Internet earnings.Earnings on your own site

Freelance, about which we already wrote is a good start for those who want to make money online.Many continue to work in the field for many years freelancing, freelancers unit want to develop further and to try himself saitostroitel'stva.What delights and pitfalls of conducting their own sites? How to earn on your resource ?

Of course, the answers to these questions - it is not a single article.Internet is full of information on how to quickly and easily create and promote your website to start earning it.We only offer overview of ways to make money on site and general recommendations on its organization.

Many novice webmasters make a common mistake - become involved in the monetization of very "raw" site with low attendance and lack of any indicators (TIC, PR).Such an approach will not even minimal earnings and may lead to a site that "dislike" search engines.

Therefore to start site should get stronger , find your audience, be interesting for a wide range of people, constantly updated unique c

ontent.Special attention should be given to site promotion and search engine optimization.All this is not one day or even one month.But you can start making a lot of money if you wish, diligence, follow the plan and certain investments (time, material) after only six months on your own site. What are the ways to earn money online there ?

Contextual advertising.This ad units with ads selected by the context of articles on the site.The best-known contextual advertising are Yandex Direct, Google Adsense, Begun.The advantage of contextual advertising is easy to set up - just install the unit code on the dates of the page, and the ads are automatically steal up.Among the disadvantages - rather strict conditions for admission to the system (exception - Google Adsense), some difficulties with the withdrawal of funds.

Banner .Placing banners on the website - images of different formats, leading to them when you click on the advertised site.Payment can be made both for the number of clicks on a banner (100, 1000), and for placing it for a certain period (week, month).Post ad for ad slots under the banners can be on the site itself or by a specially created for this service (Rotaban, Oh).

Teaser advertising .Teasers - pictures of the same format, calling, luring (Teaser means "zamanuha"), click on them.Payment is made for each unique click on the teaser.Services teaser advertising a lot, the most famous are Teasernet, Tizzer, AdLabs Media Network, Visitweb and others.

sale links.Placing on the resource links to advertisers' websites - quite a popular form of income for webmasters.Find the order for placing links to the site, you can use Blogun services Gogetlinks, Rotapost, as well as through the placement of advertising such services on its website.

Affiliate program online stores .Many online stores provide the opportunity to work with them for a cash reward.Posted on its website an affiliate link or banner, thus enticing visitors to go to the online store website and make a purchase, you can get a certain percentage from the sale of a product.When choosing affiliate online store, pay attention to suit the theme of your site.A good service intermediary between online shopping and site owners is Mixmarket.

SMS affiliate .A good source of income can be SMS-affiliate.Their selection is huge: from SMS services congratulations to compilations of family certificates.As in the case of affiliate online stores, is preferable to choose the SMS affiliate suitable topic of your site.Popular SMS services are affiliate Webpandora, Monetti.

Online Store .Perhaps in time you have a desire to "tie" to your site online store - and it can also be a good source of income.These can be products from other online stores (many of them are scripts to create your own "counter"), as well as goods made by you (eg, handmade items).

sale infoproduktov .Information Products: books in PDF format, multimedia courses, video tutorials - could bring significant revenue to its creator.A simple example: if you run a blog dedicated to instrumental music, and do know how to play the guitar, you can become an author of a cycle of video tutorials guitar and sell it through your website.Creating an information product, make sure that the niche you have considered, has not yet been occupied or occupied by less experienced author.Creating and selling information product has its drawbacks - no one can guarantee success in sales, and will be very sorry if you do not would be willing to purchase your masterpiece.However, judging by the variety of different information products, flooded the Internet, it can be concluded that it is quite a profitable business.

choosing ways of earning on its website , know the measure.Not cluttering the site annoying pop-under, flashy advertising, not thematic links.2-3 Pick the most optimal variant for you earning online.First of all, think about the purity of your site visitors to worry about, most of which are too annoying obvious advertising, do not forget to develop the site even after they reach your planned indicators (put new goals - and strive for it).Get fun of creating your cozy corner in Network.And then everything else - including the earnings on a site - be sure to follow!