How to find your destination - the path to your destination

Everyone is born with a certain purpose in life.We come into this world with a given installation fatal.And, regardless of our will, we are invited to go the way of destiny.To fear is not worth it, because a person's life, following the call of my heart, always bright, light and happy.He is firmly convinced that it is not in vain was born.Moreover, this will always be the lucky one to get great pleasure from the one that does.A person who goes through life not his own way, can be seen immediately.As a rule, his fate is unfavorable, it does not get any pleasure from the kind of activity, and in his mind there is emptiness and dissatisfaction with life.Undoubtedly, all this has a negative impact on the karma.The higher powers of the loser will be regularly "treat", sending life lessons, in order to direct it to the right path.

Note! only doing a favorite activity you can live a full life.

Successful businessman Brian Tracy in one of his books wrote: "Life - like a combination lock: your task is

to choose the right numbers, and then you get everything you want."It is difficult to disagree with this, is not it?If you agree with Brian Tracy, a little work on offer is to understand how to find your purpose and the true way of life.

Listen to yourself

Too often, we give preference to the opinions of others, forgetting about your inner voice.This we are taught from childhood.The opinion of the parents for the children - a taboo.In their persistent advice of the majority of matured children to enter higher education in the specialty that they obviously do not like, with their innate talents and abilities remain unfulfilled.The whole subsequent course of life of such people becomes complicated, confusing and painful.If something like this happened to you, and you feel dissatisfied with their lives, it is advisable to listen to yourself.This will help you change the destiny for the better.

Practical exercises

Start with performing basic exercises, described in detail below.We hope that these exercises will be your good assistant in finding themselves.

Exercise 1

Connect a game of imagination.Sit comfortably in a chair, relax and imagine that you are in a wonderful magical land where everything is possible, that no want!And in this wonderful tale you are omnipotent good magician, able to translate into reality any dreams.After all it presented, ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Who am I?
  • How do I live?
  • Occupation?
  • Are fully their abilities?
  • whether I am satisfied with the way I live?

Hidden desires

answering himself completely honestly to these questions, you will be able to reveal hidden deep within you true desires and aspirations.

Exercise 2

For further understanding of their destination, use another exercise.Mentally return themselves in rainbow childhood and try to remember what you liked best and who you deal with as a child, dreamed of becoming.Clean baby shower subconsciously aware of his mission, about the way in which to go.I feel like a kid?Excellent.Now take a piece of paper with a pen and writing answer four questions:

  • What I wanted to be as a child?
  • What I most wanted?
  • What I particularly like at that time?
  • What activities I was most fascinated by?

Childhood dreams

recorded answers to reread several times.Have you become those who want to become in childhood?Is that what you do today your childhood dreams?How do you feel about the current role?Do you like everything in your life?If the last three questions you answered "yes", then you are all wonderful.In the opposite case, however, seriously consider changing the type of activity.

Exercise 3

Finally, perform the last exercise, which we call the "Search your destination in three days."For its implementation you will again need a pen and paper to answer a few questions in writing within three days.

  • Day One. What I have the abilities and talents?What I can do best?
  • second day. What good I am able to bring to people?What my work can bring the greatest benefit to society?
  • third day. What I really want to do?What type of activity is closest to me?What are the lessons I particularly like?

Questions each of the three days should be asking yourself throughout the day.All answers must be recorded in detail for further analysis.The responses necessarily indicate you on the specific point of contact with your fatal destiny.


If you can not find my purpose described exercises, resort to meditation.An indicator that you stood on the right path will be a feeling of complete happiness that life is good.

Note! Starting work on the search for the meaning of life, stay calm and in no case do not give up, if you do not get quick results.

Believe in yourself and the universe you will definitely help!