How to learn to draw anime pencil , portrait , graffiti and other

To develop drawing need to have developed a visual perception of the channel, to notice the subtleties and differences between objects, be very careful, and so on.It is with the help of a man trying on size, a sample drawing on paper, and so on, even then, what part of the drawing sheet is dependent on the nature of man and his well-being.Only then you can make a few marks on paper to ask the object shape and size on the sheet.Extensive articles on a sheet width, and high in height, but the Cubs did not even consider it, so here we will tell about all the intricacies.

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  • How to learn how to draw a pencil anime

  • How to learn how to draw portraits in pencil

  • How to learn how to draw a pencil graffiti

  • How to learn to draw car pencil

  • How to learn how to draw a pencilanimal

  • How to learn how to draw a dragon pencil

How to learn to draw anime pencil

Peoples daily watching Japanese cartoons, of course, not all, because everyone has different tastes.But fans of the
anime very much want to learn how to draw something similar, they have a lot of plans and ideas, and they say the same thing: "If I could draw, I would draw your favorite character."Many try to paint characters from the anime while in school, notebook "animeshnikov" izrisoval excerpts from cartoons, but the quality of images is poor.

That famous characters attract the attention of fans of Japanese cartoons, they draw more often, so you can find an example of drawing up of the face, body, facial wrinkles and so on.Draw a character from the anime is quite easy, much easier than living man, but, as in any other business - you need experience and ability.The easiest way to learn how to make a plan, and then draw the character - watch cartoons every day and read the forums on the "Anime".The forums can be seen that most of the characters make rubbings of "Naruto", so you can learn the basic elements of drawing and figure out how to start drawing.Of course, much more difficult to draw a character from scratch, still have to develop their photographic memory and remember the character's facial expressions and facial features.

If daily practice situations and drawing cartoons did not bring any results - please refer to art school, that's where you will be taught individually.Tell the teacher that you have come with only one purpose - to learn how to draw their favorite characters from anime, and it will be for you an individual training plan.You will learn the basic elements of a pencil drawing in conjunction with the drawing "anime" characters, such as after school, when the teacher is a little bit of free time.The teacher is required to tell you about the visual representation of movement in the picture, the proportions of the human body, drawing shapes and three-dimensional image.But you must remember the most important thing - the success of training depends on you, the more you want to learn, the greater the chance of success.

How to learn how to draw pencil portraits

What you need to start learning?

  • quality paper;

  • Pencils (hard, soft, thin, thick, and so on);

  • Eraser;

  • Paper feather.

Without the lines start to draw a linear path, for this you will need a well-sharpened pencil hard, if you draw extra lines, eraser erase them.Then be engaged in the application of strokes, this requires a mild mechanical pencil having a thickness of about 0.4 millimeters.With strokes marked darkening of hair, also showing the direction of hair growth.Note how are the hair depends on the overall look of a man.Draw slowly and carefully, you have to "fill" the hand movements and learn to continue to do all of this automatically.Gradually start to do as long as the line to form a certain hairstyle.

Next you need to change the hair style, get distribution of glare, dark areas, the hair looked like the real thing.You can turn the paper to make it easier to hatch.Take the feather and mark the hairline, so that they are visible.But remember that if the strokes are crossed, the overall impression of the picture will deteriorate greatly.Eraser slightly pointed, and then select the line to where the glare.
Use a soft pencil to highlight dark areas, it is necessary to point out some hairs, to give a certain character to man.Once complete, you can start drawing the eye.First, paint the iris and eyelashes, and secondly, make no mistake with the size of the eye, from which the volume of the face and facial expression will depend on the total.Then you can give a person the volume using shading, but the shadow and the light should be cast very carefully.

Who can represent skin tone - touches the skin weak movements, in some places do shading, in other clarification.Do not start shading the lips, it is too early.When you check the volume of the face and finished feathering, line lips can note and give them volume.Draw every crease, so that the lips were like the real thing.After this background can be drawn, neck, clothing and so on.The final step depends on your pans, for example, the background can not draw, if it was not provided.

How to learn to draw graffiti pencil

Somehow lately people who paint graffiti, is becoming less and less.Many see this art as vandalism, crime and even though it is primarily an art that gives pleasure to people.In fact, it all started with the mural painting, when people expressed their feelings and emotions through images, the same graffiti, which makes the walls of the old houses are much more beautiful and attractive.Before you learn this skill, you need to learn how to draw on plain paper.Take a few templates and try srisovat them to carry out primary "packing" hands.

