How to choose a juicer ?

Fresh juice - a source of real pleasure and a large number of vitamins and minerals.The juice squeezed from berries, fruit or vegetables at home does not contain preservatives, like all the shops juices, it is much richer and tastier.Much of this issue depends on the quality of the instrument by which the fruits, vegetables and berries are transformed into life-giving drink - juice extractor. Choice juicer - you need to know a smart buyer?

All Juicers are divided into two groups: citrus press and juicer universal .

If you prefer only orange, tangerine, grapefruit or other juice from citrus fruits, you will approach citrus juicer .It's not as expensive as a versatile juicer, and very easy to use.Citrus juicer consists of a motor, the nozzle cone shaped container and for collecting the juice.Models Juicer for citrus have a power range from 20 to 80 W - respectively, the higher the power, the faster you will be able to enjoy the taste of freshly squeezed juice.

tanks to collect juice in citrus juicer have a volume of from 400 ml to 1.2 liters.Note that at this point, selecting a juicer.You need to remember that citrus juice is very perishable - the shelf life without preservatives is only 5-10 minutes.Thus, if for example, you live alone and you will cook the juice of citrus fruits for yourself, you do not need to take the juicer with large amounts of container to collect the juice - you are unlikely to drink a liter of fluid at a time.But if your family is large or you often visited by guests, which you do not mind please the fresh juice from citrus fruit - choose a juicer with a capacity to collect large amounts of juice.

Another important point that you should pay attention - shape of the spout into the container to collect juice.It should be easy to spill the juice into glasses.

Citrus juicers can be equipped with a number of other advanced features , which will facilitate the process of making juice.Their presence is optional, but should be aware of them - suddenly something useful:

- different nozzles for different size fruits can help without any problems to get the maximum amount of juice from large grapefruit, and tangerines from small;
- arm, holding the fruit during juicing, facilitate your work - you will not have to constantly hold the fruit by hand;
- the reverse mode in which the motor turns the nozzle alternately in different directions, allowing you to squeeze the maximum amount of juice;
- control the level of pulp in the juice can adjust the thickness of the beverage by changing the value of the slots on the nozzle;
- direct filing system allows the juice to pour the juice directly into the glass without using a container to catch the juice.

Universal juicer

Universal juicers are good because they allow squeeze the juice from the majority of berries, fruits and vegetables .The exception is unless the berries with seeds - but there are juicers that these benefits "are not afraid".

Universal Juicers are divided in the form of the separator into two groups: cylindrical and conical.

Juicer with cylindrical cage is good because it allows you to output the entire volume of the squeezed juice.However, it also has a significant disadvantage - in that the device is not the function of garbage pulp.You will have to disassemble the unit and clean the separator of cake about every 2-3 glasses of juice squeezed.

juicer with conical separator equipped with a container for collecting the cake.In turn, the finished juice yield in a juicer is not more than 70%.If you plan to buy a juicer container otzhimok, check that it can be easily removed.Also do not forget that the larger the volume is a container for collecting otzhimok, the less you will have to remove it for cleaning.

Universal Power Juicer ranges from 200 to 1200 watts.Different models have different juicers the duration of continuous operation .It also depends on the power.Some juicers work, stopping at minute break to avoid overheating the motor every 10 minutes.Others work without a break for 20 minutes, stopping to clean parts.There are some juicers that have an indefinite period of continuous operation, automatic self-cleaning and protected from overheating the fan.

One of the important criteria for selection should be the juicer spin speed .It was from her the amount of output depends on the finished juice.Many manufacturers of centrifuges "forget" to specify this parameter in the device characteristics.However, remember that the optimum spin speed juicers - 8-10 thousand revolutions per minute.

Be sure to pay attention to the presence in a juicer speed controller.It will provide an opportunity to set the desired speed to get juice from different fruits.List of optimum speeds for each specific type of fruit or vegetable must be specified in the instructions to the juicer.Also, the speed control allows you to adjust the presence of pulp in the juice - the higher the speed, the more the drink gets the pulp.

The juicer also desirable penootsekatelya , after all the juice out with foam, and some fruits provide it in large quantities.Penootsekatel ensures that the output you get a clear pure juice without the foam.

very desirable to centrifuge juicer mesh was made of stainless steel. This also can be found in the instructions for the product.Generally, the thinner the material from which the grid is made, and the more holes in it, the better will be the quality of the resulting juice.

Pay attention to the plastic parts juicers.Qualitative is glossy high-impact plastic odorless .

handy device in a juicer is built into it transparent container with divisions for milliliters .Allowing to control the amount of juice produced, it will give the opportunity to make cocktails without problems.Also built-in capacity virtually eliminates spilling juice, as it often happens, if the drink gets out of the juicer straight into the cup.The downside of having a juicer in additional capacities are the large size of the device.

supply container
fruits can also be a convenient - give preference to a wide tray, in which the fruits are loaded.This will eliminate the need to always be near a juicer and constantly upload the fruits there.

And do not forget the general rule when choosing household appliances - buy juicers known firms only.Good luck to you the choice!