Best USB Gadgets

among computer users increasingly popular in recent years are various USB gadgets.Useful, fun, original - they are designed to brighten up the everyday life of a person working at a computer.We offer you an overview of the top 10 gadgets USB version of our website.

1. USB humidifier.Quite common in recent years air humidifiers now exist in the USB-version.They have a small size and volume (you can pour no more than one glass of water) and are designed to freshen the air around the workplace programmer.USB humidifier may also include the function of the ionizer and flavor, as well as to be performed in a rather original way - for example, in the form of R2-D2 robot from the iconic movie "Star Wars."

2. USB clothes.Different the USB-slippers and the USB-gloves have flooded online retailers of computer gadgets.Thanks to these nice tricks your arms and legs do not freeze even fierce winter.USB-clothes even amenable to wash in the machine - enough to remove from it the heating element.
How convenient this type of clothing, and not easy to be in the event of frost wear wool socks - is another question.In any case, USB-clothing will be quite an original gift.

3. USB heater cup.One of the most common and quite useful gadgets.Indeed, lost in the vastness of the Internet, and you can forget about standing next to a mug of tea.And when came to his senses - the drink has cooled.For such cases, and came up with USB cup heater.Now there are several types of these USB-gadgets - from the most elementary to the heater with a clock and temperature display.

4. USB aquarium - a device that is perfect for busy geek who wants to enjoy the view of the aquarium at the table and at the same time does not have the time to care for fish.Fish in an aquarium USB made of plastic, they playfully swim in the water, which can not be changed.

5. USB fan - is particularly relevant in connection with the impending hot sometimes.You sit yourself in a stuffy room apartments, sweat and labor to create a new site.Connected such a USB fan to your laptop - and life just became more beautiful!

6. USB fridge - another hit of the summer season.Of course, the freeze to the products will not succeed, but a bottle of your favorite drink - just right!Particularly relevant given the USB-gadget when working at the computer (laptop) falls outside the home, for example, somewhere in nature.No need to break away from the business and look for nearby store, where you could buy a soft drink.USB opened the fridge - and a refreshing container of liquid in your hands!

7. USB ashtray - an indispensable thing for those who like to smoke at your desk.What is the difference of this gadget from ordinary ashtray?The secret is that the inside is a special fan, closing the ashtrays drawing in the air with smoke and drives it through a special filter, purifying it so the smoke.Smoldering cigarette butts no longer afraid of you or your family members to non-smokers (or office staff).

8. USB vacuum cleaner - a godsend for fans of cleanliness, as well as for those who like to eat at the workplace.This USB-gadget will quickly remove dirt and dust from the desktop, sucking them in seconds.Now you are not afraid of crumbs in the keyboard and the monitor dust - thanks to the USB vacuum cleaner for computer maintenance has become easier.

9. USB Service - also quite useful gizmo combines the clock function and MP3-player.Variations of such dazzling alarms - alarms from retro to alarms, blenders, plastic grinding balls and thereby create an eerie sound, which is intended to awaken the owner of the USB device.

10. USB lamp - a great option for those who choose to work at a laptop before going to bed, lying in bed or sitting in the evening on the beach or relaxing in the tourist tent.In general, this gadget is designed for keyboard lighting without reference to the additional light sources.USB lamp virtually weightless, bend at any angle, has designs for every taste.

And you have chosen your desired USB-gadget?