How to install blinds for plastic windows .Installation instructions

Once you installed plastic windows, most likely, you immediately have a question about the need to install blinds.In most cases, the blinds are not just an element of window decorations - a means of protection from the sun, it is about the blinds and we want to tell you today, telling about their benefits, types and methods of installation of their own hands.

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Do I need to install shutters on the window

Someone thinks thatblinds - it's just a necessity, and someone - on the contrary, that they do not need, so who is right in this situation !?In fact, right and wrong in this situation is not, because the need to install blinds - it's only subjective opinion.Based on this opinion two factors: personal taste and need.Thus, we can make a small conclusion that set shutters in two cases: if they like, and / or if they are needed.Let us consider these two factors in more detail.

Many like blinds because of its beauty, because of which there are several types, which we will talk later.With blinds, you can visually decorate the window, especially when using a certain color blind or with various patterns, which are remarkably fit into the interior of the room, and in addition, "thematically" transform window.Many prefer blinds, because with the help they can replace curtains and curtains that many are already tired.

As for the need for blinds, they help protect against sunlight.If your windows face east, south or west direction, then in the summer you will be very uncomfortable to deliver direct sunlight.

Firstly, because of the direct sunlight greatly increases the temperature in the room.Installing blinds, room temperature is a few degrees lower, as they will prevent direct sunlight.In addition, the blinds are necessary if you have air conditioning, otherwise it will take longer to cool the air in the room, and the temperature reached will be quickly lost.Therefore, in order not to make air conditioning unnecessary work - you need to install the blinds.

Secondly, because of the direct sunlight in the room gets very bright and this experience discomfort, particularly negative impact for those whose windows are located on the east side, where the early morning sun begins to shine in the eyes.Also, the blinds are necessary if you are not outside very beautiful landscape - all this beautiful blinds hide.And another small positive point in the shutters - is that they close the room from the sun, so the furniture, paint, wallpaper and window profiles on the inside are less prone to fading.

Types blinds

To date, there are 3 types of window blinds:

  • Horizontal;

  • Vertical;

  • Fabric.

Shutters can be made from various materials:

  • Aluminum;

  • Plastic;

  • Wood;

  • Cloth;

  • Bamboo;

  • Etc.

Select the type of material and the shutters depends entirely on your preferences.If you prefer a classic and simple - it is uniquely Aluminum horizontal blinds.If you do not plan to hang curtains and drapes, or instead of them want to install blinds, then the best option - it's vertical blinds.If you want something beautiful and elegant - choose fabric blinds, they are very beautiful, also they are very easy to wash, in contrast to the two previous options blinds.For those who prefer something different or you room is made in any style, we recommend that you opt for wooden or bamboo blinds.

Installing shutters with his hands

integral part of the installation of blinds is their measurement.If you make a wrong measurement, it can not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also adversely affect the window profile.

Metering blinds

Measuring horizontal and fabric blinds

There are two mounting options blinds: on glazing beads and profiles.Of course, if you want to attach shutters to the glazing beads, then you should be very careful in choosing the length of the screw, so long as the screw may damage the glass window, which ultimately lead to depressurization of the entire glass and adversely affect its insulating properties.Installation of blinds on the profile of a plastic window easily, there is no danger, but it is one thing when a hole is made in the glazing bead, which can be easily replaced, and another - when a hole is in the profile.Personally, we recommend to give preference to mount blinds glazing beads, and, if possible - on fasteners with bilateral adhesive tape, this method does not require to do the extra hole in the window.

Another nuance that we would like to share from personal experience.Blinds are divided into 2 types: for the sash and the window dull.Blinds for the dead part of the window is not locked at the bottom compared with casement shutters, which are fixed below, in order not to hang out while moving the sash.If you have a corner or "crafty" apartment, the blinds on the blank part of the window needs to be done with a fixed bottom, so that when a draft shutters are not fought on the profile, and a strong wind when the window is open, the lower part of them did not move sideways and do notflap closed - otherwise blinds bend and lose their aesthetic appearance.

Measuring the width of horizontal blinds made from the left edge of the left bead to the right edge of the right bead.Likewise, the height measurement is made blinds, from the top of the upper bead to the lower part of the lower bead.It is important to consider one thing: how you will mount blinds.If you want to strengthen the blinds on the glazing beads, and thus set the lower tabs on the glazing beads also, the blinds length must strictly correspond to the distance from the glazing beads grounds.

metering shutters, we decided to show the picture ballpen below.The blue color shows the glazing beads - plastic strips that hold the glazing to the profile.The red lines show the boundaries, which is necessary to make metering of the window, taking into account our recommendations.

