What if the husband is a tyrant - what to take action against the tyrant husband

The candy buketny courtship the young man always tends to look the best possible way in the eyes of his beloved.But his real character of the girl learns only after the wedding, during cohabitation.Unfortunately, there are cases when the beloved and gentle husband magically turns into a despotic tyrant.Most women try to hide this fact from others, but they have a strong emotional suffering.Every woman who is not in a simple situation in life you need to clearly understand what to do if a tyrant husband, how to behave with it and where to look for salvation.

types tyrants

Total control

actually determine whether your husband is a tyrant is not so easy.

Note! man-tyrant, being in a good mood can be quite pleasant, sincere and friendly.

And often it is not clear where in such a nice man suddenly wakes despotism and tyranny.A distinctive feature of the oppressive nature is the desire by any available means to subjugate the will of all the loved ones.There are three main types o

f tyrants, but in this explicitly, as described below, they are very rare.

main aspiration - total control .Such a man is constantly wants to know who is talking to whom and friends;who, where and with whom to go away;than a man does.My favorite question tyrannical husband, addressed to his wife: "Where have you been?" He just wants to control her every move.And God forbid his wife to stay at work for ten minutes - torment questions and suspicions.Absolutely everything that happens to be run by the tyrannical wife, otherwise he will feel insecure.

Derogatory remarks

obsessive desire to humiliate a woman .Men tyrants of this type regularly organize his woman silent torture.Favorite sayings thrown at her is: "Where are you going without me?Yes you can without me?Uneducated broody! "And say these insulting phrases husband is a gentle tone, gently stroking his wife's back.Such derogatory remarks helped the tyrant to raise their self-esteem as much as possible.But in fact, his goal is to convince his wife that she was stupid and did not take place and the person without him it just an empty space.

Physical violence

Physical abuse, assault .Such indecency men is the most extreme manifestation of tyranny, but, unfortunately, it is not uncommon.The lack of decent education husband, robust endurance and self-control, as well as his explosive nature are often the cause of autocratic manhandling.Alcohol and drugs multiply is unworthy of male behavior.Besides, that tyrant constantly dissolve hands in relation to all members of the household, in its true essence, he is a coward, unable to fight back street hooligans.

What action to take the woman

independent woman

Before a woman trapped in the tyrant's trap, sooner or later will fall fateful choice: either she volunteered to become a slave, or try to save himself aspersonality.If a woman decides to stay true to herself, she will need to take certain steps:

  • Report antics of her husband over the family, relatives and friends.And the husband must know it is imperative that he realized that none of them inflicted violence or harassment will not be tolerated.
  • told her husband-tyrant, that there is a way to call him to account for the physical and mental torture.But in this case a woman needs to be ready to attract outsiders to witness received insults and bruises.

Help Crisis Center
  • Also support is available if the call to a nearby crisis center, to talk about indecency husband and ask for help.
  • start to earn a living.Financially independent woman will not tolerate humiliation.Finding long-forgotten sense of dignity - that the primary task for women who want a better life.Most likely, it will have to spend some time apart from her husband, however, the presence of children in the family complicates the situation.But we must understand that the surest way to save herself and her children from the constant attacks of the tyrant - is to bring him all the contacts to zero.
Note! If a woman feels the strength to go through life alone, she needed to make a final decision and immediately file for divorce.

Increase self

Self Esteem
Note! Most often under the same roof with her husband-tyrant lived a woman, having a low opinion of themselves.

to stop giving in insult, she needs to learn to love yourself, but not in the sense of admiration in the mirror.A truly loving woman feels herself worthy of the best, but for this she will always have to deal with their own development, be it education, work or hobbies.Only through self-esteem and the attainment of self-esteem, a woman will be able to finally eliminate the material and moral dependence on the tyrant husband.