How to lose weight during menopause - rules and guidelines for weight loss

How to lose weight during menopause is not known to every woman, but will not refuse to learn the secret, no!

In his youth, all thin as a reed, and after the age crossed the mark of 50 years, thin waist often remains only in memory, and the ease and mobility become a dream.

Changes in weight can begin much earlier, but with the onset of the fatal age no longer help methods such as diet, fitness, fasting and even special medications.

few tips and recommendations

harmony can always be achieved

Why young girl can easily lose all the excess?Why 2-3 kilograms scored after the holidays, easy to go after diet alone, even short-term?And in 50 years does not help anything!

Beautiful and harmonious want to be always so:

  • provide increasing levels of estrogen in the blood, as it is very reduced at the time of menopause.In this case, the best recourse to phytoestrogens and liver clean and activate the thyroid gland;
  • observe the correct diet;
  • lead an active life;
  • actively use traditional med
    icine to carbohydrate and fat metabolism in the body to normal;
  • not afflict the body diets;
  • reduce the amount of food consumed per 1 time (often better to eat).Only in this way we can ensure that the entire amount of food eaten will be spent on it, to form energy and provide vital functions of the body.Waist and hips at the same time will not be affected;
  • eliminate any reminder to eat.Nuts, chocolate, biscuits and drying should not be present outside the main meal;
  • expose every piece of food carefully and slowly mixing;
  • most important thing - breakfast tightly breakfast, since this meal can provide the body with energy;
  • at lunchtime eat steamed vegetables, nuts and fruits.Always remember about water as a day to drink at least 2 liters of water;
  • if you have the opportunity to eat at home, it is quite acceptable to use soup or borsch as a first course.And the second you can eat salad and boiled chicken or fish.Special consumption of fats should be avoided, it is quite enough of those that are present in the salad;
  • never eat before bedtime.At night, the physiological processes such as digestion, slows down, that is, the food, the use of which had the late evening, most likely not be able to digest.In addition, the putrid fermentation and the process will be strengthened and further accumulate harmful oxidized products;
  • necessarily be excluded from the diet of those products that are clearly harmful to.These are different ketchups, mayonnaise, salt, Pepsi-Cola and purchase fruit juice.Uses in them no, they only contribute to increased cholesterol and provoke a violation of lipid metabolism;
  • as a liquid drink clean water and brewed herbal teas.

Physical activity with weight loss

Add exercise

quickly lose weight during menopause with the help of proper nutrition alone is unlikely to succeed, you will need to pay attention and exercise.If you live in an apartment building and not on the ground floor, do not use the elevator - much more useful to get up and down the stairs.The day should be held not less than 5 km on foot, as well as devote time to various sporting activities, fitness, swimming pool or gym.It is also recommended that a weekly visit to the bath or sauna.

If the restriction in food will be accompanied by an extension of the motor mode, the body will be forced to get rid of the fat margins!

Note! menopause period should not be accompanied by too rapid weight reset as adipose tissue - a place of deposit of estrogen, and dietary cholesterol is required for their synthesis in the liver.And as the climax already accompanied by a decrease in hormonal levels, we can really go without hormones, which negatively affect the general health.

Folk remedies for weight loss

Use herbs

Many women complain of such unpleasant phenomenon of constipation, which, incidentally, will not achieve the desired effect.Help may juices and soft laxative herbs: buckthorn, rhubarb, yarrow, chamomile, dandelion, dill, etc.

Broth from all the above-mentioned herbs can cook yourself or buy the drugs at the pharmacy.

The main positive qualities of the popular weight loss tools include:

  • cleansing the intestinal wall;
  • decreased appetite;
  • acceleration of carbohydrate and fat metabolism;
  • improvement in the liver.

example, unmatched complex effect on the entire digestive process is able to provide fresh fruit and berry or vegetable juice.A variety of herbs, which is typical cholagogue effect may well clean the liver.