Shoes New Year's 2016 - what to choose ( + photos )

Elegant shoes are an integral part of the festive image of any girl.Selection of shoes for New Year's Eve should be paid special attention, as it will need to have fun until the morning.In order not to spoil your holiday because of poorly chosen and uncomfortable shoes, it is worth to think in advance about the choice of a suitable pair.

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State, simulating forged metal

festive If shoes are not in harmony with the dress and uncomfortable to wear, you will hardly be able to avoid the disaster.

So shoes new 2016 must be:

  • fashionable and beautiful.After all, shoes - this is the main element of the image, which in any case can not be let out of sight.
  • comfortable and well-chosen.If the triumph of shoes will deliver his mistress some discomfort, it is not up to the fun and dance pirouettes, especially if the celebration of the new year will be held at a restaurant or other places of entertainment.
  • Fit together.The modest dress will be picked up, the brighter shall be the sho
  • Be festive and quite ornate.Modest shoes without a heel, you can leave on weekdays, in the New Year, you can experiment a bit.

Black and white shoes

footwear, selected on holiday can be a significant difference from what we wear in everyday life.These differences can be expressed in the material from which made shoes, texture and decoration elements.The New 2016 it will be possible to use the universal colors - black and white, but less interesting options are dressy shoes in silver and gold colors, made of brocade or velvet fabric, silk or satin.Such materials are not intended for everyday wear, appropriate to wear them only on festive events.


Fashionable shoes Christmas 2016 are those that feature a variety of decorative elements, all kinds of embroidery, rhinestones and decorations of different sizes, beads, buckles, ribbons and laces.This year, special attention is paid to the catchy shoes, yet it should not be abused, especially in cases where the outfit will also be decorated with a variety of decorative elements.In this situation it is possible to use shoes without additional parts.It is best to be a bright accessory fitting complement your outfit.

Decorated brooches

most suitable model

this year will look stylish classic boats in the "hairpin" - they are the most win-win option on any holiday and will always be able to emphasize your sophistication and appeal.You can easily stop your eyes on silk, leather or patent leather shoes pleasant shades that have a pointed nose and a low neckline.No less attractive are looking shoes in retro style.This low-heeled shoes, a drink made of silk and satin materials with additional huge bows and all kinds of buckles.These shoes will look great in combination with a high hairdo and dresses delicate shades.

Shoes Retro

To New Year's Eve have a very attractive and sexy look, to be the first lady that will interest many, and perhaps all men should carefully think through outfit from hairstylesup shoes.Moreover, the shoes should be elegant enough, and certainly not resemble ballet shoes or slippers.They need to be refined and highlight the beauty of women's legs.

However, fashion trends in 2016 can be called extravagant.If you want to shock the audience, you can not afford shoes massive square heel with rough straps, which you can see in the photo below.In this case, you will be very fashionable.

Bright with a square heel

New fashion trends on shoes in 2016 are the most diverse.The main thing is not to overdo it in their choice and to respect the harmony of the combination of shoes, dress, hairstyles and other accessories.

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Golden on

with a stepped heel

With a strap on the ankle

with straps buttoned

with metal

With a metallic sheen

With a massive heel

purple flowers

With a small tongue

With bow

strap middle

expanding to the bottom of the heel

Fancy shoes

low-heeled black

Red sandals with rhinestones and transparent heel

of matte materials

From reptile skin

of composite materials

glossy skin

Bicolor shoes

sandals with lacing

sandals with metallic trim

Sandals leather reptile