Who are the mama's boy ?And how to live with them now?

In the case where a man is already over thirty, and he was all this time and have not been married, on this occasion it is worth considering.When

confident adult man in the presence of his mother is changing dramatically and becoming selfish moody boy, this is the first sign that this is a typical mama's boy.

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  • Mama's Boy and his characteristic
  • How to build a future with such people?
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Mama's Boy and his characteristic

worth noting that mama's boy not born, they become.Most likely to be a mama's boy at that man, whose mother was divorced from the child's father, or simply was not married and raising a child on their own.But it happens and so that mama's boy grow up in two-parent families.This happens when the child's mother, too demanding and hectic, it controls all the actions son, does not give him to make decisions to grow.

Very often it happens that a mama's boy are quite nice men who can not find a decent mate.Up to 35 years, they met with many girls, but n
one of them, it seems they are not suitable for the role of his future wife.

sissy problem lies in their emotional immaturity.This type of men can be successful in business, to make a career, but often do not dare to create their own family.They believe that there is no need to get married, to take on additional duties, when there is always a favorite Mom, who always and feed, and give to drink and will warm, and prepare because it is much better than a girlfriend.

In most cases, these men and remain infantile, especially when a child raised their grandmother and mother.This type of men accustomed to the fact that for them, someone decides.Even in adulthood, they also continue to hold on to the mother's skirt, instinctively need of its protection.

Quite often pursues a sissy fear of women.Each of his friend or girlfriend, they often see the predator who just wants to bring it to the altar and take possession of a living space.

But it happens, and so that they are still married and basically do it in spite of my mother's will.But such marriages do not last.Basically loving mom just simply play out their daughters from the lives of their sons.At the same time the poor wives suffered a great deal from the many falls in-law during the marriage, after a divorce, they are very long can not decide on the creation of a new family.For men, they are already far more cautiously.

Just can not understand that the man - a typical mama's boy, at first they appear to be just the perfect man.They are affectionate, gentle and caring.Basically perechat not agree to almost everything.The first impression is that they produce - is a responsible and serious man who is always ready to substitute their strong arm and be for you a reliable support in life.

Maybe this will end immediately after meeting with his mother.Mom immediately from the feelings of jealousy, begins to open his eyes to my little boy all the flaws of his chosen one, even those who do not have at all.But that's not all the difficulties that will arise.

greater the likelihood that the mother will qualify for the main role in the family.Often this is because it is so used, and to give his son the wrong hands, it does not intend to.It will give you a different kind of advice, to intervene in all cases, etc.

Sometimes happens so that man himself begins to struggle for power with his mother, to argue and to make some actions specifically to spite her.Weddings can also be such an act.

Mama's Boy treats other women as a kind of threat to their own freedom.With such a man to come to the peace and reconciliation very difficult.For the first time, he will do something for you, for fear of losing you, but it will not last long.

Such a man is always advised around with my mother, even if you have in this area there is a great life experience.

Mama's Boy is lost when ingested in some non-standard situation, it starts to behave aggressively and even strange.Such men are quite painfully react to any criticism from his opinion changes very often.There are cases when the mama's boy does not work, do not help his wife around the house, completely indifferent to the family and others.But, despite all this, they are very annoying and are able to starve to achieve their goals.Regular calls and other ways to get their hand in it as a result of force most women to give their whims.

Almost all weekends and holidays sissy will spend it with my mother, in a different way because it always needs his attention.

sissy often have little to no friends, because accustomed that everything is spinning around them.Most likely, to your friend, he will be treated negatively, set you against them, jealous, etc.All your attention should be given only to him and no one else.

Do not be surprised if your husband will be discussing with my mom your love life, including making love, with all it will give tips on how to improve everything.

probably will need to get used to the fact that all the time he will compare you with her mother, so if you cook, clean, raise children, etc., and that, in his opinion and the opinion of his mother, youdo not be criticized.

In this case, the problem is that he simply did not see the other women and men, and therefore it will be re extremely difficult.

But here it is worth noting that only a mama's boy brought up by single mothers, this is not true, although in most cases this way.To bring such a man and a woman can be married, but somehow dissatisfied with their relationship with her husband.Often, any dissatisfaction with her husband, work, life, and that they fail to deal with it can cause a woman to throw out all my unspent love for the child or children.Even more so, natural love the kid and complete dependence on her for her child can fully replace her love of all men.

Moms surround this type of people too much love and care, to the extent that this love just becomes an insurmountable wall between the world and the child.The world is scary and far, in those moments when there is no next mom and her advice.

is worth noting that in the first place the child in the mother's son, transforms an unfinished process of psychological separation from the mother.The second reason is a big need for the mother in the emotional heat that falls on the child.And then it happens that in addition to my mother, no one else.Neither friends nor his own desires, no desires, no entertainment, but only my mother, the person with whom nothing can be compared.

How to build a future with such people?

sometimes constant monitoring and care, do not give them the opportunity to breathe calmly.Over time, they become accustomed to the idea that they are childish, and completely unable to take care of themselves on their own.They just do not know how to make their own decisions.

There are cases where young men, surrounded by her mother's care, do not resist mother's appearance.But in their environment, they behave differently, it is natural to their age and interests directly.

