The increase in internet speed and bandwidth optimization.Free acceleration adsl internet .All secrets .

More and more people connect online.Now the Internet is no longer a luxury, as it was even five years ago.Today, the network is in all parts of the country, well, almost all.Even if you can not connect the dedicated line or ADSL , you can always buy a USB-modem, which works in places where there is a GSM network, and it is everywhere.

However, there are things that have not changed since the emergence of the Internet - Internet acceleration and optimization of traffic.The problem is that despite the fact that in large cities at a speed no problems since they use leased lines, ADSL high-speed, 3G - in the regions, the situation has not changed much.For example, ADSL at a rate of 128 kbit / s worth as well as a dedicated line in Moscow at 70 Mbit / sec.This causes people to look for ways to speed up the Internet.

So, increase internet speed can be divided into active and passive way.For active methods include direct changes to the device configuration and the operating system via software or through e
diting the registry.By passively increase internet speed applies selection and browser configuration, firewall configuration, etc.All of these methods will be discussed in this article.

active ways to accelerate intrenet

Let's start with free Internet acceleration optimization of the operating system.The most common operating system, which is used by users - Windows XP Pro is a small loophole.In Windows XP, the service appeared QoS (Quality of Service).This service is used for specific functions, and most users do not need.The fact that the QoS reserved for its tasks 20% bandwidth.In addition, we must note that no matter what your channel - the usual Dual Up the Ethernet or Gigabit - 20% reserve for QoS.

So the first thing we need to disable the service to release the channel and increase the speed of the Internet.To do this, go to Start - & gt; & gt; Run , recruit msconfig .In the menu that appears, select the tab Service , and the list looking for QoS RSVP.After that, disable it.

However, that's not all.Now we run the applet Group Policy , for this purpose in Start - & gt; & gt; Run recruit gpedit.msc , and then select Local Somputer policy, and then Administrative Templates (Administrative templates).Then select Network - QoS Packet Sheduler.In this menu, disable Bandwidth limit , or reduce from 20% to 0. But we're not completely cut off the QoS.Now we go to Manager devices, select "Show hidden devices", and there remove the QoS device.I hasten to mention that many assert that the QoS - a myth.Then check Ping enabled QoS and off - see right.And remember to turn off the channel completely redundant - you need to perform all actions.

Now, in the router or modem settings, set the MTU value to 1492. This value is optimal for ADSL or leased line.For conventional Dual Up modem is better to put the value in 576.

In principle, we have done everything in order to optimize the operating system to increase the speed of the Internet.
now proceed to a software.To increase the speed of the Internet use different programs that perform different functions.For example, this program - gateway monitors , which not only protect against hacking and information leakage, but also can increase the speed of the Internet.There is also a program allowing to compress the information on the server side.Let's start with the firewall monitors or in common - the firewall (FireWall).

A firewall helps protect your computer from unauthorized access.However, there are functions that allow you to speed up your internet.These functions, such as blocking pop-related items, advertising, and similar useless nonsense, which slows down the download speed.The fact that many of the graphic elements are heavy.As a rule, the creation of banners taken novice and professional designers who are even able to make mistakes in promotional banners.Of course, no question of image optimization can be no question.In consequence of this, the image on the banners have a fairly large size.Download image data takes a lot of time.As you know - it slows down the download speed.Yes, there are plug-ins for browsers, which helps get rid of the banners - bannerorezalki.However, these plugins have many disadvantages, while a firewall, you can customize every detail.

So, consider configuring the firewall based on Agnitum Outpost .Agnitum Outpost is one of the best firewalls.Omit the security settings, and go immediately to Outpost settings to speed up internet.Thus, the first lock customizable advertising.To do this, enter the text that most will fall in banners and advertisements.In Outpost has an extensive database of templates that you can use without any problems.In addition, you can adjust the size of the images that will be blocked.all sizes of banners are in this menu, so that the setting and this setting will not take long.

After blocking mail settings can be configured to lock additional elements, such as Active X or Pop-Up.

We got rid of the unwanted images that slow loading.Now the pair to use another program - now we are going to compress traffic.

So, traffic compression, there are many programs.These programs work as a proxy server.They appeal to the servers, which in turn compress the traffic (35% - 70%).Accordingly, you save on bandwidth and page loading speed is increased.It shrinks not only text information but also graphic.

However, almost all the programs of this type are paid.From free programs it can be noted Toonel .Note that for this program requires a Java Virtual Machine.Make sure that it is possible to the address - C: ProgramFilesJava.If not, just swing it at - http: // / ru / download / windows_xpi.jsp?locale = ru and download the program.After that, we set Toonel and proceed to configure it.

Toonel allows you to compress the traffic, not only on the local server, but the remote.Depending on the desired option configures a program.In an example embodiment, the focus on the local proxy:

localport: 8080
web interface port: 7999
Do not forget to customize JPG compression.

Now you need to set up the program, the traffic that you want to compress.Consider the example of a browser.Go to the proxy settings, and enter the data that is set up in Toonel.

Then the program starts to compress traffic.To traffic shrank - the program must run continuously.In a similar way to set up and the rest of the program, the traffic that you want to compress ...

That resulted in active ways of speeding up the Internet.Now we proceed to the passive.

Passive ways of speeding up Internet

a browser setting can be attributed to passive methods of acceleration of the Internet.Moreover, you can adjust only Opera 10 , for everything else you need to do all the above steps.Firefox itself does not compress traffic, Opera, and 10 version compresses it slightly.All that can be done with these browsers - disable image.However, this feature is not necessary to include as many sites are properly laid out, and simply will not load without images, or invisible text.Therefore, the images off does not lead to the desired effect.

However, in Opera 10, a new option - Turbo .Danae option is similar to the work Toonel.So if you plan to use Opera 10 - Toonel can not install.

In this article, we looked at ways to speed up the basic free Internet.And each will decide - what a way to speed up the work of the network.The choice is yours.