How to choose a baby name ?

Baby Names - one of the most exciting moments in the life of young parents.Typically, this issue future mom and dad still puzzled for a few months before the birth, going through dozens - if not hundreds - of different options.To date, there are several ways on how to choose the name of the child.

Baby Names in accordance with yuletide

According to Orthodox tradition, the name of the child is chosen in accordance with the yuletide.The child is given the name of the saint, who was born on that day.On the day of the christening, this becomes the holy patron saint, guardian angel for the little man, and the day of baptism - the Day of the Angel.

Unfortunately, not every day at Christmas time is full of the names of saints, but strict conditionality is not - you can give a name to the child, choosing from the holy name, who were born in the next few days or for a month.

name of the child, depending on the time of birth

believed that born in the spring, summer, autumn and winter men differ
in temperament, life guidance, they have a different fate develops.It is therefore important to choose the name of the child in accordance with his birth month (or zodiac sign).

But the really true is this when drawing up the individual birth chart.If you are wondering over what name to give to a child, depending on the date of his birth - refer to astrologers.They will help to map the birth of a baby, see what fate destined him, and will help you choose a name that lucky star will accompany your child throughout his life, away from adversity and fully matching its inner sense of self.

How to choose a name for baby names by value

Each name has its origin and interpretation.However, in choosing a name for the child it is important not to confuse and pick exactly the name that suits your child, not its value, which would you like to give your child.After all, the name can influence the destiny of man, change it - and sometimes these changes may lead to a forced breaking character.

If, for example, you have born a calm, quiet, even-tempered child, and you called it too "rebellious", "provocative" name - that soon it will have an effect on the baby, though subjecting it to yourself.You will notice how the phlegmatic child of your son or daughter turn into a bully and stubborn.The same thing happens if the active child called "phlegmatic" name.The situation is complicated by the fact that the child will always be, as it were caught in the middle - between the name by which it was named, and its essence is different from the name.

And for good reason we are familiar with the situation when the child is unhappy with his name, though it feels "out of place" and when you reach the age of majority to change it to something else entirely.Or the parents themselves, hastily calling the baby a name, eventually understand that it is absolutely "not suitable."To avoid this from happening, you need to consider the choice of name for a child responsible enough.

But how to determine the order, give the child a name, this newborn baby, which the latter-day parents know so little?Of course, there must come to the aid of intuition, observation of the child's behavior during his finding it in the womb.The first hours of life, contact "eye to eye" can also give an attentive mother food for thought on how to choose the name of the child.

Select the name of the child, depending on the names of loved ones

not recommended to call the child "in honor" of one of the relatives (eg mother or father, grandmother or grandfather), in order to avoid repetition of their fate, especiallyif the fate that was hard.

But a combination of first name and patronymic should pay special attention, since it is of great importance.Middle direct impact on the value of the child's name, changing it in a positive or negative direction.So before you choose the name of an unborn child, and carefully read the value of a combination of the proposed name and patronymic.

And what now in vogue?

Some parents do not particularly think about the value of the name, when they decide what name to give to the child.But for them it is an important fact of "hipness" of the name.For example, recently there has been a tendency to call children names Starorusskaya - kindergartens filled Fyodor Matveyev, Zlata and Velenje.

Another rage - unconventional names, as a rule, are the result of all sorts of hobbies and other "oddities" of parents.The world-known example of a married couple Beckham, who named his son Brooklyn, after the place where he was conceived.

What is the name of your child choose - you decide.From the moment when the US will show the affiliation of your kid to a particular floor, to the moment of his birth - a few months.There is time to calmly consider all options.And the main thing - to look carefully at the new-born, and he "tells" you what to call it.