If what type of mama's son applies your husband, you will have a hard time.In this case, you first need to establish a relationship with his mother.But if it does not work, and the lives of my husband and I are not getting better, there are a few exits.

  • live on their own, apart from the in-laws, and preferably the further the better, otherwise it may move to you.This option, of course, is not for everyone, because not everyone has the opportunity to purchase the apartment, and live with the parents of his wife, he basically does not want to.
  • simply collect your bags and leave, and in any case not to delay the divorce.Why waste time, because you, too, should arrange their life.
  • Do not pay any attention to mother-and go to the end.It would be better if you get pregnant soon.In most cases, the in-law realizes that she has nowhere to go, but there are exceptions that come to its bitter end, not even paying attention to the pregnancy.Well, that such in-law is not a lot.Even if the relationship with the mother-in does not add up, the grandmother she is the best.Just worth her attention switched to his grandson, and very slowly go reeducation husband.

Do not forget that there are a lot of pleasure and entertainment, in which your mother in law will not be able to participate.And then you have a chance to prove to her husband that you are the best, dream, always be beautiful, take care of yourself and you will succeed.

  • can try to get along with her mother in law, to obey it in everything and try to be her daughter.If you have strong nerves, a large force of will and a lot of patience, then in that case you can handle.

But there are some pros and cons, to be exact:

Pros: if you succeed, then believe me, you will like a stone wall.Man will always be satisfied with the economy will be no problems, children are always supervised.In any case-law the first time will take you to anything not suitable, and not able to anything, and it will inspire her son.As a result, she will tell all that she has taught you everything, etc.And you have to put up with this.

Cons: have to live, as live-in-law, in all worth it to listen to, to entrust to her the education of their children.On their own interests, opinions and interests at once, you can forget.All this will be subject to constant criticism and condemnation.You will be given advice on how to live, how to talk, dress, etc.

  • If you are an adult and independent woman held.Everything else similar to his mother, then everything is in your hands.In this case-law will see you in just a worthy replacement for herself.

But consider the fact that this case, you get yourself a man, who will need to drag myself all my life, another child.Take care of your men, but do it in moderation.You do not need to become a second mom to him.

Nor should we blame her husband's excessive love for his mother, and it is not necessary to expose him to criticism.Let him at least not quickly, but becomes an independent man.

types moms

If we define to which type applies to his mother, it is possible to find a way to neutralize it as easy.

This type of mothers is constantly haunted by the feeling of fear that her son would not be nourished and hungry.Therefore, a mom should not talk about that today you will have dinner dumplings purchased, otherwise, so you just sign his own death warrant.The next day, she will come to visit you with his cooking.Or even worse, if it every day after work to entice him to come to dinner.And as a man - a weak creature, you just simply run the risk again to spend the evening in her company.

Therefore, to begin with it should invite me to visit and show her a cooler full of food and cook yourself something tasty, let it become clear that her son's death by starvation is not threatened.Perhaps before the end you will not be able to convince her that next to you it is not worse, but it should start to develop his favorite recipes.Over time you can learn how to cook his favorite pies better than his mother.

This type of women - a strong, dominant over his son with a woman bitchy character.Such a woman may have their own idea about the potential daughter, if she does not love you, then by all means will try to destroy your relationship.Perhaps it will be assumed that you are not quite good for her son.

With a mom on the conflict is best not to go, and the roughness of just smile and try to please her in everything.If this method does not work, it means that the mother thinks you spineless creature and unremarkable, and will therefore continue to behave with you and further unceremoniously.In this case, it would be better to keep the cold distance.Just try to let her know that you respect yourself and tolerate this behavior simply do not intend to.One should not hide the fact that you personally it is unpleasant behavior.But if he worships in his mom, every criticism against her will hurt his heart.

commander skirt
For such women is characterized by all the time to complain of health, although in appearance it is always energetic and active.A favorite theme for it - it's medicine.Even on weekends, when you will relax with the whole family, she can call and report that she was ill and she dies.

whole family will need to be undermined and rush to your mother.But how can it be in perfect health, and once his commanding voice guidance will start giving away all that needs to be done around the house, etc.To your child, these women are treated as their personal property.Therefore, you should get used to the fact that it will always work at my mother, despite the fact that the house you may have to repair the outlet.

very difficult to live with such a mama's boy, and their fate is not the best way, everyone suffers.Therefore, if you do not want that to your baby mama's boy has grown, it should be remembered that it is you do not have to since its birth.Should it be only for their children, she will have to give them love and care for them.And not to have his family, because you think that he owes you his life, and so on, this is not correct.Do not take it for solutions, give him the opportunity to do it yourself.On the other errors do not learn, learning only on its own, remember that.

Without experience a person can not survive, and buy it without experiencing errors currently impossible.Parents always think that they know how to act, etc.But think about how you gained your experience?So let your child to live a full and independent life.If you do not like his choice, just tell him about it, express your opinion, and when he realized his mistake, not to lecture about how you were right, just support him.Let your son grow up a normal and a full man, who will not be on every occasion to cling to his mother's skirt.Do not interfere with the independence of the son.