How to choose a good material for the pan

course we may compile a list of foods that you are going to cook in a pan, on this basis, select the size and material of the pan.But you need to know the differences between the materials.

tips, how to choose a good pot

pots with enamelled
Once enamelware was excellent substitute for aluminum.It is made of iron or iron, and then applied to a double or triple layer of glass enamel, this material is inert and does not corrode metal allows.But before the material was considered incompatible, though now metal and enamel have the same coefficient of heat, however, the mechanical properties still differ.Initially, the pan is very attractive, it is shiny and has an original drawing.It is cooked soup, borscht, mushroom and meat soups, vegetable stews and so on.In an enamel bowl to cook the most delicious jellies and compotes, but it has its drawbacks.

Food quickly burnt, with aluminum cookware is much more reliable enamel.If for the sake of experiment, you boil the milk in a new pot and do not
stir it regularly, it will be very unpleasant taste, you're sure to feel the taste of burnt milk.However, if the pre-pour the pan with cold water, then this disadvantage can be avoided.Also it is not very practical because of the fact that people often knock a spoon around the edge of pan to get rid of the remnants of the soup.Of course, there is a deformation of enamel, break off small pieces.First destroyed the area around the handles, then begin to split off the edge of the pan and so on.In the fall of enamel pots split is inevitable - it even appears on the bottom of the pan.After the appearance of cracks and chips can not cook food, it is dangerous to health, it is not even the fact that the particles get into the body, a metals will poison the food.Prefer thick enamel pots, they are protected against attacks.

pans aluminum

Last pans made of aluminum are the most popular because they are a long time and are quite cheap.You can easily boil milk without fear that it will burn.But immediately after boiling the milk is poured into a ceramic or glass dish.In a saucepan, you can boil water, cook vegetables, cereals and more.Often housewives buy a separate pot for boiling milk is made of aluminum, so that the milk does not stick ever, especially if rinse the pan with cold water.

aluminum disadvantages include the softness of the material, since the food will burn, and when washing is necessary to try to scrape it.But to use an iron brush or washcloth when washing can not be - there will be deep scratches on the pan.

Pans Steel
All stainless steel cookware is very popular and universal, besides it looks very beautiful and shining.Pans Stainless steel most preferred.The outer part of the pot is polished, and the internal polished, so clean the dirt can be easily (read our article on how, how to clean baked-pan).This is an excellent protection against germs and bacteria.It is unnecessary to use the additional funds to clean - wash the pan in warm water with a simple detergent without solid particles, or spoil the appearance of the pan.

During production of pots using the same steel as for surgical instruments.It contains 10% nickel and 18% chromium, so the pot is neutral to all, and you can cook all the dishes.This food retains all the vitamins and minerals, and metal does not affect the taste of the dish.Cover the pan is made of glass, on it there are holes for the steam, so you can watch the cooking process.

also need to mention that the bottom of the pan is made of several layers, it helps heat the food thoroughly and keep warm.The food is cooked in a short time, and you can turn off the gas in advance, about 20 minutes before cooking because of the heat preservation.On creation of such pan bottom left for many years, first tried to make the bottom with a thin, but the food is quickly burnt and changed the shape of the bottom.After that, the bottom made thicker, but it did not work.Then they inserted between the layers of steel disc of aluminum, which has improved heat conductivity and durability of the pan.

If you do not know what material to prefer the pan - stainless steel best option.It does not require complex care, prepare meals can be comfortable, and the price at the pan is not very high.