  1. Begin drawing pencil graffiti, it is much more convenient than pen.Where to take the idea to start drawing?It's simple - see the pictures on the walls of your city, you will find that a lot of beautiful graffiti.As a rule, is not something the average, or graffiti is very beautiful and original, or not.It is better to look at pictures of the most famous people in the field, try srisovat their graffiti using colored pencils.

  2. Stock up colored pencils, markers, paper, pencil, pen, eraser and so on, all of this will come in handy during training.

  3. Remember that every street artist leaves his nickname on the wall, so you have to come up with a nickname, and then think of how it will be displayed on the wall or paper.

  4. You can draw graffiti first after drawing master at least one image.You can steal the idea from another person, it is normal if you are painting on the walls of the unknown and just practicing.In any case, develop creativity and proprietary graffiti.

  5. Change the thickness of lines during the drawing, zoom in and out spray, control force of pressure and so on.

  6. initially need to draw graffiti with round lines as well as images from the corners more difficult to draw.

How to learn how to draw a pencil machine

Following the instructions, you can quickly draw a car:

  1. Take a sheet of paper, preferably more than one, as you will need an eraser and a few sharp pencils to the lines were clear.

  2. Draw on paper cuboid, is the foundation of the car, then add to the top of the three-dimensional rectangular trapezoid, it must be located in the middle of this cabin of the car.Do not overdo it with the push - many lines in the future will have to be erased.

  3. Draw mirrors, grille, bumper, and so on.Slightly rounded corners, it will give a realistic car.

  4. Draw the rear wheel, and then the front, and the front should be slightly higher.Depending on the width of the car picture a door.

  5. Spend detail, draw a door handle, steering wheel, numbers, lights and so on.

  6. Rough line erase eraser, and the remaining emphasize grease pencil.

  7. This car drawing is completed.Practice often draw complex cars, such as sports or cargo.Of course, you need to make rubbings cars before paint from memory.

How to learn how to draw a pencil animal

For starters look at an animal, you have to remember the basic shape, to convey through the image of his character, the overall emotional state and so on.Of course, this level of professionals, but still - the more complex the task in front of you, the better the result, we figure there must be some feature.After you take the paper, you need to portray parts of the animal marks in certain parts of the sheet.Draw a large oval, which will show the torso and head, calculate the place that takes drawing on paper.Long ovals should reflect the position of the ears, feet and tail.As you can see, first you need to show an example of drawing a scheme and how it better, so nice to get drawing.The scheme shows the width and length of the image.

Next you need to pick out all the parts of the animal's body, once again look at the animal, and then picture the line on which you draw the body.Then, when you have represented all parts of the body, you need to connect their common line.Not appears sharp corners, you need to make the animal look natural, the line should be soft and smooth.Now you can get rid of additional lines and an eraser to erase the scheme, as well as to express fine details.Perhaps with the help of the background you will add a certain character pattern and select the animal on the background of nature.
Then you can complicate the task, and draw some animals, then add the background, play with shadows and lights and so on.Practice daily and you are sure to succeed.

How to learn how to draw a dragon pencil

Initially, you need to draw two circles and one oval on the right side of the sheet.Next, draw two rounded lines, which will connect all the pieces.The ovals and circles represent the future of the torso and head of a dragon.Then, draw the neck, for this compound slide and the top of the oval circle using curved lines.

Then you can proceed to the image of the tail, it is also done using ovals.You will see that dragon resembles a caterpillar, which links is becoming less and less towards the end.Connect each link light lines on top and bottom, it will be the tail of the dragon, and you choose, it will be long or short.

Take an eraser and sand drawing, to avoid unnecessary lines, spoiling the overall impression.Draw the hind legs, paws are located on the sides of the abdomen of your dragon.Further, on the same principle picture the front paws, hind legs can make a massive front.Remember that if you draw a dragon in profile, one of the paws should be hidden, but it is visible under the belly.Then picture a sharp and terrible claws of the dragon, of course, the tail should also have a terrible tip, for example, in the form of arrows, covered with fire.

Then you need to draw the eyebrows, eyes and nostrils, they have to be round.With the help of the tilt of eyebrows, you can give it a special character, if the eyebrows are drawn arc and fall down at your sides from the outside - it shows the kindness of the dragon, sharp eyebrows raised upwards at an angle, show aggressive attitude being.Draw a large dragon wings, you can make it sharp or dull, depending on your preference.Then draw the spikes on its back, draw a grin with sharp teeth or keep your mouth shut, if the dragon kind.