Earnings in the Internet .Working freelance

already impossible to imagine the life of modern man without the presence of the Internet it.The World Wide Web every year lures in their nets tens of thousands of new users.Some are looking for entertainment on the Web, others - to communicate with like-minded people, others are using the Internet for self-study.A popular lately and getting money on the Internet. Can I earn Internet or a deception for people looking for easy money?How and what you can make money by working in a virtual reality?Today we talk about the credibility of online earnings and about one of the most common ways to find a job on the Internet - freelancing.

Work on the Internet - Myth or Reality?

answer to the first question is very simple.Yes, the Internet can earn, but it is not earnings for those looking for easy money .Work on the Web, as well as any other work, requires time-consuming, learning, investing their own funds, the availability of specific knowledge and skills, a certain share of good luck and fortune.

If a person does not possess the necessary knowledge or talents are not applicable to online earnings, then it is unlikely to realize themselves in this field.However, if desired, and persistence that is required for successful operation of the Internet, can learn.After all, there is so far no one school, where taught the earnings on the Internet in its entirety - and yet, number of people successfully earning online, increases every year .

Freelancers all sorts of needs, freelancers any important

Many are beginning to try their hand at internet earnings from freelance work .At the moment, there are several resources available for cooperation between customers and freelancers: Weblancer.net, Free-lance.ru, Acula.org, Top-lance.ru, Dowork.ru and others.It is also possible for direct cooperation between the customer and freelancer, bypassing the various exchanges.

Competition among freelancers is very large and ways to get around it, there are several.Some people put too low a price for their services - but it threatens to have to work for nothing for a long time.Other hit of the customer intelligently compiled portfolio.Others are able to formulate its proposal so as not to use the services of these workers simply impossible.

Depending on the type of activity, freelancers are divided into several groups .Consider the major ones.

Copywriters and reraytery .Copywriter - in the narrow sense of the word, a person engaged in the writing of advertising texts and slogans.On the Internet, the meaning of this term is broader - the web copywriting is called writing texts of any nature: as a promotional and informational, analytical, news, entertainment.

Rewriting - similar to copywriting term meaning literally "re-writing" the processing of already existing text by replacing the words and phrases they close in meaning (synonyms, contextual synonyms).As a rule, services for rewriting are about 1.5 times cheaper than copywriting.

authors of abstracts and scientific papers .Similar to the previous specialty, the hallmark of which is to write texts of a scientific nature are not to be placed in the web, and for direct use in practice, pupils, students, and even PhDs.Familiar situation: on the nose of the protection of the thesis, and the work itself is not.That turn would-be students to scientific publications authors.Requests to write such works much the same Weblancer and Free-lance, as well as specially created for authors of abstracts, course and degree works services.

Web programmers .Make a website, configure the necessary plug-ins on it, correct HTML-code - all of which can make a web programmer.It can be as website creation "turnkey", as well as solve the problems in the establishment or operation of the site problem.

SEO-optimizers .Optimization and website promotion in search engines - a direct duty of this type of freelancers.Of SEO-optimizer will conduct a comprehensive analysis among the sites of competitors, will determine what queries it makes sense to promote the site, it will be a semantic core, will help raise the performance of the site (TIC and PR).

Web-designers.The appearance of the site - his business card, that can keep him coming to the user or, conversely, to make him never to come here.Check out the site design or make it completely separate elements (header, logo, banners) will be able to web-designer.

Administrators, Moderators, content managers.News website from time to time to fill it with articles written by copywriters, select the image, keep sending site visitors respond to emails, deal with the advertising on the site - is engaged in the administration of the site.It can be one person or a group of people, depending on the amount of work.For a site with attendance of 200 people per day management team is not necessary, but a serious news portal with attendance of more than 10,000 people, regular updates, online presence and users of blogs without the selection of senior officials to administer our website can not do.

Sooner or later, any self-respecting freelancer wants to break "free bread" stop working for someone else and start doing their sites.On the difficulties of life webmaster, how to pay online, and that you need to know the novice site building - in the following article on our website.