  • * High Contrast.

Monitor with support for 3D - Samsung SyncMaster S27A950D

Key Features:
  • * Just a huge 27-inch monitor;
  • * Modern design;
  • * Matrix type: TFT TN;
  • * Support for 3D;
  • * Screen Resolution: 1920x1080;
  • * LED-backlight
  • * Three versions of the monitor connection: DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort.

monitor for graphics - LG Flatron IPS226V

Key Features:
  • * Diagonal 21.5 inches;
  • * One of the best types of matrix: TFT E-IPS;
  • * Widescreen, 1920x1080 resolution;
  • * LED-illumination (LED);
  • * Universal input options: VGA, DVI and HDMI;
  • * High Contrast.

Inexpensive Monitor - LG Flatron W1943C

Key Features:
  • * A small but sufficient diagonal screen - 18.5 inches;
  • * Budget Type of LCD matrix: TFT TN;(!)
  • * Widescreen display with a resolution of 1366x768;
  • * Input: VGA.

And finally: many think much about what company to choose the monitor - this should not be done.Choosing a monitor should be on its characteristics, as well as the design, but not the company.
Good luck to you the choice!