How to choose a home theater ?Tips for Buying

Purchasing a home theater - not a simple matter.After all, it is not only from the plasma panel or the TV.It also includes a complete set: DVD-Player, AV-receiver, speaker system.The stores can sell ready-made kits, but it is better to choose one of them separately.This we now face it.

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Selecting location

first step is to equip the place for theatersince it takes quite a few.In addition, it is necessary to place all the components you need to correctly place the audience that would view only bring pleasure, but not uncomfortable.To do this, you must follow a few rules.
  • distance from the viewer to the left and right speakers should be about the same.The best option when all speakers are located at the hold, and the same distance from the viewer.

  • Audience seats should not be against the wall, because the back should stay in the rear speakers.These in turn around the listener's head height or sli
    ghtly above.
  • It should be defined in advance with the type of speakers.They can stand in special racks or shelves.It is also possible attaching them to the wall brackets.But remember, not all speakers can be placed close to the wall.If the column taken from the rear hole reflex, it is necessary to leave a gap between the wall and the column, otherwise the low frequencies are lost.
  • Subwoofer desirable to place on the floor.But this is not a fundamental condition.

After determining the location, you can safely choose the components of a home theater.

player selection

DVD-player - a device that plays video.The more he plays the formats, the better.But must exist Mpeg-2 support.And do not forget about the audio codecs that would not get on a session of silent cinema.Now mainly used DTS and Dolby Digital.More expensive models player supports formats 6-channel audio Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES.

For convenient viewing the video downloaded from the Internet, need support Xvid and DivX, otherwise you will have to deal with converting, ie transfer video from one format to another.

DVD-Recorders - Players that are equipped with video recording from the TV screen.Recording can be made to the internal hard drive or on a disk.

format Blu-ray.This optical carrier format that is used for high density recording and storing digital data in the HD format.For their reproduction is necessary that the player supports this format.But it is worth remembering that this format is relatively new and therefore drives the desired film is much more difficult to find.

acoustics Choice

This is the most important point in choosing a home theater.That it can help to fully plunge into the world of the film.Consider the basic options when choosing a speaker system:
  • power.This parameter depends on the area of ​​the room.If the area of ​​the room, where there will be a home theater, takes no more than 20 square meters, there will be enough power in the range of 50-70 watts.For rooms up to 30 square meters - about 100 watts.If the area exceeds 30 square meters, the power can reach 150 watts.Be sure to pay attention to how much power is indicated in the instructions.They can be 2 types: peak and nominal.So the peak - is the maximum power that the device can achieve and it does not always correspond to reality.

  • Frequency.This frequency range in which the system can play back audio.In general, the higher the score, the better.But it is worth considering that the limit that the human ear perceives 20,000 Hertz.Minimum chapel - is 20 Hertz.Then what will be the minimum chapel does not matter if there is a subwoofer in the speaker system.
  • sensitivity.This parameter is measured in decibels.Over the loud sound will emit speakers with high sensitivity (from 94 to 102 decibels).

Let us turn to the choice of speakers.As mentioned earlier, they are floor and ceiling.The columns are placed on the floor, generally have large dimensions.But their advantage is that they allow you to achieve a more powerful and deep bass.Ceiling speakers are the ideal option for small premises, as it does not take up much space.And there is a subwoofer for bass reproduction.The optimal solution is the built-in speakers.As a reward for a complex installation you will get a natural sound.

If each speaker has its own amplifier, the system is called - active.Passive is a system where there is no amplifier, and it needs an external amplifier.

have an active system is much higher frequency response, better sound quality, and it is much easier to regulate.Of the minuses can be noted the need for voltage and the linear signal to each column.

But the creation of surround sound is not only important to buy the right column, and you must return them to place in the room.

  • Acoustics center channel or just the center speaker.It reproduces the voice of the translator and the dialogue in the film is not dubbed.Therefore, it should be placed as close as possible to the TV.It is better to under or over it.This column must be magnetically shielded, so it would not affect the picture quality.
  • front speakers - the two front speakers.They reproduce music and sound effects.In this, its technical characteristics should be the best.They are placed on the left and right of the TV and, as a rule, does not close it by half a meter.
  • Rear speakers - respectively, the two rear speakers.They reproduce the special sound effects.They put or on the sides or behind.
  • Subwoofer - This device is designed for low frequency reproduction.Excellent plays percussion sounds, such as the explosion of thunder.
  • type housing. They are of three types: Closed, bass-reflex, and with the sound labyrinth.The simplest model considered a closed case.But the presence of the closed space adversely affects the transmission of low frequencies.Most current models are available with phase inverter.
  • Housing material. This may be plastic or wood.The first - a cheaper and requires a resonant sound, and this in turn negatively affects the sound.The body, which is made of wood, this phenomenon is significantly less.So much better to use the second material of the body.

TV Buying

It all depends on the size of the purse.Budget option is equipped with a cathode ray tube, it is available in price and easy to use.If you want to get the most out of the film, we recommend to buy an LCD or plasma TV.At the same diagonal must be at least 32 inches.You can buy a projection TV for more diagonally.

For more on this, see the article: How to choose a TV?

Recent recommendations
Do not forget that in the near future speaker will be indispensable design your interior, so pay careful choice of colors.It is desirable that the column to be made of wood.In an extreme case - of chipboard.Since plastic-coated columns do not provide high-quality sound, while the most dynamic moments.If you have decided to purchase a system with a capacity of more than 150 watts, do not forget about the neighbors.In this case, the most reasonable to install protection for sound-proof material.It will not be superfluous, since it will be a positive influence on the quality of the sound track.