Wedding champagne bottle with your hands - how to decorate wedding with champagne bottle

The future bride and groom at the stage of preparation of the wedding tend to consider all the nuances of the future ceremony.The bride chooses a beautiful dress himself, experimenting with make-up, hair and manicure, the groom buys festive costume and worries about the car and the wedding banquet hall.Important role played by the details.Decoration of the holiday table - it is also responsible activity.If the right approach to this issue, your wedding ceremony and the subsequent banquet remembered by all guests, without exception.

For example, the original idea can become a wedding champagne bottle decorated with his own hands some unusual way.Consider the basic options for a similar decoration.

bottles in the image of the bride and groom

Decor bottles as a bride and groom

This is a very interesting new trend.In the bottles sewn costumes, outfits reminiscent of the bride and groom.To make your own hands interesting decorative elements for the dress, "bride", you must:

  • sew satin skirt, make a belt with an elastic band;
  • skirt decorate all kinds of lace, ribbons, beads or sequins;
  • do not forget about the veil, it is possible to make of chiffon.

Glue white ribbon on top

"Bridegroom" is necessary to prepare suit of narrow satin ribbons of black and white.

  • Tapes glued front cross lapped.
  • First you need to stick some white ribbons on top, which will simulate the shirt.
  • Further, to the bottom of a bottle pasted over with black ribbons.At the end of
  • glued rhinestones in the form of buttons.
  • May be completed outfit "groom" the original hat made out of cardboard and pasted cloth.

Decoupage wedding bottle

Decoupage - this unusual decor create a technique where any image is transferred onto the bottle.

Note! can get quite interesting decoration with the help of the usual wedding card.

to create this festive bottle required:

  • champagne,
  • festive wedding card with a beautiful picture.such as hearts, doves, etc.,
  • acrylic varnish and paint,
  • sponge foam.

manufacturing technique:

  1. First we need to remove the label from the bottle, for this it needs to be wetted with water, better cold, then it is quite easy to depart.However, if you encounter a problem all too well glued labels, it can be removed with a solvent.But in this case, after getting rid of the bottle label should be thoroughly washed, otherwise the application of acrylic paint will be impossible.
  2. If desired, you can degrease the bottle using a glass cleaner or alcohol.
  3. Next, you need acrylic paint the bottle with white paint.
  4. -card must be covered with acrylic paint in two coats and let it dry thoroughly.
  5. Now you need to gently remove the top layer of the dried cards.It should be easy enough to move without damaging the image.
  6. Now you need to cut the pattern on the card.
  7. Spread glue bottle and glue it on the drawing details.Try not to rush and do things more carefully as possible, to smooth edges and good sizing postcard.
  8. Choose a paint that, in your opinion, is perfectly in harmony with the rest of the picture, dilute it and apply to empty the bottle, is not affected by the pattern.
  9. Make a darker path for all image details.
  10. dip a sponge in lighter ink and make the haze, smoothing borders.
  11. can make silver streaked with a brush and paints.

Decoupage with artificial flowers

Decoupage involves sticking a bottle of diverse elements:. Beads, crystals, artificial flowers, stucco of decorative clay, etc. The process of creating a decor finished with lacquer ware coating.Drawing and color decoration limited only by the imagination of the master.Acrylic paints are not necessarily white.You can use any colors and shades.Complete the creation of jewelry can gluing various ribbons and lace, jewelry, you can even put a picture of the small beads or rhinestones.

Decoration champagne ribbons

Decor champagne ribbons

unusual look of the bottle, decorated using colored satin ribbons.

Note! Such decoration bottle is fairly easy.
  • measure off the first layer of tape, attach it to the neck of the bottle.Cut it and glue to the bottom of the bottle cross lapped.
  • Thus paste bottle up the middle.Make sure that the tape is applied to the right side is always overlap, then it will look neat and beautiful.
  • Next you need to paste strips bottle around.Then you can decorate the bottle beautiful lace fabric and mounted on her beads, bows, feathers and other decorations of your choice.

decoration using photographs and engraving

Photography for wedding bottle

Decoration bottle of champagne photos of groom and bride have long been used newlyweds.To do this in the darkroom ordered photos Suite certain size within a heart-shaped, supplied with original wedding pictures.These images are put on a special adhesive paper, which is then easily pasted on the bottle.

Engraving wedding bottle

Engraved Wedding bottle - a rare and expensive way to decorate, but it allows you to make a bottle of original and memorable.Creating drawings and inscriptions entrusted to skilled engravers that your request is applied to the bottle all the necessary symbols.

Wedding decoration of the bottle - it's an interesting creative process, which allows you to show your imagination and talent decorator.Having put the soul in these activities, you can get a magical result that will be remembered for all the guests of your celebration, will make the ceremony and the subsequent banquet original.You long remember the beautiful moments of your wedding and will be proud of the fact that serious and responsible attitude to its preparation, without losing any fine details.


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