Harm and benefits of computer games

Computer games have become part of our lives, taking the place of honor leader among the many ways of organizing youth recreation.Virtual reality beckons its limitless possibilities, and the industry of computer entertainment every year presents gamers more and more new games from which it is simply impossible to refuse.However, about the dangers of computer games trumpeting all around - and particularly concerned about the issue of gambling addiction of parents whose children spend all their free time at the computer screen.How dangerous computer games, and whether they might be useful?

harm computer games

The biggest danger posed by computer games - is the emergence of gambling addiction.It is a real deviation of the psyche that requires the help of a qualified physician and support of loved ones.

man succumbed to video game addiction, literally lives in a virtual reality, only occasionally "excommunicated" offline. Extreme gaming addiction - when gamers loss of appetite (he did not want to b

e away from the game, even for meals) and sleep (he spared time to rest and even dream continues to conquer worlds and kill the enemies).The worst thing in this relationship is that it usually starts quite innocently, without arousing suspicion from relatives.Therefore, it is difficult to deal with gambling - when it becomes obvious, so easy to pull gamers out its tentacles impossible.

particularly noticeable damage to computer games for children, including a special risk group are adolescents.Their strong mentality in a few days susceptible to the negative influence of games, and the parents acute becomes the problem of how to tear a child of the computer.In addition, children, unlike adults, do not know the steps and feel worse sense of time - it seems that the computer they had just a few minutes, while it's been a few hours.

However, damage to computer games affects the adults.And if next to a teenager can and should be an adult who is obliged to snatch him from gambling addiction, for the adult gamer few monitors.And by the way, computer games, along with drunkenness and change, becoming one of the most popular reasons divorces in young families.Well what a wife like her husband, all the free time not conducting in the family, and is surrounded by virtual robots, zombies and killers?In addition, over time, the gamer becomes inattentive, distracted, he is not got a job, he ignores his duties.Compulsive gambling becomes a cause of the collapse of the family, problems at work, leading to depression and loneliness.

Many gamers go further and are willing to spend money to use the paid services in online games.Become a few minutes the most powerful and tough, no "pumping" of his hero for a few months - well, who does not dream about it?And the creators of "helpfully" online game players the opportunity slip.Of course, not free.And since all of one game is not limited to, the family slowly begin to float away money, gamer eventually climbs into debt, real life begins to resemble a living hell, but it is in a virtual life - the king, the god and superhero.Such is the price of gambling addiction.

Speaking about the dangers of computer games for children and adults, it is worth noting that particular danger in this respect are different Shooting, Action, Flying and race.

more dangerous computer games, shooting games?This is the most dangerous kind of games, because games addiction caused by them, accompanied by aggressiveness, bitterness.And no wonder - firing people for hours in the virtual world are unlikely to become a kind-hearted man.

Harmful as Action, Flying and race, which, although they are not characterized by aggression, but requires special attention, delaying, they are difficult to break.Of course, it is impossible for the gamer seems to press the pause during the next race or the passage of the maze.

And, of course, in terms of hazardous waste material mentioned above are computer games online.

In addition, a permanent seat at the computer can cause negative effects: vision problems, problems with obesity and musculoskeletal system, numb hands.Details about the health effects of the computer, you can read the corresponding article on our site.

benefits of computer games

Do you still believe, after reading all that can be use on computer games?It turns out that it can actually be!

First of all, pay attention to variety of computer games, which contribute to the development of intelligence, logic, attention, memory, and other qualities .This is a different logic games, puzzles, puzzles.A special place among these games take strategy.These games do not require special attention, speed, eye strain.They are measured and used for a long pastime.They can be interrupted at any time, without the risk of being killed or eaten.

There are a number of developing computer games for the youngest children from 3 to 5 years.They will teach the kid letters and numbers will be introduced to the world of animals and plants that will have a positive impact on the development of the emotional sphere, contribute to the development of motor skills of hands (manipulation of the joystick, mouse and keyboard), visual memory and musical ear.

obvious benefits of computer games and for younger students - for them developed a variety of educational games which will help to deepen their knowledge in a particular field, taught to act in various situations, contribute to the formation of perseverance, concentration, mindfulness.

With the help of computer games, you can gently teach the child a foreign language, to tighten his knowledge on a particular subject, to develop a "lame" and ability.Of course, the computer should not be the sole source of your offspring - still remain relevant books, educational board games, construction sets, puzzles, and, of course, parental attention and affection as an indispensable companion of all classes.

That is why direct responsibility of parents - not prohibit the child to interact with the computer, thereby causing resentment and aggression, prompting him to flee in Internet clubs (where surely it no one will offer educational games, and load the Action and Adventure) and choosethe most appropriate options for his computer games, to plan activities for them, to let play "harmful" Shooting a certain time limit, to stimulate the child to rest not only in the virtual world, but also in the real world.

And for adults there is the use of computer games, "consumed" in measure.This is a good way to relax after a hard day, escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, "loaf".As in the case of children, there is a kind of important games (well, some rest and relaxation in another shooter?) And the time it is paid.From 1-2 hours per day spent in computer worlds, nothing bad will happen.

Harm and benefits of computer games.Outcome

What do we have in the end?As it turned out, everything depends on a sense of proportion and a variety of games.Virtual reality must not take up all my free time, man, it should also not to provoke it into violence, develop it aggression and anger.It should just be one of leisure options, along with exercise, fresh air, reading books, watching movies, meeting friends ...

If you realize that you are deprived of all the above, and in your life there were only games - urgentlyfight it!And even better - just to avoid such a situation.Life is so beautiful and diverse - and it would be so stupid to spend the rest of her, sitting in front of the monitor screen.