How to care for your computer ?Proper care of your computer

It is now impossible to imagine a modern man, who was not a computer user would.The computer we use in different areas of their lives: for leisure and work, self-education and self-development, communication and information.However, few of us are paying due attention to the care of the computer.But this device, exploiting a daily basis, requires adherence to certain rules.How to care for your computer?

computer Transportation

computer is strictly prohibited to move in the ON state.It is fraught with the loss of all the information on its media.Of course, this rule applies only to the desktop, and when you move the switch on the notebook is sufficient to avoid sudden movements.

Remove computer from

network is recommended not to disconnect the computer from the network, if it is not absolutely necessary.Especially not to do this, if stop working on the computer you need for a short time.Between the moment of shutdown and subsequent switching on of them must be at least half a minute.This is expla

ined by the fact that the components of the computer (power supply, etc.) when you turn on and off transients occur all sorts.Abuse of these processes as part of the on-off computer adversely affect its condition.

Using the device uninterruptible power

Connected to the computer uninterruptible power supply unit ensures its protection from the effects of power surges, large overload, unplanned network blackout.Using an uninterruptible power supply unit, you will not only prolong the life of the individual computer parts and keep safe all important documents stored in it, but also will save your wallet from unexpected expenses.

air circulation

All vents are available in the system case and monitor must be open.Do not place the monitor or system unit so as to restrict air access to them.

Preventing damage

Avoid getting into the computer and its components for the liquid - the damage caused by this negligence can be so severe that even the repair will not save.Also, do not eat while working at the computer - chips and other food debris can harm your computer devices.Generally it is not necessary to put or place on a computer, any foreign objects (here also apply to various components, for example, it is desirable to put on the system unit and the printer, etc.).

particularly sensitive to various types of damage to the monitor screen.Even the most minor scratches will be visible on it.Do not use alcohol to wipe the monitor and other "flammable" means, do not rub the screen hard cloth or sponge.

Monitor Installation

Make sure that on the monitor did not get glare, whether in direct sunlight or artificial light source.If the screen is too bright highlight the need to adjust the brightness and contrast, making them more saturated.This, in turn, will reduce the life of your monitor, and will have a negative impact on vision.Also, do not place the monitor near heat sources (eg, batteries).

Fighting dust

1-2 times a week, wipe all computer devices (monitor, system block, printer, etc.) from dust.Use only the dedicated care funds for computer equipment - a microfiber cloth, special cloth, special liquid.
large amount of dust accumulates in the system case, which reduces the life of its components and can lead to malfunction of the computer.It is recommended annually to completely disassemble the system unit and clean the internal components from dust.This procedure can be done on their own.But the most preferable in this regard refer to the service center.Experts already know exactly what and where you want to "clean up."

And, of course, watch the dust in the room where the computer is located.Make regular wet cleaning, if possible, purchase a humidifier (by the way, there are special USB-humidifiers, designed for people who spend long hours at the computer) - this will affect positively not only on the computer, but also on your health.

Care keyboard

Keyboard - the most exploited part of the computer.Surely everyone has heard that the keyboard of the average PC user is contained as many bacteria as a toilet bowl in a hundred rims.True or not - we do not know, but the rules of care for the keyboard you the offer.

keyboard should be cleaned daily with a soft slightly damp cloth.To remove debris from the keyboard, you can use a vacuum cleaner: For this procedure, you need to turn the keyboard and vacuum underneath.But best of all, of course, wash the keyboard.The truth is quite a laborious process - you need to disassemble the entire keyboard, previously "memorized" (photographing, printing, etc.), arrangement of keys on it.Immerse your keys in soapy water (even better - water with dissolved in it a disinfectant), carefully wipe slightly damp cloth keyboard remains the foundation.Wash the keys with clean water, let dry and replace.

Proper and regular maintenance of your computer - a long term guarantee of its service, avoiding various injuries, malfunctioning devices, saving money and the PC user nerves.