How to choose a webcam ?

Internet Opportunities are expanding every year.Today, nobody will be surprised by the fact that you can communicate in the network, seeing his companion in the online mode.This is especially true when it comes to communicating with friends and relatives living in other cities and countries.It wants not only to hear from a loved one, but also to see it, especially if meetings were held since last year, and even decades.In addition, the emergence of web-cameras by which the video-chat online, made it possible to conduct business negotiations (videoconference) on the Internet.Therefore, buying a web camera becomes one of the pressing issues each user world wide web.How to choose a webcam to full communication on the Internet?

webcam.If you want to know how to choose a good web camera, you should pay attention to its matrix.This can be a CCD or CMOS matrix.The second type provides higher quality images, create less noise.And, of course, are more expensive.

Resolution also affects the quality
of the transmitted images:

- resolution 320 x 240 pixels is fine for conventional video conferencing;

- 640 x 480 pixels (standard, available in all web-cameras) can record mini-videos for sending e-Mail;

- 1280 x 960 pixels have the most expensive model, they allow you to take pictures of large scale.

sensitivity matrix.This parameter determines the minimum level of illumination at which the web camera can shoot, and is measured in lux (lux).In fairness it should be noted that even expensive web cameras with CCD sensor will give a picture of a noise, if the lighting is insufficient.

number of frames per second
.It is also an important criterion for selecting a web-camera.It is abbreviated as fps.The higher the score, the better the image obtained.It is recommended to purchase a web camera fps from 40.

Compatible Operating
computer systems.Wondering how to choose a web-camera, remember that one of the important criteria is the compatibility of the device with the computer's operating system.Many models of webcams is compatible only with Windows and are not suitable to users of other operating systems.

.Its presence in the web chamber is desirable, but not mandatory.The microphone can be connected separately and in notebooks and netbooks microphones are built.

attachment method
webcam. gadget can stand on a table or attached to the monitor.In this issue should be guided solely by what method will be more convenient for you personally.

connection type.Also quite important criterion for those who want to know how to choose a web-camera correctly.Almost all webcams models are equipped with the USB-connector - a good data rate provides the USB 2.0 protocol.You can also connect to the Internet using a modem webcam - data transfer rate will vary depending on the type of modem and the provider.The most expensive webcams models have a wireless device (transmitter and receiver) and use the Wi-Fi-technology for signal transmission.

Additional features
webcam.Webcam can have a number of additional features: a function of photographing and filming, editing information, Smart zoom, control brightness and contrast, gamma correction, frame rate, password protection.The webcam can be equipped with a motion detector and have a swivel mechanism that allows to use it for video surveillance.If this feature is you to anything, and then pay for it is not worth it.

Prices webcam.Wanting to know how to choose a web-camera, remember that it is not always the most expensive option - the best for you.

If you are a novice user, and your requirements for webcam limited domestic video conferencing, you should be fine model of economy class.They have a resolution of 640x480 pixels, USB-connector 2.0 do not have built-in microphone, and automatically adapt to the light in the room.

Those who wish to use the web cam "to the fullest", including video surveillance, should pay attention to a more expensive model with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, function approximation of the subject and track it, built-in microphone and"advanced" software.

.On it is necessary to pay attention, if you really want to know how to choose a good camera.Recognized manufacturer of webcams, ensuring their high quality, are Genius, Logitech, Creative.

These basic criteria for choosing the webcam will help you avoid mistakes when buying and choose the option that suits you.