Check internet speed .How to check internet speed ?

The man who somehow interested in the internet, climbs on huge websites web and something shakes out, at least once in his life there was a question: "And what is the speed of my Internet and how can I check it?".Of course, this information gives service providers to connect to the Internet subscriber.However, few are paying for this option their attention in the first place when connected.And not everyone believes these figures.As is known, the company connecting like a bit of spice possibilities of the Internet channel.So trust, but verify, as they say.

Fortunately now you can check the speed of the Internet is very simple.There are plenty of services where you can absolutely free online yourself to know the real speed of your Internet channel.Such services will understand and test the Internet connection, even a child.Shortly after the start of testing (this time depends on the speed of your channel) you get real results.

How is the Internet speed test online?

Very simple!Speed ​​Internet chan
nel defined volume the downloaded information (e.g., in the form of text or pictures) per unit time.The higher the speed of your Internet channel, the faster you will download certain files and the page will load faster in the browser.However, prices at the fastest rates of Internet providers will be correspondingly higher.Testing your Internet, in the background a certain amount of data downloaded, the download time is determined, for which download this volume is calculated and given to you the final result in the browser window.

Since the current speed Internet channel depends on many factors, in order to obtain a truly reliable and the most accurate results, we recommend:
1. Temporarily disable all programs that affect the current speed of your Internet connection.This can be program-rocking (download master, fleshget, reget, flashget, bittorrent, etc.), Internet TV or radio, the current software updates (for example, antivirus software).
2. not switch to other pages.

By following these simple recommendations, you reduce the measurement uncertainty to a minimum.We'll check the speed of your Internet connection on an example of several well-known services. / speed /

Enter the estimated speed of the window (optional), the code from the image and click button « Test ».After some time, during which you just need to wait and not to open other pages, we get approximately the following result on the test in the form of values ​​of incoming and outgoing velocity (of course, you will have other values):

http: // / proverka-skorosti-interneta.html

service allows you to check internet speed through four test cases (by uploading the image and text data in various formats and sizes).After clicking the "Check" and a short pause, see your results in a graph « your connection »:

http: // / speed.php

simple and very convenient service to check the speed of the Internet.Two variants of testing based on the volume of information can be chosen.The larger the volume file downloaded for testing, the higher the measurement accuracy, however, and have to wait longer.After the start of the test and measurement of the speed of the end in the same window, we see the result in the format kilobytes / second and kilobits / second:

There are a lot of services both domestic checks and foreign.Treat them all does not make sense, they are similar and differ only in the design and some additional features.These services can be quickly and easily found by entering "internet speed test" request or "test internet connection speed" in your favorite search engine (Google, Yandex, Rambler, etc.).such tests are called «speed test» or «internet speedtest» in English-speaking resources.

If you receive results that differ from those stated by your service provider, do not jump to conclusions!Repeat the test several times, or try a different service, since there is a possibility that the website where you pass the test, just overwhelmed.

Again: to get real results you want to close all of the applications associated with the receipt and transfer of data from the internet.If the application is the speed of your Internet connection is equal to 512 kbit / s, and you got for testing, for example, 480 kbit / s, do not worry - it is a very good result, because the speed of the Internet is currently being affected by many factors.If this speed after a few attempts, and comply with all test conditions will vary from 2-3 times promised, we recommend you immediately contact your ISP.Fast internet and you diligent ISPs!

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