How to choose the air conditioner ?To Select , advice on choosing .All secrets

Summer heat makes many think about purchasing an air conditioner.And although the decisive criterion in this matter often becomes the price, it is useful to learn about other parameters that are important in the choice of this life-saving device in a hot summer day.How to choose the air conditioner?

conditioner type

Many wonder about how to choose the air conditioner apartment.Indeed, the type of air conditioner may affect its final choice.In the shop of home appliances can offer you:

window air conditioner - mounted in the window opening or on the wall, able to cool a room up to 30 square meters.m. There are also universal (cooling, heating) model window air conditioners.Window air conditioner has a relatively low cost, easy to install, has a room ventilation function.Among cons - loud work (may cause discomfort during the night), an unattractive appearance of the window with the established air-conditioning, the inability to redirect air flow.

Mobile air conditioning.
unique device that can be installed in any room.It mounted a special hose to remove the warm air that you just need to throw out of the premises (in the window or the door).Mobile good conditioners that do not need to install and can be used in any environment.However, they can not do without the drawbacks, among them - high Price ($ 300), noise, the need for condensate drain from the chamber, the cooling effect worsens because of the violation of the room leak (the reason for that - an open door or window).

Split. most popular type of air conditioners to date, consisting of a fan (located outside) and the indoor unit (located on site).Split systems, in turn, have several subtypes, allowing to choose the air conditioning to suit all tastes.Split systems are quiet, versatile (can have a heating function, ventilation, drainage), have a wide range of indoor units depending on room design, it can be installed anywhere in the apartment.For this pleasure, however, will have to pay a decent amount - both for itself split-system, as well as for its installation.

conditioner power

Logically, the more powerful the air conditioner, the more effectively carried out its main function - cooling.To learn how to choose the air conditioner apartment, you need to calculate the power conditioner.calculation scheme is simple: 10 sq.m.area (ceiling height - 3 m) - 1kW power.However, this should be added, and other parameters such as the number of people staying in the room, the location of the room windows (solar, non-solar side), the presence and number of household, lighting.Do not hesitate and ask you to calculate the required capacity of the air conditioner in the store.

air heating function

Many air conditioners can not only cool but also heat the room.However, if you want to warm up the house, when the street will be rampant in the cold 20 degrees - do not flatter yourself.Most air conditioners are not used at temperatures below 5 degrees below zero.So think carefully before you overpay extra money for the heating function of the air conditioner.

Remote Control, programmed functions

conditioners with remote control, of course, greatly facilitate the life of his master.Good and features such as programmed switching on and off automatically.Leaving for work, air conditioning can be programmed so that the time to return home room already cooled.


very important point in the question, how to choose the air conditioner.Incorrect installation of the air conditioner is fraught with the fact that the device fails in the very near future.Ask your friends who have had experience in the acquisition and installation of air conditioning - everything is arranged in the company of their work, carry out the sale and installation of the device.Do not give in to provocations such as free installation of air conditioning - the work is laborious and requires professionalism, so that a free installation is unlikely to be of high quality.


Usually the warranty period for the air conditioner is 1 year.During this time, you have the right to request a free repair, replacement of parts or all of the air conditioner (in case of breakage).2 years lasts sales service (free repair and spare parts by the customer).Carefully track correctness of filling in the warranty card.

These are the basic parameters that must pay close attention to the buyer, searching for an answer to the question of how to choose the right air conditioner.Let the purchase of this device will give your home a welcome cool on a hot summer day!