Metering vertical blinds

in turn froze vertical blinds a simple process, as there is no special nuances.Feature measurement is how you want to fix the blinds.There are three types of fastening vertical blinds:

  • to the top of the window of the slope;

  • above the window opening (as usual cornice);

  • to the ceiling.

Each of these options has its advantages - we consider them.

If you want to limit direct sunlight into the apartment, and thus prefers vertical blinds, they are best mounted on the upper part of the window of the slope - this type of fastening has a beautiful view.If you want to completely hide the window of the blinds, or you have plastic slopes, then you can mount blinds above the window opening.If you want to install blinds instead of curtains and stretch them out along the large window opening or on the wall, it is necessary to fix the blinds on the ceiling.

If blinds will be installed in the window opening, their width should be equal to the width of the window opening, and the length - should be strictly from the top of the slope up to the window sill, even a little shorter, so they do not catch on the window sill.If you want the blinds were beyond the perimeter of the window opening, the width of the blinds should be done with an allowance of 15-20 cm and the height can be made as to the allowance of 20-30 cm higher than the height window opening, and does make shutters to the floor.If you want the blinds to the floor, it is recommended to give preference to the blinds on the wall - these blinds and type of attachment will look very nice.

When your measurements are ready, you can go to a company that produces manufacturing blinds, or to order them through the online store, which will be cheaper and easier.The only thing that you will need to choose - this coloring and shutters are to clarify whether complete with shutters mounting materials.

Installing shutters

How to install blinds for plastic windows?Now let's get to the fun part - assembling.Horizontal and vertical blinds have a different method of attachment, so we will discuss them separately.

Installing horizontal blinds

to install horizontal blinds, you will need a screwdriver or screwdriver and pencil.The installation procedure is very simple.Dress up on top of the blinds brackets and produce measurement, in which part of the twist screw and mark it with a pencil.Very good if the brackets are attached to one screw to make fewer holes in the window.Thus, when mounting space is planned, we check the correctness of all and remove the brackets.Take the first one arm, we put it in the intended region and screw is screwed.Thereafter, the same make with the second bracket.Then dress shutters on brackets and in the same way we fix the clips on the sides with the bottom of the blinds.We check if everything is working, and proceed to the installation of blinds on the other side of the window.

Regarding the horizontal fabric blinds, the principle of their installation is slightly different from the above.As a rule, this kind of blinds mounted on brackets, which are fixed to the window on the basis of the adhesive, that is, quite simply, they are glued to the profile.As well as horizontal blinds fabric and fixed at the bottom.

More details about the installation of horizontal blinds and fabric you will learn from videos placed below.

Installing vertical blinds

Installing vertical blinds has 2 mounting type.The first type of installation - when the cornice vertical blinds fixed to the ceiling or to the upper slope.The second type of mounting - when the cornice shutters mounted on brackets, which are fixed to the wall.

In the first type of installation in the middle of the cornice there are special mounting holes through which are screwed screws that secure the structure to the ceiling or to the slope.To fix the cornice should be attached himself cornice, then you need to identify the places where to make the holes for fastening.With punch and hammer make holes in them dowels.Note that if you do punch holes in the slope, be careful not to split off part of the wall.Once you've hammered dowels into the holes, putting a curtain rod and fix it with screws.

In the second type of installation you must first fix the brackets on the wall, then post them put on a cornice.Before you mark the areas where the brackets will be fixed, it is necessary to make the ledge and take measurements.After that, the planned areas make holes hammered in their anchors and then fix the screw brackets.At the end of installation work on the fix brackets cornices.

next step blinds mounting - they are assembled.In contrast to the horizontal and fabric blinds, vertical - should be collected, but it is not difficult.To do this, you need to collect all the runners together and turn them to their recesses.Then take the slats and paste them into the runners, you hear a click when tight fixing slats.Then weights are inserted and secured with a chain to the bottom of the slats.Then check the operation of the mechanism and proceed to mounting decorative panels to the eaves.

video tutorial assembling blinds

In this video the process of installation of horizontal blinds clearly demonstrated.As used method of mounting brackets are attached directly to the profile on the screws, but not to the glazing beads.

In this video you can see the installation of fabric blinds, brackets which are also attached to the profile on the screws, but do not stick to it.

Last video will tell you how you need to install vertical blinds and collect them.